It’s My Birthday! | And It was quite a Memorable One!

As what most of you guys already know.. it was my birthday last November 2, 2014. What I can definitely tell you is that.. it was definitely such an eventful one! I normally just spend my birthday with my family since it is an ‘All Souls Day’ but this year – it was different.


I am really not used to waking up early and not to mention – even leaving the house early! When I say early.. I really meant, I can’t leave the house by lunch time because I don’t think I have that much time to prepare since I tend to woke up late – Maybe.. around 9 or 10am? Lol. Unless I really have an important day ahead, I tend to use an alarm clock to wake up early but normally, I would wake up around 9 or 10am.
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November 4th, 2014
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The Secret to a Happier Life!


Life really has no secret and everything is always being provided for each and everyone of us. It is only human’s perception that limit us from getting the things that we truly want in achieving our dreams and goals in life in which we truly desire most.

Everyone of us are actually lucky yet people just tend to complain, focus on negative thoughts – assuming and expecting worst things before it actually manifest and happen. That is why people do not tend to value what they have right now in this present moment as they tend to value things – only when it is too late, only when it’s gone and without their reach.

Life isn’t supposed to be really sad. It’s full of happiness, joy and laughter. I know, it might sound awkward or weird – I’m not preaching anyone here. I just honestly think that, if we have the chance and decision to make our life really happy, full of joy and miracles.. then why would we even choose to make our life miserable by expecting that life is unfair to begin with?

I guess, it is true that when people grow up – they don’t really “grow-up” – they become fearful of life itself. They think of ways to protect themselves. They become afraid of being honest and opening up what they truly feel as they do not want other people to know and see their weaknesses. People tend to do more thinking than doing.
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November 22nd, 2012
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