My Girl Power Top 5 #Wishlist from eBay Daily #Deals

There are just some times in my life when I am just sick of anything so feminine. There are times, when I just want to be me – let loose and have major fun! This has led me to picking My Girl Power Top 5 Wishlist from eBay Daily Deals.


This way, not only I share you these awesome goodies, you get to know me on a personal level as well!
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Top 5 Picks for My TideStore Wishlist!

If you have been my reader from quite some time.. you’d know by now that branded clothing doesn’t really matter so much for me. It’s all about the type of clothing, how it looks like, affordability and its quality! I tend to shop online way too much and one of the shops I have come across is Tide Store Online. I loved how they have a lot of fashionable items with a reasonable and affordable price which promises all in good and top quality materials, too!


I like the fact that they have a lot of Fashionable Korean Clothing to offer as well. Now, I am not really a K-Pop Lover or anything and I don’t really like listening to Korean music and what not.. but I love their fashion sense! What really got me so interested with Tidestore is the fact that there are so much reviews per item throughout their online shop.
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November 1st, 2014
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My Persun Mall Wish List!

Persun Mall

Time for a set of wishlist again this 2014 – this time, it’s from Persun Mall. It’s one of the leading online shops that I have been seeing throughout the net. I haven’t really checked their website until, recently but I saw a lot of various fashion goodies – which can come handy if it’s inside my closet, ofcourse, haha!
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January 8th, 2014
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