Women’s #Workout Series: How To Get Slimmer Calves

Hi Everyone! Starting today, I am going to be posting a “Women’s Workout Series” – just like how the title says, I will be sharing everyone workouts that will benefit a woman. I believe that not all workouts are for women and these kind of blog entries are for you to know what kind of workouts are effective for each targeted areas of a woman’s body and what to avoid and practice on a daily basis yourself. I decided to do this entry because I am currently on a weight loss journey myself, so – why not share everyone the things I have learned and figured out along the way, right? Hope you enjoy! For now, let’s start with our calves…


I believe that one of the things women will ponder upon no matter what age does she already have is their calves. It’s something you just can’t ignore especially when you are wearing a certain type of dress, skirt or shorts. When you are using boot heels or fancy shoes – there are times when our clothes put focus on our legs, especially our calves. Not everyone would probably care, but some would realized and notice if their calves are looking bulky and that’s frustrating!

So the question is..

How do we even make our calves slimmer? It’s not like our tummy where we can always do crunches like crazy. Sometimes, even dieting won’t necessarily slim it down like how we want to, as well. Or is it even hereditary? Well, it’s possible. Can it be fixed? Yes, absolutely!

Here are What you Should Know If You Wanted Slimmer Calves:

Never use weights for leg exercises, especially on your calves. It may help you with your hip area but it will definitely make your calves bulky!
Stretching is important. We all know that but we don’t follow through most of the time. Stretching is very important as we want to always give our calves a stretch, it’s like their exercise in a way. We have to elongate them to make them slimmer, right?
Never use a step workout – please! That is a workout that will make your calves bigger and bulkier. Please use a different workout for your inner thighs and hips – there are a lot of workout that targets them and doing a step working is not a great idea, for women. It’s a different story for men, though..

If you are wondering what is a step workout, let me give you a preview:


Don’t get me wrong, while these are great only if we put our whole body forward are we walk or do a step up, but if we let our legs pull our body – that is what creates this bulky calves. I’ve been there and done that, it makes my calves bulky so I just decided to give up on that kind of workout! Again, to let everyone know – these exercises targets your HIPS and MAKES YOUR CALVES BULKY! Just make sure to be aware of that in case you decide on this type of workout.

If you want a slimmer calves, there are certain type of exercises that makes your calves slimmer. They are always pretty easy, too! So instead of me saying what kind of exercises work or what doesn’t. I just decided to look for certain types of exercises on a video, which we all can do at home and follow through.

I have done these exercises. I really felt my calves hurting and I didn’t noticed the difference – I just noticed my calves got tighten like crazy, lol! The next day, was different. When I woke up, I could feel my calves hurting – so, so, much but it looks slimmer than yesterday – that instantly! So, please do enjoy this workout and try it yourself, too! Oh, before I forget, please do remember that with every workout, you need to eat clean and right, as well. After all, the food we eat are 80% of what aids our weight loss and only 20% of it comes from a workout.

Have you tried it? It only uses 10 minutes of your time. It’s really worth it, trust me.
For my warm up: I did 50 squats, 6 push ups, 20 seconds plank and 30 crunches.

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  1. Great workout tips! Thanks !

  2. I actually like my calves. It’s just my thighs that I need to work on! ~lol~

  3. Thanks for sharing this Aisha! I believe I need this exercise..

  4. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    I love this. I always joke about how I have “man calves” and wish they were smaller.

  5. You found your stretching method to lessen the bulky calves. Hope it will tone down to your desired shape.

  6. These are great exercise tips to keep your legs slim, but I have to do all the ones you say not to do because I have weak ankles. Its the best way for me to keep strength in my legs!

  7. inkscrblr

    I completely understand that. Women are not happy regardless of their size. There is always some body part they would like changed.

  8. michele d

    Awesome Tips! Gonna try this out on my calves! Thanks for the share!

  9. Thanks for the ideas to help get in shape at home without having to go to the gym. I never have time for that.

  10. Those are great workout tips. I need some slimmer calves.

  11. Good to know, and happy that I never have to do another “step” class ever again!

  12. I think I need this kind of workout too, I have big logs, I mean legs XD

  13. Great workout tips! My girlfriend always complains about her legs I will have to pass this on to her

  14. Great workout tips thank you so much.

  15. Jess Scull

    Great workout tips! Thank you for sharing!

  16. Wanderin Poet

    I am a fan of slim calves!

  17. Paula Parker

    Well illustrated blog. Thank you. I will have to try this! I love wearing shorts in the summer.

  18. Wow these are amazing tips, I’ll need to implement them.

  19. Looks like a great workout. I’m always looking for new one’s and I will give this one a try.

  20. Melissa Smith

    Oh thanks! I can never buy those cute boots because my calves are always too big. Maybe this year will be the winter that I can finally get them! :)

  21. Looks like a really great workout! I need to slim up everywhere lol. Will have to try this for my calves.

  22. From what I have heard lately, you have to lift a ton of weight to really bulk up anywhere.

    • For some part of our body, lifting weights and doing a lot of sets will make you lose weight but for calves exercises, lifting weights actually makes the calves BIGGER and BULKIER so unless you want that to happen – just skip it. ;) I tried that and I have noticed the difference – I’d rather not having weights for my calves at all.

  23. You crack me up Aisha! I think slim calves are part genetics and part who knows what. I still love the idea of workouts that strengthen what we have…

  24. Alexandra Young

    Thanks for sharing this simple exercise that is easy to do at home!

  25. Only thing is what do you do if you already have muscular calves and want to get rid of them? I use to have a stand up job in fact for 20 yrs. I did stand up jobs and I got these bulky calves. I don’t think they’re feminine at all. Any suggestions?

    • Again, this workout is actually perfect for you. Try to do the lunge stretches and the workouts on the video. It will work, trust me – no matter how muscular your calves will be. This workout will elongate your calves and will make them slimmer. ;)

  26. I like my calves. I feel like I need a little calf action to have a whole leg, you know? Of course, I’m not naturally prone to calf guns like some people.

  27. These are great tips. I’m sure they’re appreciated if that’s a trouble area too!!!

  28. Really? I always thought the step training was great for calves. I’ll have to look more into this. Interesting perspective on exercise. Thanks!

  29. I have muscular calves from years of doing sports. I don’t mind, though. At least they are defined.

  30. I think my calves are slimmest on my body, but I’ll have to check this out. They definitely need toning!

  31. I used to be a gym buff few years ago..and I know how hard do keep your lower half bottom tight and fit. Its like hell after workout! Your tips are good and will be effective if done regularly!

  32. I really need to get back to working out again! I don’t have a problem with bulky calves … I need a little more muscle in mine. We’re all so different!!

  33. Catherine S

    These are some great tips. I wouldn’t mind having smaller calves.

  34. My calves are the only part of the body that never changed, I actually have great calves.. the one thing I’m proud of.

  35. yani

    this is really helpful! i will definitely try this at home!

  36. This is really helpful! The exercises are quite simple to do- Thank you so much for the kind tips! :)

  37. Amanda McMahon

    I have farmer calves… As in they are very muscular and not at all slender.

  38. jane

    i guess if you have thin legs or right amount looking legs this tips sounds good to me. though if you have big legs like big ones using some weights is great! each of us have different body type and we need different exercise for that too

  39. Calves is one of the hardest muscles to train, I’m sure this really helps

  40. Ann Bacciaglia

    I would love to get slimmer calves. I am going to try these exercises today. Thanks so much for sharing.

  41. Great article. I am sharing this on my facebook fan page.

  42. As a fitness trainer, and someone who hates Step workouts, I am so glad to read this! I recommend barre workouts for slimming your thighs and giving your body a great, toned look!

  43. That’s my problem, having big calves.

  44. I guess having big calves is better than having a big gut. So whatever works.

  45. Thanks for the tips. I am lucky to have slim calves. It’s my thighs and tummy that need help! I’ll be looking for tips on these as well!

  46. Nice! My friends will surely love this blog! They have big calves! LOL!

  47. I’m planning to start working out on monday. I’ll try this exercise.

  48. thanks for sharing this info! i believe calves are hard to slim down. and you are right about not all exercises are right for you. gotta learn the proper way to loose the targeted areas only.

  49. I’ve tried this kind of exercise too, I think it was my yoga class but I stopped doing it. This is great exercise for my plantar fasciitis though.

  50. I think I will try to do this, let us see.

  51. I like that stretching exercises idea for the legs. I miss having slimmer legs.

  52. If you are not flexible, that pose on the first is really hard to do.

  53. I agree, stretching is very important.

  54. I do work out on a Stepper (just like this one from amazon http://www.amazon.com/Sunny-Health-Fitness-Twister-Stepper/dp/B0016BUR7I/ref=sr_1_1?s=sporting-goods&ie=UTF8&qid=1441632171&sr=1-1&keywords=stepper), different from the step work picture you posted above. Does it also make calves bulkier?

    • That is a stepper.. It might make your calves bulkier – it also depends how you make use of it, etc.

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