Bubblelews makes the Headlines! Is it a TREND or just a FAD?

Throughout the years, there has always been different ways that people can earn money online. Everything is about technology now, we earn online, we shop online, we sell online and we can even watch movies, order foods and almost do anything online! Not to mention we can even date online, see each other online despite the distance from our loved ones. I wouldn’t even be surprise if a hologram comes up anytime soon already!

Blogging is one of the major ways to earn money online. There is such a thing as pay per click system as well. Some of the popular ones are Google Adsense, Nuffnang, Sponsored Entries from Direct Advertisers – having your own freelance opportunity by offering website themes, coding, graphics and layouts. Another popular one is MyLot in which you would just respond to forums, make your threads and make money out of those things. It has been up and running for all these years and we could say it has been successful as millions have tried that and have successfully cashed out big amounts of money on that website. I even know some people who were able to purchase their own automobiles and other gadgets, all thanks to money the many ways in making money online.

Through hard work and patience, you can even make more money than having a regular paying job in which you still have to pay for expenses in travel, waking up early and other external factors that your company may require.

This makes me open up another factor, as I remember a very young newly graduate lady of University of Santo Tomas (2005), working at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City had experienced unfortunate things as she travels back home to her parents one night. It’s really an eye-opener how fearsome reality and the society is right now. Though you will never escape when it’s your time to go to the other side of life – but there is such a thing called prevention, at least! Sometimes, I think working online is safer than being outside there with minimal security and protection, especially for the women.

(Read Cyrish Magalang’s Story, since April 2006 Case. Let’s pray for her Justice.)

Now, let’s get back to the real deal here. Aside from the mentioned ways to make money online, there has been a big news on another website that has its own grounds in giving everyone an opportunity to earn more – it’s Bubblews!

Bubblews is more popular to the bloggers as the concept to earn money on this website will be based on how you blog. How much likes you get, how many views, and relevant comments you receive.

It greatly has become popular as not only as it is the same as blogging, it can be treated as link building for your main blog or website. Not only that it is easier to manage as you just talk, write and say whatever you want – whatever that is on your mind.. but they don’t pay so little too. Depends on your efforts and work you can even earn more than $20 a day and if we ever convert that to the Philippine currency, that is almost 1,000 pesos. Unfortunately, yet again.. most Filipino members tend to abuse their system in making money online to the point that that Bubblews consider Filipino user accounts as spammers and they are taking to consideration of banning them in the near future, hopefully not and hopefully they would really scanned their members to who really works hard for it and to who just treats it as a game of copy and paste. Sadly, it is a negative thing again for us in the Philippines.. but even I, cannot blame Bubblews as there are indeed people who takes advantage with their system as if it is a game not a work to earn money at all. As of the moment, once caught.. they will start deleting your account before you even be able to cash out at $25.

Now, you may make another account but do take note and remember your IP Address is already recorded. Whether or not you be able to cash or not.. do take into consideration that your actions have already reached their warning or worst, black list of members already.

Here are some ways that you might want to take in consideration when you make an account and use Bubblews as a way to generate extra cash. ; )

1. Treat this website seriously as you would treat a real job. Don’t try to do anything foolish by thinking that you will be able to get away with it while earning big hard cash.

2. Do not copy paste from a random article. Make sure that whatever you blog and post about.. it legitimate and originally your own content. Any legitimate company will be against plaigarism and so does Bubblews.

3. Be smart. Don’t post comments on other people’s profile stating you have “like” and “commented” on their posts and entries – asking them to do the same. The management of Bubblews are real people not robots. They can easily see through this kind of scheme and by posting this – you are even letting them know what you are doing. It is like playing Poker and you are already giving away your cards!

4. Limit the entries and articles you post and submit. Try to send only 5 to 10 in an hour and don’t overexaggerate your syndications. Liking too much post in an hour – even when the article is useless and didn’t say much at all? Seriously? Please try to be more realistic. Also, one word comments will not do you good. First, that is literally spamming so make sure you post comments relative to the entry you have read. Yes, please read what they have shared in the article. You’d be shock to see that all they have mentioned.. was have a good day, I like this picture. It’s shocking.. and I cannot stress this enough, but the people managing Bubblews are not stupid. Please let us respect them, they are human too.

5. Using multiple accounts under one IP address is one way for them to track your actions. So don’t be alarmed if your account got deleted. Your account got deleted – it has its reasons and for whatever you may say to it.. You have violated the rules and that doesn’t change a thing.

6. Post entries and articles seriously. Things that can make sense to it. Things that people would really like and talk about. This may be online but treat it seriously. You may complain on how slow you may earn but it’s always better than to earn fast and see your account deleted the next day, don’t you think?

7. Making groups on exchanging likes and comments are both good and bad so be careful. Not everyone can put comments relative to your post also, again, Bubblews can track everyone’s actions. Thus, they can see whom you have cooperated to exchange likes and comments with. Too much of this syndications within an hour or a day will alarm them and make them investigate your account. Like what they say, too much of everything is a bad thing. So remember that balance is still the key. Regardless of this, I do think that if your content is something that will catch the attention of many.. a lot of people will still make comments and likes on your post whether you ask them to or not.

I am sure in a way or another, a lot of people will plan to exchange likes and comments.. but can you not make it too obvious? I am sure Bubblews knows this already.. but trying to making it to the point they cannot tolerate it anymore would just mean.. you won’t overboard.

8. Enjoy what you are doing and don’t treat it as a money making online scheme. It’s the best way to earn money as you love what you do and the Bubblews will love you too! ; )

Only time will tell if they will be just a fad or a trend but it will also depends on its members. I just hope everyone would keep in mind that they did not make this website as a charity to give everyone money. They have to benefit, too! Let’s not think solely of ourselves, shall we? Have fun and I am looking forward to everyone’s post and entries!

If you haven’t join Bubblews yet, JOIN UP BUBBLEWS NOW, before everyone else does! ; )

5 Comments to Bubblelews makes the Headlines! Is it a TREND or just a FAD?

  1. Deann

    Great tips beb! Ipost mo to sa Bubblews <3 :D


    • Haha! I posted it na… Hindi mabenta but, share lang… dami ko na kasi nakikita na complain… >.< Sometimes, irritating na lol =)) Nakakadegrade din sa mga Filipino kaya minsan nakakairita din, lol.

  2. I don't like Bubblews since they take up all of your blog traffic..

  3. Just heard this now. Haha but read so many negative feedbacks :<

    • Haha! Yes.. there are negative feedback – but some kasi tend to abuse it and not use it in a nice way na they could take advantage from… :) Kaya lang may negative feedback dahil dun… if people won’t be that abusive to the site, they won’t receive delete of accounts, etc… people tend to spam there, which is pretty much stupid if you’d ask me… and I think Bubblews has every right to do that to those abusers.

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