Random Thoughts: A Man of Music!


Have you ever thought of dating a man who has a passion for music?

Imagine, a man, holding on a piece of guitar as he comes over to you and dedicates a song just for you – wouldn’t you find that sweet?

Now that I think about it, I believe.. I used to want that kind of man. Someone who is in a band, who loves to sing, who can play guitar.. and who can put me to the focus of his songs. For some reason though, I never dated any man who is into music, lol. I find it truly odd when I think back to the “old” me and to how things are presently. It’s totally something my boyfriend is not but for some reason, he impresses me more than any man in the world. I guess, that is what love is all about, don’t you think so?

Last year, my cousin got married. He isn’t in a band but it was his hobby to play guitar with his siblings. During his wedding, he dedicated a song just for her bride – she cried. I think, that was really sweet! There is just something so charming of a man of music. So, if you are a man and is interesting to impress a woman – believe me, make use of your guitar skills and passion for music – you can also get a brand new guitar and save on fender t bucket 300ce at guitar center – that would be totally worth it and good to use to impress any women. Visit them at home and dedicate them a song or better yet, dedicate and play it in front of many people – that would be flattering!

My man is not fond of guitars but he does appreciate music and dedicates me song from time to time – there was even a time he sang for me, that alone made my heart melt, it was so sweet!

February 21st, 2014
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