#BackToSchool Series: Exam #Tips for High School and College Students

Whether you are a high school student or a college student, everyone goes through the same thing when it comes to exams. I wasn’t really the type of girl in school who studies a lot, I wasn’t the type who aced all my exams – I was just the average kind, I guess. I just had a lot of fun in school and I wasn’t really pressured with any projects or exams. You may call me happy go lucky type of person, or you might say I just don’t care but I believe that if you prepared for the upcoming projects and exams – there is no need for you to worry at all. Plus, having a positive mindset always helps any students perform well in everything they do at school.


Here are a Few Tips and Key Points to every High School and College Students in preparation to their Exams:

1. Create a Study Group for Exams – It may be tricky at times to create a study group as sometimes, some of your beloved classmates might just fool around. I would say create a small group of those who are really interested in passing the exam. Make a specific topic to work with including the key points to prepare for the exams. Discuss and quiz each other is really ideal in this kind of situation. I like the fact that you understand everything better that way as you learn from your group mates, too. You can also make studying enjoyable by using flashcards from Cram.com for the study material and mini quiz among your group.


PS. Whenever we have study session with my classmates, I always, always, always pass the exams so I highly recommend to have study sessions together!

2. Study Efficiently – Whenever you have the time to study, please do! I tend to cram a lot during my college years. It’s not really a good thing – sometimes, it does but most of the time, it really doesn’t. Some people can cram and some people just can’t. Studying and going over your review materials is the best way to learn. Also, remember.. you can’t cram history – it’s just too hard, lol! It would also be wise to know what kind of learning style suits you. Are you a visual learner who needs photos and illustrations? Or are you the type who needs to needs some hands on exercises and write all the details yourself? Or should you hear everything repeatedly to remember things? Find out what works best for you.


3. ASK FOR HELP – When you don’t understand anything – don’t be afraid to ask your teacher, professor or classmates (who knows the material) for some help. After all, school is a place for students to practice their communication skills, too. It’s better to ask early than later when you are already far behind.

PS. I had troubles with that during my high-school days, lol! So yeah, I am not saying to be a study geek, but at least try to understand the materials.


4. Listen and Take Notes – This is my favorite thing to do in class. I don’t participate much in orals but whenever I hear a key point from a teacher, I would put notes down on my material. It helps me for future reference and to understand it more. It is very helpful every exams. Making a study guide using your own notes will help, plus, if you are kinesthetic learner like me – just writing the study guide yourself is like mind mapping the whole subject materials which always helps me ace my exams. Plus, Google is your best friend – do a lot of research, it will help you tons!


5. Sleep Right. Eat Right. – It’s very important for students to be able to fuel your body. Having a good night of sleep and a well-balanced diet helps to get all those body function going well, especially your brain. Going to class or any exams on empty stomach but only a Starbucks of coffee would just give you a headache and you won’t be able to concentrate so well, too. (Oh, trust me, a lot of my school mates does the Starbucks coffee trick especially during exam days!) It’s also good to always bring a bottle of water and a snack to keep your stamina going all throughout the day.

PS. As a habit, I always bring candy with me during exams – as candy does helps lessen the stress, enhances your concentration level which are perfect in exams.

September 20th, 2014
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42 Comments to #BackToSchool Series: Exam #Tips for High School and College Students

  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    I had a hard time with exams like this because I can’t concentrate in complete silence. I need music on in the background.

    • Haha! Yes, some of my friends gets to study more when there is music, too. Personally, I have a hard time doing so, lol! As I tend to get sidetrack when there is music, loL!

  2. These tips are really great — especially asking for help. I’m going to share your post with my husband. He’s in the middle of getting his IT degree.

  3. You have a comprehensive tips for students in dealing with their studies. And, in addition, the motivation, determination, and self-confidence.

  4. I have 2 granddaughters in college and am going to send them these tips. They probably won’t listen to the Sleep right, eat right. But I will feel better sending it to them.

    • Haha! I know, Terry. I am saying all these because I’ve been there and done that, haha! I guess we all just learn from experiences, haha!

  5. As a teacher I appreciate these tips and as a mom of three girls who are at different levels of their education I say thanks maybe hearing this from someone else will help them.

  6. These are all great tips. People don’t realize how much eating sleeping right are important so that is a great one!

  7. These are all great tips for high school, college, and middle schoolers alike! I’m even going to share it with my 4th grader! Thank you for posting it.

  8. Good read! It will help students study better than any other days!

  9. I always hated taking tests. They always stressed me out.

  10. This is so right on! I did my best studying the last two years of high school and in college and cramming is never a good idea. Always take the time to learn what you gotta learn.

  11. My dad used to say to study right before going to bed. I’m still not sure how true that is.

  12. Pam

    It’s so hard for some kids to admit they need to ask to help. However, if you need help, you shouldn’t be ashamed! I have always tried to teach my kids that it’s better to get help now than make bad grades later.

  13. Alexandra Young

    These are really great tips! I will be sharing with my friends still in college!

  14. The tips are all so true! But number 5 is the only thing that I did! :)

  15. These are great tips because it’s such a stressful time. I’m so glad my kids have passed this stage!

  16. It also helps recapping your notes in a post card, it adds recall on the subjects.

  17. I have three step kids in high school and all I can say is rather them then me. lol

  18. Wow, it sure is important to get enough rest before an exam. I surely can remember those stressful days but enjoy them very much!

  19. Thank you for sharing great groups. Having a study group really helps when you’re stuck on something yourself.

  20. These are great tips! I’m not really a fan of the group study though, because this ends up with a lot of laughing and conversing with topics totally unrelated to the exam or school. I prepare for exams every day from the moment the lecture has been given. That’s me — the nerdy type haha.

  21. Great tips! Number 5 is the most important one. Some of the students forgot the importance of their health. They tend to not sleep on time and eat right amount of food because of the exam days.

  22. Thanks for this wonderful tips,hope I could get them when I was a student :)

  23. Feeling nostalgic! Great tips for students. You’re right, taking notes in advance while having the lecture so they don’t have to cram making reviewers near the actual exam. :)

  24. These are really good tips! I did well in school but as soon as it came time to take exam I would freak! I don’t even know how I past all my classes lol. I use to get help with the math because that’s what I had most problem with!

  25. Great tips. I sometimes listen to music because silence makes me feel like I should be doing something lol. Eating right and eating right are great ones, we have to fuel our bodies .

  26. I went back to school after ten years to get my degree in Education. It was hard! I have taught for nine years so you would think that I’d be okay with it, I wasn’t. It was like learning about myself all over again. My study habits in high school did not suit me now…I used to love background noise like a TV or radio on when I was in high school. Now, I need complete silence in order to study.

  27. michele d

    Need to show this post to my son. Awesome tips!

  28. These are some really great tips. I’m not currently in school but my oldest is in high school. I will have to share this with her.

  29. Amanda Love

    All great tips. My son just started high school and my daughter college and these tips would surely help them.

  30. Oh this brings back the memories. I used 3×5,cards for studying and memorizing.

  31. Sleeping and eating right is also important as we get the nutrients and rest we need. This would make ourselves more receptive.

  32. I remember college it wasn’t all that easy, it took a lot of studying to get through it.

  33. I agree about getting enough sleep. Nothing like being cranky and unfocused while taking exams.

  34. Great tips, that will also roll over to beyond the books – but real life too!

  35. i will definitely show this article to my teenage kids
    I also love the photos– stock photos or did you take them yourself?

  36. Rebecca Swenor

    These are great tips for preparing for exams. I am showing my son these tips. Thanks for sharing.

  37. Great notes and tips. Many kids have to directly be taught how to study–it really is a skill.

  38. I’m a crammer during high school but when I was in college I make sure to make visual aids in small index cards. I also eat and sleep early then wake up early to review the next day.

  39. i remember while i reviewing for board exam i drink coffee and i’m awake from 8pm to 6 am. haha… just sharing

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