How Do You Have Peace Within Yourself?

Calmness and Serenity are the things that gives you inner peace. Though taken for granted by most people – it’s one of the most beautiful things in life that each human beings to be able to feel, enjoy and have to their every day life.


Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned. There are things that will disappoint us. There will be news that will surprise us. There will be stressful situation in our everyday life. How do we attain inner peace within ourselves when undergoing these things? It’s not easy – it takes a change of mindset, lifestyle and practice one step at a time.

1. Quiet Your Mind – One of the hardest things is to worry, be more stressed, feel anxious and over analyzed things ahead of time. It’s okay to worry, we are only human. We tend to lose our cool when surprised by certain situations but over thinking, assuming things ahead of time will not help. Giving into your fears and worries will not help at all and will only cause you more distractions and anxiety in life. Try to close your eyes and quiet down your mind – stop all the noise, the unnecessary thinking and try to be calm and rational as possible. Meditation helps a lot but if you don’t do that, you can always pray and give your worries to the Lord as He will never forsake you.

2. Be Patient – In some situations, we tend to rush things and we end up saying and doing certain things we later regret. It’s always best to keep in mind that saying something when you are mad or frustrated will not do anything good. In might cause a fall out in your relationship or your career and some words and actions cannot be taken back anymore. Sometimes, it helps to close your eyes and take three deep breathes.

In ancient times in the Chinese and Japanese culture, they all tend to do calligraphy on a daily basis – most especially when being in tough situations. It helps you put your focus on the calligraphy that you do – a way to practice patience, have inner peace, helps to stabilized your emotions and thoughts and most importantly, being able to make right decisions as a result.


Check out this book, Shodo: The Quiet Art of Japanese Zen Calligraphy which you can purchased in Amazon. In this beautiful and extraordinary book, Shozo Sato, an internationally recognized master of traditional Zen arts, teaches the Japanese art of calligraphy through the power and wisdom of Zen poetry – which also helps you being at the present moment and just having inner peace with oneself.

3. Love and Blessings – I do believe in Law of Attraction as this has been proven real and effective one too many times. When you are in a stressful situation, you tend to think negatively. It might be okay at first but to dwell yourself in those negative thoughts might not be a good idea. You do attract what you keep on bringing to yourself – the power of the mind is so strong and this is something we just can’t deny and take lightly. So focus on love, on your blessings, see the good in the situation – even the tiniest details will do, see and hope for the positive result. Believe and it will come to you.

4. Accept it. – One of the most important things in life is being able to accept that what has happened – already happened. We cannot do anything about it. We cannot keep on dwelling on our past mistakes, we cannot dwell on why things have happened this way or that.. We have to accept that good and bad things happen and it’s all part of your growth – it’s part of life. We experience things to transform and to develop to be a better person. It is nature’s law where there is light, there is dark; where there is night, there is day. After all, no problem doesn’t get solved. They all do. No matter how long it may take.. how stressful it can be.. things will get better. We just have to believe that there is always a light at the end of the road.

April 15th, 2014
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50 Comments to How Do You Have Peace Within Yourself?

  1. I agree mostly with the last tip here. Acceptance must be the real key to peace. It’s about facing your problems and releasing stress once and for all then knowing how to solve it.

  2. Patience is definitley an area in which I struggle. I was born impatient and it’s a daily challenge for me.

  3. I’m awful at calming and quieting my mind… I get overly stressed out in situations and it gets the best of me. :( I try to play some meditation music and just allow myself to appreciate the good things, but it’s not in my nature!

  4. I used to have horrible patience. My two kids have taught me an incredible amount of patience and that has helped me find some peace where in the past the same issue would have made me tense or aggravated.

  5. I live in a noisy and busy city. I wish I could quiet my mind for some moments.
    I am patient, and have a loving nature.

    I learned a lot today.

  6. This is Great. Thanks for sharing. We all need this.

  7. I love the idea of regrouping and centering yourself somewhere positive (mentally and if possible physically). It’s not too hard (usually), if you give peace of mind priority. Thank you for the tips!

  8. yes we can plan and plan but a wrench can easily be thrown into the mix. Trying to stay calm does help.

  9. Having peace seems to be something that society as a whole lacks. Not being content. Not being grateful with what we have. Not having peace in where we currently are. Finding that peace is so crucial to being happy. These tips are spot on!

  10. Maria

    I need to focus on patience even more so than before. I can get irritable and it’s not fair for my family.

  11. What gives me inner peace and in general keeps me a calm person is video games; they just keep my mind at a very eased state.

  12. My mind is always running, so I have a really difficult time getting it to quiet down. Taking a soothing bath tends to help though!

  13. I struggle with acceptance the most. I definitely need to work on it.

  14. I have learned that others will hardly ever accept my choices in life but I can say I have always accepted my choices. I made my choices with the best intentions and what I thought would benefit my son. Now I have days where I question everything just like everyone else, so I take my iPad head to the shower put the music on, get in a hit shower and let myself have a good cry. I get out and feel okay. One bad day will not make me question everything I have done, I won’t allow it!! This is a great post!!!! So many people out there need to learn to be okay with their choices!! It takes time sometimes!

  15. Its hard for me to zone out and not have any thoughts wandering around in my head unless I’m sleeping of course. lol Thanks for these helpful tips.

  16. Patience is one thing I really need to work on.

  17. Sounds like you got nice tips to unwind stress. I like to go to church and just talk to the ultimate Source of life and chat away my stress to Him.

  18. what i always do is self evaluation and prayer at night. that will give you also inner peace.

  19. Those are some great tips. I have to work a little more on patience.

  20. Happy to read words from a fellow mindful person. Great words and simple list for others to try!

  21. Inner peace I think comes to each of us in a different way.

  22. I am awful at finding inner peace or any sort of peace I seem to live in conflict within myself lol I’ll have to try some of these tips. x

  23. WE all need to take time out for ourselves.

  24. Peace is hard to find these days if we are looking at outside sources for it. I find my inner peace through my faith in Jesus Christ. Without Him, I’m not sure how I could navigate this world.

  25. If we have peace in our heart, everything else seem incidental. I don’t see how stress and peace can live in the place.

  26. For me it is all about accepting. Accepting the things I cannot change.

  27. I definitely needed this post right now. With all the turmoil in our lives at the moment – essential oils are my best friend.

  28. It’s so important to have peace within oneself. Being overly stressed causes depression and health issues and is not good for your overall well-being.

  29. I have peace of mind because I have learned to love myself and do what needs to be done without stepping anyone’s toes.

  30. We get inner peace by being comfortable with what we have and accepting what we can’t have.

  31. Being grateful and appreciative of blessings can also give us inner peace.

  32. I struggle finding peace.. I love your tips, and I really need to follow them!

  33. I really having a hard time getting peace of mind. My brain neurons don’t stop working. I always think of things that make me stress. I always out of control. Maybe i really need to learn to control things to achieve that inner peace.

  34. My mom was a firm believer in Accept it and Move on. There isn’t much you can do about changing the outcome of most things, so why dwell on it?

  35. For me, being patient, and peaceful is very difficult at times. Those are my two downfalls as a human!

  36. Thanks for sharing these great tips. I definitely need more serenity in my life, maybe that’s why I called my blog Serenity you

  37. It’s all about accepting things. Everything else just come with it. Thanks for this post. It’s very helpful. :)

  38. using photoshop is how i find my inner peace…

  39. Calming down and being in silence can be a really energizing. I love to have some time every day for myself to meditate in prayer and be closer to God.

  40. Can’t say i’m really at peace with myself but I’m definitely learning to be! Taking it one day at a time and learning to let go of things that has passed!

  41. It’s really hard to replay the past and see what could have been done differently. But you’re so right; it doesn’t change anything. I definitely believe the law of attraction holds true also.

  42. Patience can really help us avoid the annoyances.

  43. You definitely have to accept things to be at peace. There are some things that you simply can not change, so there is no point in stressing over them.

  44. Hubby always say “Always expect the worse out of your plan so if things doesn’t go as planned, you won’t get disappointed as much”

  45. In a fast-paced world it’s quiet and slow is usually taken as negative. But really, it’s better to have a clear mind before undergoing any task :)

  46. I pray to quiet my mind. :) It’s sort of a meditation, but instead of saying Omm, I pray, and when I’m done praying I just empty my mind and relax in the quiet. :)

  47. THe best thing to do is learn the lesson from our mistake, leave the past behind, and move forward to the future.

  48. I also believe in Law of Attraction, you attract what you think about and what you dwell on.

  49. totally agree! specially on the acceptance part, it really is the key to being at peace to yourself :)

  50. Yup, whatever happened that is out of your control, you can’t reversed it but you can move forward with a positive attitude.

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