How to Take The Perfect #Selfie

I bet you wouldn’t be surprised if I tell you that ever since Instagram was created, “SELFIE” has been really popular. There has been major trends and news about it, both good and bad. Still, at the end of the day, most people would still like taking photos of themselves. After all, photos – no matter where you are, whom you are with and what you are doing or may be feeling – it’s all part of our special memories.


I believe that selfies doesn’t just portray how one is being narcissticm, like few people believe. Taking photos itself, whether what you are taking a picture of, whether it’s yourself, something else or someone else – it’s all an art. Since selfies are about taking photos of themselves, most people, if not all, would definitely love to take great selfie looks. So let me share with you guys some of the greatest tips for that perfect selfie look.

1. Camera Lighting

In taking photos, no matter if its a selfie or a photography I am working on myself, I consider lighting as a first priority. Believe me, it makes such a big difference! I personally love checking on how the lighting affects my overall look first before anything else. Does it give a softer look? Does it look too dark? Does it look too light that it makes my skin too pale? Or does it makes things just perfect? I take all of those things into consideration.


You can experiment where you want to angle yourself with the lighting may it be a backlit effect where in you are turning your back against the light, which actually gives a softer look on the image or you can face towards the main light source, which gives you a brighter look and creates a visual clarity photo, which is actually one of the secrets in stunning HDR images – and for me, it’s just the perfect look to take in selfies! I always like facing the lighting source in taking photos, you should too!

2. It’s all about The Angle

When taking selfie, you need to remember that it’s really all about the angle. Thus, controlling how you extend your arm is the key – the farther it goes, the smaller the visual effect will be. Feel free to do test shorts (I honestly do it all the time!)


I tend to experiment what shot would I look best. Do I need to raise up the angle of my phone? (It gives you a slimmer look most of the time, so I like that, lol!) Should I take the shot horizontally like a landscape effect? Or should I take a shot vertically for a portrait look? For the record, I rarely look good in landscape photos, so I always go for portraits when it comes to selfies.

3. Strike a Pose

Always elongate your neck when creating different poses or angles on your face – no one loves to take a photo that gives a double chin effect, right? There is really no definite angle to choose from, you have to work on this yourself. So try doing it yourself, take different photos of what angle looks better on you. In time, the more angles you see.. you would naturally use that angle the next time you use a selfie shot. You will also get to see different version of yourself and yes, that includes the bad angles and the best ones.


One of my favorite is raising my smartphone above eye level and adjust your face angle to 3/4’s. But, Seriously? There are tons of ways to work on your angles – it’s all up to you. Express yourself anyway you want, too! It you want it wacky, serious, sad, cute – whatever goes! It’s your selfie! You can do whatever you want!

4. Filter

Some people have a hate and love relationship with filter. I don’t really love or hate it, I just believe that sometimes, doing filters makes a photo really fabulous – just please, don’t over filter things that you don’t even recognize your selfie anymore, lol! There are tons of apps that has wonderful filter collections.


Feel free to experiment. It changes your look from one to another. It even creates a mood for it, too! Remember, if all else fails – just SMILE!

Selfies has definitely come to a whole new level. Suddenly, there are times that no matter what camera you use doesn’t even matter anymore. There are even gadgets everywhere that almost gives the same output as a DSLR – well, similar! The photos of me and my special loved ones inside my bedroom even came from selfie photos that I like. We also have a few on our living room. All you really needed to add are photo frames, you can always get one at your local stores or if you prefer bigger photos, you can also get one yourself at It’s way cheaper than hiring someone else to take your photo. Plus, it has spot on memories of it which will always remain special. Anyway, have you learn to take better selfie photos now? I hope you do! It’s easy and takes just a tiny bit of practice!

August 8th, 2014
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70 Comments to How to Take The Perfect #Selfie

  1. It’s not easy taking the perfect selfie. I know most of us take a few shots before we settle on the perfect pose and lighting.

  2. Gabby

    I love selfies! there is such power in the selfie! Society and the media tells us that we are not good enough! A selfie says YES I AM!

  3. I am always too self concious to try! I probably just need to play around more. Good tips no matter what kind of photo you are taking.

  4. Those are some great tips! I need to start using them to take more selfies :)

  5. I have a poor grade when it comes to taking selfie, so this guide will be really helpful for my practice. :P Actually it’s interesting how people can have so many facial expressions in just five minutes and come up with like tens of photos!

  6. I love this post!!! i always like looking at selfies, and all these tips are great for people that love taking them. Great post!!

  7. Awesome tips! I love taking selfies. But I always have to take about 55 selfies before I can get a good one! The struggle is real. Ha

  8. I agree with the angle. I also have my favorite angle where my face looks slimmer. I rarely take selfies because I’m not confident on the color of my teeth.

  9. Thanks for the tips! Selfie is the modern term for ‘vanity shot’ 10 years ago. Haha!

  10. This is really helpful in taking selfies. I downloaded a wave cam app so I just have to wave and the camera will automatically take my photo.

  11. Great tips! Taking good selfies is certainly not as easy as it looks and you find yourself making faces a lot of times. You got everything covered!
    Thanks for sharing.

  12. Ahh, selfies! Actually I’m ok with them, as long as the people in them are not making a ‘duck face’. Absolutely ridiculous!

  13. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    It usually takes me about 40 tries before I finally end up with a selfie that I like.

  14. i am the worst at selfies! but i can take a good pic of any one else no problem LOL great post! xo, jess @

  15. The irony is – only the last 2 shots are easy to do selfie shots. The others are best done through having someone else behind a camera. Techincally that’s outside selfie-realm.

  16. Selfies photographs are awesome to see but your guide shows how. Nice sharing lady.

  17. The angle is everything – it’s the difference between a double chin and a picture I’ll actually post lol.

  18. Everyone loves to take selfie photos and the results are different too. Others accept it even though it’s not goo. Your article do helps.

  19. i think even before instagram selfie is already around… even during “Friendster” times… but the advent of instagram and front facing cams really marked the real selfie era… taking selfie is no longer just a simple snapshot people are becoming more artistic and more aware of the “composition” of their shot- it’s them who is the subject so they really want the best out of it. ur tips will surely help many take better selfies

  20. Selfies are great, in moderation. Every now and then I’ll get one I absolutely love. Maybe I’ll get a few more now with these awesome tips.

  21. Jennifer Williams

    I never knew there was a perfect selfie, I always thought of them as fun quick photos taken in the moment when nobody was there to take a photo for you.

  22. I’m not big on selfies at all LOL but good to know if I ever need a good one I can come here for tips!

  23. I usually am the picture taker, so unless I take a selfie, I’m never in the shot. I’ll have to keep a few of these tips in mind for future reference.

  24. This is great advice. I rarely take selfies unless I am trying to update my blog pictures, but I usually include one of my kids in my photo so it doesn’t seem so narcissistic.

  25. teresa mccluskey

    Selfies are the only type of photos people see of me. I don’t like my photo taken unless I take it ;)

  26. What a great post! I just spent like 30 min when I was bored recently working on a good selfie. Man it was tough! Haha.

  27. I use to take a lot of selfies when I weighed less and looked better lol. Your pictures look great. I’m hoping to get back to doing selfies now that I use instagram.

  28. I still haven’t mastered the art of the selfie but with these tips I just might.

  29. I love the last silfie shots, so contagious!

  30. I actually hate taking selfies. I’m never satisfied with them. These are great tips though.

  31. I had that Selfie song in my head the whole time I read this. My toddler even knows how to take a selfie!

  32. Great tips! My daughter is the selfie queen. I’m not so good at them myself.

  33. Selfies are definitely not easy to do. It is almost an art.

  34. Selfies are hard because i can’t seem to ever get the right angle or the correct distance.

  35. My husband has recently become the king of selfies. It makes me laugh to see him setting up his shot.

  36. Those are amazing for selfie photos! Thanks for the tips

  37. I have no issue with selfies. I quite like them actually. Though, I have to take about 20 before I get a shot that I am satisfied with. :)

    • Haha! That’s a lot! I could somewhat relate though – I used to have 10 shots and have a hard time to pick which to upload, lol!

  38. Good tips but honestly, I think the selfie is all about being in the moment. For me, the perfect selfie is imperfect. it uses the lighting of your surroundings and isn’t a reflection of you, but of the moment itself.

  39. I take the worst selfies! Will have to follow the tips here!

  40. I hate taking selfies. I always look so dumb. I’ll try some of these tips and hopefully will get a good one eventually lol.

  41. I am not big on taking selfies. Good to know that there is an art behind it

  42. It’s nice to follow this rules on selfies so we can see better selfie shots as it’s also been overused.

  43. Pam

    I think the perfect selfie is spur of the moment. It might have flaws but to me it is these type of shots that are the most fun and inspiring to see.

  44. Oh wow, these selfies look like a photo studio shoot. Thanks for giving us hints on how to do proper selfie, although I don’t take selfies.

  45. Filtering the photo is my favorite and it takes an hour to make lol

  46. Great tips! I haven’t really gotten into selfies, too busy taking pictures of my kids!

  47. I love it! Thanks so much. I am horrible at selfies, so now I know what i am doing wrong.

  48. Rebecca Swenor

    This is great information for taking selfies. I actually never really have taken a selfie. Thanks for sharing.

  49. These are some good tips. I never seem to be able to get the perfect selfie. I’ll have to try these now.

  50. A good selfie takes a lot of practice. I’ve seen some pretty bad ones!

  51. I always hear the selfie song whenever I run in my treadmill and listen to the songs in my iPhone.

  52. Great post :) I always take a few shots before I get a “good” one. Having a front face camera makes it so much easier!

  53. Ann Bacciaglia

    Great tips! I take the worse selfies. I need to start playing with filters.

  54. It’s good to know how to take a perfect selfie because I don’t look good on my selfies maybe the angle.

  55. These tips are so on point! Back when I was modeling I learned lighting and angles are key to great photos. I usually snap a few quick photos and then choose a favorite to share.

  56. I have the hardest time taking selfies. Thanks for the tips

  57. I think selfies are alright as long as you don’t take a billion every day. Great tips btw!

  58. i dont like much selfie ahahaa i rarely have selfie on my fone hehe. though recently I’ve been enjoying posting my past selfie addiction to my page hahaa lighting is very important

  59. i didnt know theres a right way to do selfie, i thought you just put the camera in front of you and take the shot

    • I wouldn’t say “right” way as you can do whatever kind of selfie you want but if you want to do a really great and perfect selfie.. meaning in a sense of taking really good/best/perfect kind of photo – that kind of thing… then these tips will help. If one don’t really care about that stuff, its okay too. It’s just that most people, especially women would love to look really great in selfies, thus the perfect selfie tips I just posted on my blog. :)

  60. My teen daughter is an expert at selfies. I never really posted a lot of pics of myself, but since I have lost a lot weight I find myself posting more. Thanks for your tips too.

  61. I find it so interesting that what used to be known as self portraits is now a selfie. I rarely take them. Good tips!

  62. Love love love your tips. I take the worse selfies, ever! I’m going to try these :)

  63. maria

    My selfies are not so great but I’m getting used to it!

  64. I agree with the angle, it plays a major role in taking photos even on regular shots not just selfie shots.

  65. I used to love doing selfie shots but I hate how I look in pics nowadays. wait till I shed off some more weight. LOL.

  66. I hate taking selfies…. But after reading your post.. it time for selfiesssss

  67. HHhmmmm! thanks for sharing :) I just recently love taking selfie too and I have to practice this poses you shared :D

  68. very interesting. i guess there are many things that happen this days and the selfie thing is one of the best.

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