The Reason Behind my ABSENCE

I know I have promised myself to blog regularly and keep my website going this time around but yet again, I have failed to do this. I do have a good excuse this time though… Well first of all, I was doing a soul searching kind of path during the Summer months. I am a very spiritual person whether many people would believe that or not thus, personal growth, being at peace with oneself and to be really happy in life while being able to have a chance to help other people is really important for me.

Anyway, moving on.. enough with the serious stuff.

I have been doing my internship in Summit Media. (Wow, I know..!) It has always been my dream to be in Summit Media. I even just applied online and I didn’t applied to any other company at all. My resume was not fancy and I would say that I was just lucky. My fellow interims have sent their resume walk-in to the Summit Media office. Some of their friends haven’t received a call for so long.. and I got a call like in just 24-48 hours since I have sent my application. If that is not luck.. then what is it? I would really have to thank God so much for the blessings, abundance and especially for the opportunity to be in the Philippine’s leading Media Publishing Company, Summit Media. I am very honored and totally grateful for this.

… because I am in Summit Media, you can’t imagine the work load I have been doing lol! I am in the Marketing Events and Customer Care Department. It’s always hectic and doing loads of stuff. There is always events, phone calls, we need to find sponsors for each event, we had to find the equipments for each set-up making sure they are working well – no problems, etc. There are tons of inside jobs as well. If you are my Facebook friend, you could have seen me making a status update that I was very sick during the FHM Autograph Signing event of Ms. Kaye Abad Santos.

(Yay, I was even chosen as the person to assist Ms.Kaye.. so I was able to converse with her.. she’s so simple and very, very nice! Just like talking to a friend.. no intimidations at all!)

Oh.. and if you were wondering why I have a picture like that on this blog entry.. Well, my boss called me up on the stage and telling me I am the FHM model for the interims so I had to take a picture like that.. He was very nice, friendly and always fooling around with us BUT always serious with work.. and I personally think that is kind of cool, don’t you think? I just don’t like taking pictures of me here and there and there was a time I had my picture taken with the Cosmopolitan Hunks. I got so tensed up. They are so tall and they have their hands around my shoulder and waist. You can’t imagine… the tension and uneasiness I have felt and a lot of people were looking, too! *But then my boss kept bugging me and telling me it’s required, wth!!!* Lol!

Anyway, please watch out my coming up next entry.. I really hope I can blog about it later or tomorrow. Trust me, I really have no time at all. I work like 10 to 11 hours a day! Imagine that.. and I still haven’t received a day off yet! That is how hectic this company I am working with right now. Well I did had a break yesterday.. but since it’s a family day (it’s not counted, lol!) But then.. yeah.. so hopefully I get to see familiar faces on the upcoming event this week.. (’s the Lactum Kiddie Fair on Trinoma!)

I hope everyone is having a blast and I can’t wait to get in touch with you all, take care!

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  1. I think they did hire you bebs because you truly are remarkable and also quite known in the WWW (especially Candy Blush before)! :) I admire Summit Media, when I was a kid I loved their mags so much! I’m so happy for you that you’re doing what makes you happy and enjoying so much! Keep up the good work bebs :)

    Love Nadine <3

  2. OMG Summit Media! I think I also applied there. I sent an email, and got nothing. Hahaha well maybe they don’t just need an IT intern. XD Aside from luck, I think you’re the best person to be one of the interns at Summit Media. Like Nadine said, your candy blush website is great! I think being a beauty blogger is an edge! :)) I hope I could also as busy as you on internship. As of the moment, I am looking for another company to have my internship. Well, goodluck with all the stress and pressure! Haha. Just enjoy it and have fun. At sana magpost ka para updated kami :))

    • Haha, thank you sis! I will definitely try.. sometimes it’s just so hectic. I hardly get to spend time in front of the computer like I used to before, haha!

  3. You’re such a lucky girl! Summit Media! Grabe, super bigatin! Ikaw na! You na talga! Haha! Pero seriously deserve mo naman yan talga. Eventhough grabe na ung work load, ienjoy mo lng. Grabe ha, mga artista na talga mga nkakasama mo. Bka one day malay mo madiscover kna din at maging katulad nila. Hihi! Im happy for you sis and goodluck sa work. :)

  4. Wow! Summit Media is like ‘big’. I’ll consider applying for the internship. Hihi. Anyways, your boss surely loves you. It’s nice to have wonderful co-workers. Nakakawala ng tension. Good luck~

    • He surely wants to tease me, you mean, haha! Thank you! Yes, do apply and let me know if you do! 

  5. Bella Morcen

    Nakanang! :D

  6. Molly C. Niu

    pictures please…

  7. You’re so lucky! I’ve been looking for Internship Programs and I saw your site. It’s my dream to be an intern at Summit Media. :-) I’m a 3rdyr. College IT Student and I’ll have my ojt/internship next year – Summer 2013. Happy Holidays! Have a great day & God Bless. xo –

  8. maikokimberly

    Wow! Thank you for this post :) Can I ask you a question? After I saw this, I immediately send a resume to Summit Media :) How long does it take for them to call you or how long did you wait? Waaa! Gustong gusto ko kasi talaga mag intern sa kanila kaso what if di pala ko mapili. HR positions kasi kailangan ko ee :( Huhu, I just want to know :)

    • Haha! Hi dear.. it didn’t take long actually.. I think they called up within 1-2 days if I remember, lol! Super bilis nga eh hehehe.. Good luck! The experience there is super worth it.. it’s something you can help you on your career and professionalism talaga ;)

      • Maiko Kimberly

        Really? I sent my resume kasi thru email. Do they accept walk in applicants? :) Or nagsend ka lang din thru email? :)

        • I just sent mine through email but walk-in applicants has a better chances. When I went there they told me about how they usually for walk-in applicants – super timing and lucky lang yun part ko.. but you should give it a go with walk-ins. Kasi they prefer that as to what I heard. :)

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