Makeup at its best at Make Up Design Academy!


Most of you, my readers, know that I am the type of beauty blogger who focuses more on skin care problems, maintenance and health. It has been lately that I have started widening up my interest with fashion, though.. I am still not the type who easily go with the trends since I like simplicity and elegance, still as my best pick in terms of fashion. It must have come as a surprise for me to talk about makeup even more since I always let my readers know how much natural beauty my blog entries have always been.

I stand my ground and I still believe that natural beauty will still stand out but I just have to blog about MDA, Makeup Design Academy. Not only that they are really good with makeup and hair styling but they have opened my eyes to another concept of makeup and beauty itself. I think it was weeks ago when they started to contact me regarding an ex-deal shoot for a bridal photoshoot.

To be honest, I hesitated. I am very busy and I have given up modeling and its not something I am pursuing unlike years ago when I was very passionate about it. I gave it a try anyway since it’s an ex-deal, meaning I do get my set cards, I don’t have to worry about what I would look since there is a MUA (Make-Up Artist) and Hair Stylist to do everything for me and all I need to do is show up. Ain’t a bad deal, right? I honestly think it was worth it and I am glad that despite my busy schedule, I took the time to really go to this bridal shoot.

aishakristine-bridal-mua-look aisha-bridal-look2

Well, what do you think?


I was very impressed with how the makeup artist, Ms. Christine Dior Valdecanas from Make Up Academy did my makeup. She’s very lovely, kind, accommodating and she was able to do a perfect job in making both of my eyes “big” as possible and in perfect shape to look at. In case you haven’t noticed yet, my right eye has a single eyelid and my left eye has double eyelid which makes one eye bigger than the other. It’s awkward especially on photos. I never really tried to bother with it since I accept myself as I am and I don’t want to bother doing anything like surgery just to enhance and beautify more of myself – it’s just too risky! I’ve always knew that makeup can do something to balance my two eyes but I find it a bit hassle and I must admit, I am not “pro” with makeup, despite how other people would think and assume.

Another plus was the part when I saw her fixing her brushes properly and cleaning each of the brushes thoroughly in every after use with clients. The products and brand of the makeup that were used are not cheap at all, I didn’t even had any skin breakout. (Yes, my skin fetish and maintenance are acting up again, lol!)

…because of this, I got so interested with the concept of makeup. As Maela Claire Simpao, the photographer of MDA have told me last July 12, 2012 at the FHM 100 Sexiest Event, makeup has its own theory and right concepts. It’s more than just copying how people do it on Youtube videos, etc.. This drive me to expand more of my knowledge with beauty and fashion. I decided to attend a class this coming Sunday and Ms. Christine will be the instructor herself at Robinsons Galleria. I’m thrilled and excited for this.. wish me luck since this is a 6 hour session inclusive of the brushes and makeup, too!


I wish my eyes will be big for good and forever, lol! I know it still has that chinita-feel and look but trust me, it’s bigger than usual, haha!

PS. Not all makeup artist I have been to can do it.. since they rely on the photographer and the angles of models itself. So yeah, I am still amazed up to this day!

This coming Sunday… Makeup Design Academy, here I come!

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  1. you are goergeous with the make up. i like the eye make up

  2. elegant and beautiful ikaw un Aish! Grabe! loooking smexy hawt sa pictorials! Very pretty! Very very nice ung pgkalagay ng make up sau. super natural lang. walang kyeme. ganda!

  3. That is interesting!
    You are so gorgoeus on your photos sweetie <3
    Love it! BTW Hyped your look*wink

  4. Dhadha (

    Pretty as always! :)

  5. ive been wanting to enroll to a make up school too. is MDA a good option? :)
    Rovie, The Bargain Doll

    • barbie

      Ms. Dior teaches in robinsons galleria. She taught me once and I learned a lot. If you want a friendly instructor and eager to share makeup ideas,go for MDA, rob galleria branch.

  6. You look so pretty Aisha! I saw the photos the other day on my Facebook newsfeed. Stunning photos and great make-up. :D

  7. You look glowing! Apart from the impressive eye make-up, your brows also look perfect! :)

  8. The make-up highlighted you features – esp you cheekbones ;)

  9. I like your bridal makeup. It’s very fresh!


  10. Bella Morcen

    Ganda ni lola!

  11. financialjerk

    you’re so pretty! :)

  12. I love it! You look so fresh and pretty.

  13. You will make a beautiful bride.

  14. You look beautiful! And love the eyes and the brows. I am not good at make-up and stuff, but I prefer more on the skin care rather than make-up. Although I do like make-up, but I get so interested in taking care of my skin more. And it is something I need to do since I am not getting any younger. LOL! Again, it is beautiful!

  15. I must say, you looked even prettier with the make up and photo angle! But of course you’re already very lovely even w/o those :)

  16. I say you are beautiful with or without make-up.:)

  17. angeline

    Why cant I see the pictures huhu

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