IBM Solutions Exams Are Available to Take

IBM offers many solution product exams for individuals interested in building their knowledge and earning a specialization. Solutions exams deal specifically with products and technologies that work to create, administrate, and effectuate solutions for common and advanced networking issues. This career pathway is one that any IT professional can take, regardless of previous career background. It requires knowledge of basic networking skills but aims to teach individuals new information. Those with some knowledge of networking solutions are especially suggested to become certified with specific products.


All IBM certifications are highly acclaimed, and these specific certifications are especially useful in providing participants with one-of-a-kind career experiences. Learning a new subject has never been easier, especially when using resources like, which equips participants with all the specific knowledge and practical understanding that is needed to be known. This field is popular with individuals who are looking to gain numerous certifications. Because each certification relates to a specific technology program, candidates who take multiple tests will become skilled in multiple technologies, therefore increasing their knowledge and chances of success in the workplace.


Whichever way you choose to learn and become certified, success is surely in your future with a solutions exam. IBM prides itself in offering so many valuable, profitable certification tests and career options to individuals who could really use them. Making a bold move with a technical certification could not be easier. Whether beginning your career or desiring to try something new, IBM has something for you.

December 26th, 2013
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29 Comments to IBM Solutions Exams Are Available to Take

  1. I believe that this is one great way for students or those who are interested to past IBM test that they can take the exam online now.

  2. If I have to work professionally here in the US, I think I may have to go back to school to frehen my rusty brain already hehehe.

  3. If you want to get certified on the field of IT, I think IBM can help

  4. The IBM Certifications can definitely upgrade your credentials.

  5. This is great information! My brother and I are both in the IT field and he’s looking into certifications right now.

  6. IBM exam is a good way to boost your IT career. I have mentioned this to my husband before bec he was a systems analyst by profession. He said, he had to freshen up on a lot of IT related aspect before he can go back to the work he used to do back in the Philippines. It will surely help him progress professionally.

  7. this is great news especially to those who wants to pursue a career in IT

  8. What a great way to freshen up on your skills-the way tech changes by the day this is almost a necessity for those in the field to keep up with the marketplace.

  9. I think IBM is great for students especially in the that type of field, or just to tighten up your skills

  10. The IT field is taking off and it makes sense that IBM, one of the industry leaders, would offer these courses.

  11. As someone whose background is in the IT world, I can say it is very important to keep your tech skills upgraded. And really, in any industry, its the life long learners who excel.

  12. It seems like the IT world is in need of some new faces! There is a lot to know about computers and new faces always tend to find the good stuff!

  13. What a great sounding course it’s nice that you can do it online and of course with IT being an ever changing world its good to be on top of it :) x

  14. sounds like the perfect path for all those looking at IT fields.

  15. Will share this information with my boyfriend, he went to school to get his IT certification.

  16. What a great test for someone in the IT field!

  17. My husband is a IT nerd he has a degree in Computer netowrking I will pass this article to him.

  18. Sounds like something someone in the IT field would be super interested in doing. Unfortunately for me I’m not but a few of my friends are. I’ll have to pass this along.

  19. With all of the technology today, a career in IT would be very beneficial for most anyone. That’s great that IBM is offering these courses!

  20. THis is great, thank you so much for sharing this. I am not in the IT field however I know a lot who are. This was really inspiring and informative.

  21. Computer based skills seem to be a nice one to keep a record these days.

  22. These are some great certifications to have in today’s competitive job market. Computers are certainly the wave of the future.

  23. Wish I could have took an IT related course..

  24. Being in the IT field needs a lot of updating and upgrade. Same with knowledge with it.

  25. Looks interesting! I’ll keep this in mind, I’m thinking of studying IT next year.

  26. Yes, its required to upgrade the skills if we want to grow in corporate ladder :)

  27. Thanks for sharing this! I’m actually beginning to study IT and I really need to pump up my resume… I’m applying to Harvard next year.. :)

  28. right now, i’m taking a few classes online. It pre-requisites for my culinary degree.

  29. I took this exam before and fortunately I passed.

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