Sticking Life Into Your Room

Do you want to brighten up your lifeless room? Want it to stand out? With wall stickers, bringing back any dull room back to life has never been so easy. Wall Stickers are very easy to apply and you won’t need glue or any type of adhesive to stick them on your wall. All you need to do is to peel the back paper of your sticker in order for it to stick to your wall.


If you are running out of ideas on how you will decorate your home, using these tree wall decals for your rooms is a great way to solve your problem. There are various designs to choose from. If you love nature and you want to bring nature inside your house, you can put a flower or tree sticker on your wall. Afraid of the dark? Maybe you should buy glow-in-the-dark wall decals too. These types of wall decals light up whenever you turn off the lights.


Are you the type who likes to give reminders? Maybe you should buy useful wall decals that can be used as blackboards. Do you have a favorite book quote? You can turn it into a decal and stick it on your wall so that every time you look at it, you’ll get motivated. Want your kids to learn the alphabet or enhance their geography skills? There’s no need to buy tapes and special posters for them to learn because there are alphabet and world map wall decals also available for purchase.


With these wall stickers, you would also be able to express yourself freely. In fact, you can also customize decals based on your preferences. Even your name can be turned into a creative sticker. You and your kids will surely love wall decals because these types of stickers are animated and colorful. Whether it’s the kitchen or your bedroom that needs a makeover, there are appropriate decals for every part of your house.


Don’t want to experience problems in decorating your house? Then buy these awesome wall decals. You won’t need paint to create wall designs anymore. Inhalation of paint fumes might be dangerous to your health because a can of paint contains toxic chemicals. Say goodbye to harmful paint fumes because you won’t be able to inhale them if you’ll be using wall decals to decorate your house. You will also not need noisy hand drills to make holes for your decors anymore. All you need to do is to buy a sticker and your wall will be lively again. These wonderful works of art are made of quality vinyl and can last up to six years. Replacing your old decals is also very easy to do and they won’t be causing any damage to your room.


You won’t be experiencing problems in decorating any part of your house with the help of wall stickers. Such as kitchen here wall stickers in your kitchen. You won’t need much help from others and you’ll be able to save time and effort. All you need to do is to stick them anywhere you like.

September 22nd, 2014
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63 Comments to Sticking Life Into Your Room

  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    I have some wall decals in my house. They are a fun, inexpensive way to decorate.

  2. Lovely room gives a wonderful disposition in life. So,always arrange it according to your mood.

  3. Oh my gosh I want the floral lamp, pillow and curtains! If I had my way, everything would be pastels and florals in my house. My husband would likely disagree with me there, though.

  4. I’ve always wanted to try those decals. They look so easy and fun. Love the birds!

  5. These wall decals really give identity to one’s room. It makes it look more refreshing.

  6. I love wall decals I have one in my master bedroom and we just redid my daughter’s bedroom over the summer and we found a great wall decal for her too.

  7. I know my wife would love to do that.. i can just never imagine how it would look when it was finished.

  8. They definitely add personality. I think they’re quite fun! I have some in my home.

  9. Decals seem like such a fun and easy way to decorate. The best part is you can take it down easily when you’re ready for a change.

  10. I need wall decals. I had some in our old house but haven’t gotten around to doing it where we are now and have been 3 years, I really enjoy them!

  11. Vinyl wall decal are the bomb. I would do my whole house in them.

  12. I’m loving these wall decals! I don’t have any in my house right now but clearly will have to get some. Thanks!!

  13. Amanda Love - Growing Up Madison

    They sure do make the room pop and I love decals since I’m not making a mess of my walls. With us trying to sell our house to get a bigger one we sure don’t need any damage. :)

  14. I love, love, love the owls and birds ones. They would be so cute in my daughters’ room!

  15. Wow. This looks like such an amazing idea. I bet my girls would love them.

  16. I just fell in love with this room, i call it my dream room.

  17. I love wall decals. It’s a fun yet not permanent (necessarily) way to decorate.

  18. I am looking for a vinyl decoration for my bedroom wall behind my headboard and I LOVE YOURS!!! (mind if I copy you and get the same one?)

  19. Oh my they are beautiful I love the tree one which has pictures hanging off it! Perfect! x

  20. michele d

    I love wall decals they surely can make a room full instead of those old picture frames.

  21. I don’t have any of these. I haven’;t done much decorating since we moved!! I need these. They would look so cute in so many areas.

  22. I am so bad at visualizing these things in my own house. It takes a creative eye.

  23. Very nice designs. I have done this before when my eldest child was born when we put huge Disney characters stickers on her nursery wall. So good to see that there a lot more to choose from now. Where do we get to check these stickers out?

  24. Wow those rooms look absolutely beautiful!

  25. designing my room has never been my thing. this advice will help a lot though.

  26. I love wall decals! I especially love the tree in the corner in this post!

  27. I don’t have any wall decals in my home yet, but these are wonderful and I’ll be looking into getting some! :-)

  28. LOVE the bedroom walls. They are so sweet and precious. What great ways to spruce up a plain wall!

  29. How cute! I love the birds on the tree. So adorable!

  30. How often do you decorate and redesign your room? These are great inspirations. I especially liked the wall with two birds on the swing. :) How cute!

  31. These decals are super cool! I really love that black tree in the first picture.

  32. I like these decals. They’re not obnoxious or obvious!

  33. The tree one is so unique. I love wall decals, a great way to accent any room.

  34. The wall decals would also be a more affordable decorations.

  35. I love these. I only have one wall decal in my house and it is in my sons room and I think it really helps fill in the extra space on the wall and kind of pull everything together.

  36. These wall decals are gorgeous. I especially love the nursery. I love anything with a bird on it….especially kissing birds :-)

  37. Wow! Really nice decor for rooms it bring life and color as well! Thanks for the ideas..

  38. My friend has a decal of a tree and she put pictures of her family around it- like a family tree. Very creative and looked really nice! :)

  39. I love wall decals, they are so fun, unique, and stylish!

  40. I seriously need that tree that is in the corner. My daughter would love it.

  41. Wow, those wall decals are pretty. I want the black and white one on the first photo.

  42. Rebecca Swenor

    These decals are so cool and they make a room look beautiful. I am going to be looking into these more. Thanks for sharing.

  43. I’ve been wanting to get one but was having a hard time finding a giid design available. Thanks for sharing

  44. You can really go with a variety of designs with Wall Decals.

  45. Those looks really cool! Would love to have some in each room in our home.

  46. Sarah Mueller

    I love those love birds! Such a cute decoration (and it takes up no space!)

  47. I love my industrial vinyl decal cutter – I always seem to be making projects for friends more than myself. They are a great way to customize! :D

  48. I all for stickers. Let me just say, as Mom that is constantly switching up the decor. I need something to keep up with my indecisiveness.

  49. Oh wow those are gorgeous! We have a wall decal in my oldest’s room and I am planning more for the other rooms. I love that first one.

  50. Omigosh. These are so awesome and so simple. I’d love to have them.

  51. I’ve started using these wall decals to decorate my home. My daughter has colorful flowers on her ugly brown walls! They lighten up the place!

  52. Ashley Diane

    Such a great idea! We need to spice up our rooms here. May give those decals a go! :)

  53. I so wanna use wall decals for my home. But I already know that I’ll be moving in the near future so that’d be a pain to take down when it comes time. They are so pretty & easy to use though!

  54. I love using decals. They are a great way to spice up any room in your house. I love all the designs that are available.

  55. I love these wall stickers! I have a few on the Christmas list for all 4 of my kids rooms. I also want a Map for our school area. :)

  56. I’m planning to put decals on our bedroom, I’m having a hard time thinking about the design, though.

  57. I love wall decals but my husband isn’t a fan. Maybe I’ll just have to try them out in my space and he can just deal with it :)

  58. I love these. perfect for me since I have ZERO creativity lol

  59. Chrissy

    I really LOVE the wall decals, they are so cute!

  60. Carolyn

    I love these. they just ooze warmth into a home. Makes it feel lived in!

  61. Wall decals allow you to get a new look simply and without paint Looks like a win in my book!

  62. jane

    my daughter wants some decals on her room too makes it all disney and more pink!

  63. I love the decal with the frames, that is gorgeous! We have a few wall stickers in our house, my favorite is the chandelier one in my daughters room.

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