Today, I decided to do a video blog showcasing my top 5 chosen products for the month of April 2012. I’d like to do this as a monthly basis to feature some of the product that I feel deserves a lot of credit based on their benefits and features.

Pardon me as this is my first video blog and I am not very good in editing videos & not yet used to talking by myself in front of the computer, lol! I’d try to do something better for the month of May *or maybe find someone who can help me with that, hopefully!* and for my other upcoming next videos soon, so stay tune for that everyone! I hope you get to like to this and learn from it and if not.. then just give it a laugh for the humor of it, haha!

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April 30th, 2012
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2 Comments to APRIL 2012 – TOP 5 PRODUCT PICKS!

  1. Nice video sis! Na enjoy ko xa. :) Thanks for sharing! Parang gusto kong itry ung 2nd, 4th and 5th. Wala kasing etude house dito samin e :((.

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