Niscenssa’s Direct Sales Launches Glam Online Store

Niscenssa Direct Sales, the direct selling arm of Nisce Skin ‘N Face, launched the Niscenssa Online store last Tuesday, July 17, 2012.

They showcased their products and told everyone how Niscenssa has started by delivering a speech from Atty. Salvador Antonio T. Nisce, the President and CEO of Niscenssa.

They also demonstrated how easy it is to shop for Niscenssa products through their online store, with their new brand ambassador, model-actress Ms. Bela Padilla.

It’s basically a direct selling arm for their skincare products to provide an income-generating opportunity for loyal customers and to bring the glamour of effective skin care products within everyone’s reach. The Niscenssa Direct products ranges from skin care for men and women, makeup, and insect repellant which are divided into four brand categories such as Blaise, Dr. Skin, Nisce and Niscenssa.

Blaise: It’s a skin care line specially formulated for men which has a wide array of products from shaving cream to facial scrub.

Dr. Skin: This product line is formulated for whitening, acne treatment and prevention, and age defying. The products under this category ranges from deodorants to facial creams and lotions.

Nisce:– These are soup products that differs from whitening, exfoliating and organic soaps. Aside from their soap, Nisce also has a sunblock lotion with an SPF of 80.

Niscenssa: This brand category covers makeup products and some of its available product under this brand are face powders and foundations. The insect repellent product that provides up to eight hours of protection against mosquitoes is also under this category.

The event went well and fab. It was just for the press and bloggers so the place was a bit small as it was held at SM Megamall-Atrium, Secret Recipe. It was very much different than the usual events I went to.. they actually did a demo on how to purchase from their website, telling us their story and the best part was.. they held games for everyone to participant, in exchange for gift cheques and products from Niscenssa, ofcourse. I honestly like it – a lot. I don’t really care how fabulous an event can be… but how they told us details about their products and how interactive the event went – made it not boring at all! I learned more about their company and product, which makes me want to try out how their products and services will do for my skin. Oh, and Bela Padilla personally recommended products she liked best and most of it comes from the Dr. Skin brand category of Niscenssa.

They also gave me freebies to try on and some gift cheques for their Nisce Skin ‘N Face Wellness services. I think I might give it a go, soon! Oh, the hand and lotion by Dr. Skin was also recommended by Bela. I haven’t really used the products yet, but a friend who was with me during the event already did… and told me it was really nice. The toner didn’t sting or anything like the usual toner she uses. So… let’s cross our fingers on this!!!

Please do follow their Facebook and Twitter!

They are giving out coupon codes on these social media sites for you to use as discounts when purchasing online through their online store at Niscenssa.

There are a lot of ways to pay and YES… they do accept Paypal money!

That’s not all.. they are holding a free shipping on all orders (Only in Philippines!). What are you waiting for? Grab this bargain now. An effective skin care at an affordable price? Now, that’s a steal!

I can say a lot more.. but I think it’s best for you to check them all out, visit their website at Niscenssa’s Online Glam Store now!

July 21st, 2012
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24 Comments to Niscenssa’s Direct Sales Launches Glam Online Store

  1. Bebs natry mo na yung product tell us your feedback kung maganda alam mo nmn ako hindi ako gumagamit ng product basta basta ng wala ang iyong maganda payo chos! <3 anyway meron din pala services… Si Kim Dotado nirerecommend sa akin magBelo pero bahala na! ang taray may PAYPAL!!!!

  2. This is the first time I’ve heard of this product. Will visit their store.

  3. Faith

    I wonder, is the store international sis? The store sounds great! I could really use good products for my skin. That’s so nice you got freebies sis, I am so looking forward for reviews! <3

    • They do cater internationally din sis. They are good, too! I will do a review very soon. Unfortunately, the free shipping are for Philippine residents only. :( But yes, pwede sia ma ship internationally.

  4. New product, worth trying to see how well it works on our face.

  5. wooow.. this is cool sis! :D di ko pa na try products nila though… but it looks promising naman <3 hihihihihihi :D

  6. Doing the business online is a good move as it is more efficient and easily accessible to customer.

  7. Violy

    Nisce, their dermatologist is the famous Dra Nisce from La Union? Or maybe I’m wrong. She used to be my derma they have a big clinic also in Dagupan..

  8. thanks for sharing this ?
    actually, di ako aware sa brand na to. but since it’s main concern is the face, interested ako :) i usually haul facial products for some reason. :)) hope you’ll do a review ?

    • Yes I surely will! Medyo busy lang recently in Summit Media.. but haha! I will give time for it!

  9. yet another promising store! great feature :)

  10. You’ve been participating in so many events recently! Haha And most of the time, you decline their offers. :P

    Thanks for sharing this. Will check them out. :))

  11. ZSA

    Thanks super Aisha :)

  12. oh i missed this event because of work :s see you na lang next time :D

  13. I don't have any comment for your article but your article is definitely nice…

  14. great post dear! ?

  15. yaniconquistadora

    Haven’t used the lotion yet :(( will see its effect.

  16. I'll try using the NISCE'S PRODUCT for almost two weeks.. so let's just see the best results of it in a month.

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