Tips for the Busy Working Woman

Many of today’s workingwomen juggle multiple responsibilities. In addition to their work, they are mothers, community volunteers, wives, and cheerleaders at the weekend soccer game. With all of these responsibilities, it is a miracle that they find time for sleep.


In order to look their best, they often to rely on time saving beauty products like clip-in hair extensions. They are also skilled at time management. If you are busy and finding it challenging to fit everything in, the following tips can help you.

Use a Calendar


Since you have a lot on your plate, it is a good idea to use a calendar. This will help you to manage all of your responsibilities. With a calendar, you will be able to understand what you have to accomplish each day. This way, you can avoid forgetting something important, like your daughter’s piano recital. A calendar can also help you plan quality time to spend with your family and friends. Otherwise, you may not get this time in because you are too busy at work.

Set Priorities


People that have a lot of responsibilities need to set priorities in their lives. You can do this to help you understand what is most important. If you are a working mother, perhaps your priorities will be to spend more time with your kids. If you care about looking good every day, then you will make your morning routine a priority. Without priorities, it is easy to waste time on the things that are less important.

Make Time for You


Having a busy schedule can make it difficult to find alone time. Perhaps you spend the majority of your day at the office. Then, you go out with co-workers and friends. If you are a working mother, you leave work to attend to the needs of your family. While all of these activities are wonderful, it is easy to get lost and forget yourself in the process. For this reason, it is recommended to schedule time for you. If you have trouble setting aside time, schedule it on the calendar.

The following are some great activities that will help you get some time alone:
1. A day at the spa
2. Watching your favorite TV shows
3. Visiting the beauty salon
4. Lounging by the pool for a few hours
5. Reading a book
6. Sleeping in for a few extra hours

Have Fun


The pressures of a busy schedule can make it easy to overlook the simple joys of life. For example, you might not have time for a picnic at the park with your children. It also might be more difficult for you to make it to girl’s nights. Although you cannot participate in these activities each day, try to have fun. It is easy to get overwhelmed with work, social responsibilities, and other obligations. A little fun occasionally is a great stress reliever. It might even help you to be more productive in your work and community responsibilities.

Remember, you have so much to offer the world. The key is to not get overwhelmed in the process. These tips can help you stay balanced and succeed in all your objectives as a workingwoman.

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  1. I have long hair so don’t need the length but could use them for thickness. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The photos on here are beautiful!
    Jeez- How strange we forget about these things all the time. You reminded me of how long it’s been since I took time out to do my hair nicely, instead of the standard “Mom uniform” ponytail or hairband.

  3. Since I don’t have kids at home, it is easier for me to make time for myself… but life gets so busy that sometimes, I don’t get enough alone time.

  4. Thank you for the tips. I love it. We really have to always give time for ourselves to make sure we can extend our happiness to our family. We became more effective mom and wife.

  5. I take time for myself every evening to take a walk and watch a favorite show. I need the me time by the end of the day.

  6. Funny, when I worked outside the home I seemed to find time for everything. Now that I am home life is crazy and I never have the time I need. Things pop up and people expect that you can jump to get them done – of course all of us that are SAHM are just sitting and watching tv right!

  7. I struggle with having a private time for myself. I have 3 boys who constantly following me or asking something. Would be nice to go to a Spa and relax.

  8. This mama could definitely use a day at the spa. It seems like the only alone time i get is when I take my bath and even then i have kids knocking at the bathroom door!

  9. what a great hair style and a fabulous job doing it I would never have guessed hair piece. Really enjoyed this post today gave me something to think about.

  10. Won’t using extension makes it difficult to tie your hair into a ponytail? Haven’t tried that, but indeed, pampering ourselves is a great way for some me-time!

  11. Yeah, its totally important to have time to yourself. These things are great ways love it especially the hair clipping bit sometimes i need a bit of volume in my hair

  12. This reminds me of the time when my ex had dragged me to go shopping, looking for hair extensions. Wish I could have shown her this site. Would have saved me a lot in terms of “window shopping” pain :)

  13. Woah! Needless to say, during the work neglect many stuff. Well, I’ll be going now & coming back with my girlfriend to read this post. Useful write-up. Gracias!

  14. With our super hectic work schedule it becomes very difficult to take time out for ourselves. I usually set aside half hour daily for myself and either read or listen to music.