Only those who know can see its BEAUTY.


If you have been reading my blog – then you probably knew that I have been studying on 3D Design and Animation. In our class, we have been working on a lot of furniture items such as chairs and tables – those easy stuff just because it’s main and base object is a square. I just recently realized this but we all tend to take things for granted – especially those in which we normally see on a daily basis.


Do you appreciate your furniture? That table you are using right now for your computer and laptop – the ones you are sitting in right now, those walls that protects and give shelter to your children and loved ones? There is beauty in these things that probably only the ones who made would understand – after all, they are the ones who did their best – probably working all night long to make the best of it for the ones who are going to use it – like you.


I have gotten a glimpse today of The Sustainable Asian House by Paul McGillick and Masano Kawana as the Photographer. This book has been popular in Southeast Asia, specifically Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines. The book includes representation of tropical architecture and its growing interest in traditional materials and craftsmanship. It includes an emphasis on fresh air, natural light, and spatial variety. It has also talked about how designers are considering issues such as orientation to the sun and prevailing winds to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint. There are about twenty-seven houses featured in this fascinating and stunningly photographed study which will give interest, learning and inspiration to all.

I am no architect and there might be some things I might not understand but as a student who is studying 3D designing, it’s very important to have a base on what kind of house you are going to make – their materials, the very detail how it was design and most importantly is to actually love what you will be working on. It’s not easy, it takes lots of time to even finish one design so, I personally think – wanting and loving what you do comes in first before anything else. Due to the holidays, I have been relax and haven’t been doing any practice in terms of making houses in 3D – thus, I find this book really good to use when I start doing my practices ones again. I’ve also heard from reviews that their Malaysian themed houses are to fall in love with, too!

Here’s by the way a sample that I saw in 3D Design of an Asian Modern House:


In 3D, you do everything from scratch – so again, it’s not easy. So imagine how we had to make everything from making the walls, how it should be designed and connected to each other – their materials and details including the windows, the doors, how it should be opened, even the shades and lighting as well. There is a beauty in it that probably only the ones who made it would really appreciate and understand – I am no architech but as a 3D Designer – I understood.

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  1. You are correct-I never really thought about how much thought goes into building one item-like say a couch much less an entire house! I do and have admired the artistic qualities in some–but I think I tend to notice functionality first and foremost. From now on I will be thinking about what you said when i look at lots of things!

  2. I never really realized just how much intricate thought goes into making something like this until reading your article. The 3-D design sure is amazing though.

  3. I really like the modern look of 3D design. I’ve always had unconventional tastes so I tend to lean to furniture and apparel that not everyone else likes.

  4. 3D design is really an amazing technology,those who are into this field of 3D designing can realize how hard it is to make something from just a scratch.

  5. Amanda

    It is true with so many things that we do not appreciate what goes into making them. I love the more modern, eclectic pieces too.

  6. interesting way to connect your class and something so practical. when i was young i’d always draw “blue prints” – i’m still young…ish :)

  7. I used to work at a furniture store and have been on several factory tours, so I do know how much goes into making just one piece. Thanks for the reminder.

  8. You are so right… I do take everything for granted. I have never thought about the process of making things like my furniture, bed etc. Although, If my bed wasn’t so comfortable, I would be the first one complaining about the way it was made.

  9. Wow that house is amazing I wouldn’t have an idea of where to start – but you are right I do so often take things for granted. x

  10. It is true that we don’t appreciate all the time it takes to make and design items we use on a regular basis. I have several pieces of hand carved antique furniture and I can only imagine how much time they took to design.

  11. I take so much for granted and don’t stop to look often. That is how times flies so fast and we never realize it. This house is beautiful. Thank you for shifting my thinking a little today.

  12. 3D dimension is very nice to know out from the picture you can make it so real to look like.

  13. Thanks for the reminder! It’s so easy to just take everything for granted – especially if you’ve never had to be without.

  14. That modern house would be so neat to live in, functional yet very stylish.

  15. My oldest son would love this, he loves anything with building and design. I love seeing all the different lines of buildings. It is so great what we can do with computers now.

  16. I love that open space!

  17. each of those items in our home are made with love + carefully-laid-out plans, that is why i really appreciate them, especially with the way they make lives easier.

  18. If you are planning to build and design your own house, it is important to know what and how you want it to look like. I tried designing my future house and I couldnt even start because I don’t have any knowledge in designing.

  19. 3-D Designs makes structures better appreciated.

  20. I like your rendition of the Asian house. It’s my type of house actually. If you don’t mind my asking, which school are you in? My daughter wants to take up Multimedia arts with a bit of animation. I hope you don’t mind letting me know. Thanks!

  21. My nephew does some 3D designing for his contracting business. He has offered to do my kitchen for me before we actually do the remodel so we can have a better idea.

  22. LOVE the look of the home.. and with 3D makes it easy to see what the house will look like when you are done.. totally love it…

  23. katherine

    That really is a very stylish house. It’s so beautiful too!

  24. My daughter does animation and this makes me appreciate her talent and skills even more. I have a new respect for art and how it’s created.

  25. Oh my! I do appreciate everything that I see because I know there’s a lot of work involved in making each item.

  26. 3D design of the Asian house is great and I am sure even though it looks simple, there is a lot of work put into it.

  27. I love the modern setting of the living room.

  28. YOU ARE right, you can actually see the real beauty if you have the 3D dimension.

  29. I think it would be better to present your designs in 3D for clients to see the structure better.

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