The Beauty of Our Soul


Have you ever thought about what Music is in our life? Is it just a hobby? What does it really relate in our lives? Maybe it was just me, but I have always wondered how music was able to be part of everyone’s life whether they are a kid or an adult. I am sure that everyone of us, during our younger years loved music and have tried and wish to learn how to play an instrument – if not, have sang songs from the heart.

What I actually have ended up thinking is that maybe – just maybe, music is like a window to our soul.

With music, anyone would be able to notice what our soul is like. Are we doing alright? What are we feeling? Those kinds of things, that is probably why sometimes – I felt as if.. some music and songs felt so alive. I was drawn to those kind of songs and I was rarely into music that doesn’t resonate to what I am feeling and songs that doesn’t come in line with my soul. It’s just an a hunch – a thought and a very hypothetical thing for me to conclude but that is just what I feel.

What do you guys think of music being a window to our soul? Have you really loved music, too? A lot of youngsters starts their passion with music with singing, some by playing harmonica as it’s the easiest to learn, you can even get lee oskar harmonica at musicians friend to give it a try yourself. As for me, I have aspired playing the piano, though I wasn’t able to really achieved that but I have that sense of longing to it. Plus, sometimes, when I sing.. it actually means something. It always depends what my soul is wanting to shout – what my heart is telling me – what I am feeling. Maybe I am just emphatic in that kind of way.. How about you?

January 28th, 2014
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  1. Poem could be a lyric to your music that comes from your heart; and the melody of that music makes the window of your soul.

  2. Music can really be a calming influence on us and makes things a lot livelier.

  3. I have lo=ved music since I was a kid probably because I grew up with a Lolo musician.

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