What is Plastic Surgery?

Although the concept of plastic surgery isn’t new, only since its introduction into the beauty and cosmetics industry that it has become a multi-billion pound industry and renowned all over the world. Historically, it was used primarily for reconstructive surgery or the aesthetic treatment of burns. As knowledge and technology improved in the 20th century, so did the availability and potential of plastic surgery. Returning soldiers from the first and second World Wars benefited, so did people with natural disfigurations and serious burn scars.


As time moved towards the present day, people began to utilise plastic surgery for cosmetic purposes also. The concept of cheating nature and defying the effects of ageing became an irresistible lure for many people. Millions of different procedures are now performed each year, predominantly in North America and Europe.

What does it Involve?


In technical terms, plastic surgery involves the repairing or reconstructing of missing or damaged tissue and skin. Its main aim is to restore any deformities of the skin back to normal, or as close to normal as possible. It requires a number of consultations with medical specialists who will evaluate the problem and decide on the best course of action. Different techniques of plastic surgery include skin grafts, skin flap surgery and tissue expansion.

Cosmetic Procedures


In terms of the beauty industry, cosmetic procedures are different and require a separate approach. For one, they are undertaken at the request of the client and are only carried out to improve appearance or help defy the ageing process. There are many non-surgical procedures available also, namely Botox or dermal fillers, which are extremely popular with patients due to their reduced risk.

Types of Cosmetic Surgery

There are various types of cosmetic surgery operations that can performed on the body as well as the face. Some of the most common procedures include:

Tummy Tucks
Eyelid Surgery
Chemical Peel
Nose Jobs
Breast Enlargements
Face Lifts
Hair Transplants

There are many more operations you can go for, some of which are in specialty areas of the body. They are all designed to improve the appearance of our bodies and in some cases help reverse its natural deterioration.


risk-in-plastic surgery

As with any surgical procedure, things can sometimes go wrong at different stages of the operation. It may depend on the type of surgery being carried out, the health of the patient or the skill and experience of the doctor. General risks include permanent scarring of the area or infection. Bruising is a common consequence but usually passes over time.

Having Plastic Surgery


It is always best to visit your local G.P before plastic surgery is booked. Run through the type of operation required with them and they will explain how the procedure will work in more detail. Whilst reconstructive surgery, i.e. due to a birth defect or serious facial injury, will be available on the NHS, personal cosmetic procedures will require the services of a private company. Scout around the internet for reputable firms or ask your doctor for a recommendation.






February 1st, 2014
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44 Comments to What is Plastic Surgery?

  1. wow..so much of a difference with before and after! I have always wondered about Plastic surgery,, even though I would never do it..I hate to see knife on my skin lol. Great info here. thanks for sharing :)

  2. Surgery scares me, so I personally wouldn’t have plastic surgery just because I don’t want to have any unnecessary medical procedures. I don’t judge people who do, though – I am just a scaredy cat.

  3. I used to want plastic surgery when I was a young woman and didn’t like a thing about my face. Thank goodness I didn’t get it, I now (and have for a long time) like the characteristics about me that come from my family. :)

  4. My wrinkles are getting worse as I age… I know I could get plastic surgery, but so many look so much different after that I don’t think I would ever take the chance.

  5. There is no way I would let someone re sculpt my features unless something horrific happened and without it I might die. I truly believe that everyone is beautiful in their own way.

  6. Wow, there’s such a difference in the before and afters. I hadn’t seen the before picture of Angelina Jolie before.

  7. I’m afraid of all kinds of surgery. I find that they are too risky. I’m a scary cat when it comes to anything that penetrates the skin. I give the doctors and nurses a hard time.

  8. Those are such a big difference in the before and after shots. I’ve had a “type” of plastic surgery, but it wasn’t anything cosmetic. I had a birthmark on my cheek that has the possibility of becoming cancerous so the Doctor had us visit a specialist to get it removed. But that was when I was only 5 years old. I don’t think I’d have it for anything cosmetic wise, only for other medical reasons.

  9. I know I will need a tummy tuck done in the next few years as I lose the rest of my weight.. but it will not be for vanity reasons.

  10. The thing I’ve noticed that makes it a no for me is that when these people age, they end up looking really weird because the skin doesn’t fall like it normally would if they’d just aged naturally. Then they keep pulling and tucking and it all takes on such an odd abnormal appearance.

  11. Wow some of those before and after pictures are quite different! It is amazing how far they have come with plastic surgery!

  12. i wonder if ladies can get the same effect with just make up and using the right techniques

  13. I have a couple friends who have had some plastic surgeries. I think it is great if that is what you want to do, all of the women above were beautiful before their surgery so not quite sure why they felt they needed it.

  14. Plastic Surgery can really do wonders for people. I personally havent ever considered it…. But I know a few who have. Wow, those before and after pictures show such a change.

  15. Amazing what difference it can make. I never would have guess Ivanka had the surgery. She looks great!

  16. Aren’t these women way too young to be doing all these plastic surgery? It’s just too scary a thought for me to have people mess with my face like that. The results do look good

  17. an invasive procedure that i won’t go for. i will just settle for tretinoins and creams to minimize my facial wrinkles :)

  18. You really can see the difference! Actually, I’m really scared of plastic surgery! You never know how you might look afterwards.

  19. Modern techniques are introduced for this kind of surgery in some specialized clinic for this purpose. Truly, for those who can afford to pay only, but it’s better than anything you deserve for the change of it.

  20. Unless you really wanna do some makeover I guess you don’t need to went through such surgery.As it causes pain and need money both.

  21. Unless you really wanna do some huge makeover I guess you don’t need to went through such surgery.As it causes pain and need money both.

  22. The outcome of the model’s faces looks like too good to be true. At least that’s what happens if you’re under plastic surgery.

  23. i am not against those people who are willing to go under the knife in the name of beauty but plastic surgery is just not really my thing. i am all for improving one’s appearance tapping natural + less risky alternatives.

  24. Your post gives lot of information on Plastic surgery. Thanks for sharing

  25. For the sake of beauty, no one will stop someone from having a surgery. I know most celebrities nowadays opt for this kind of beauty enhancement because their face is their source of income.

  26. I have to admit, they do look better after having cosmetic surgery. BUT, I would never put myself through that.

  27. I would never get plastic surgery. I’m always scared of recovery time and if they screwed up.

  28. I think that plastic surgery is fine for people who aren’t happy with something and they want to make it better. I’m not sure if I would ever take that route.

  29. I took this as one of my topics in speech class last time. Through research, I found out that plastic surgeries are becoming more and more common throughout the country. Popular reasons are to attract attention and to seek approval from others.

  30. Such a controversial topic! Though, I’m not against it. I think if it will “HELP” someone, then sure go for it :)

  31. It may look beautiful after the surgery but I would rather have the original and real me.

  32. If not for the fear of the needles, I’ll consider an ilong retoke kasi pango ako hahaha

  33. It’s amazing how Plastic surgery grew into a multi-billion pound industry and how it became more common in today’s society.

  34. It also helps a lot of people gain more confidence in the looks department.

  35. Surgery has pros and cons and I admire those people who do it. In my case I’m happy for what I am.

  36. I’ve always been scared of plastic surgery! What if something gets messed up in the process? Makes me nervous!

  37. I always thought of going under plastic surgery one day… I am really open about it. And yes, would love to get something done. :)

  38. Although there are some parts of my body or face that I wish I could change, but man I am so scared of surgery even if I have the money. Some people though would go to crazy measures when it comes to plastic surgery. While for some it is very helpful, for others not so much. You can definitely see a difference in the before and after photos.

  39. Really great result when you believe in plastic surgery which and if you can afford to pay.

  40. Plastic surgery can really make a big difference but I don’t think I can do it.

  41. Plastic surgery is a lot safer now as new technologies are available.

  42. If offered for free, I may go for plastic surgery only because my eyelids are so droopy. I’ll add rhinoplasty na din hahaha. I like how plastic surgery these days can fix just about any problem on your face and you do come out very “improved.” :)

  43. I like Kim’s natural look more than the enhanced one.

  44. Wow! only I can say to those who has guts to do the plastic surgery.I’m impress with the technology now a days.

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