No matter what happens, MUSIC can SAVE YOU.

Whether you are happy, sad – feeling bored and gloomy everyone wants to listen to music. It’s either music or watching movies we relate to. Personally, whenever I am sad I tend to watch anime. It may seem weird but I really do, I would tend to watch anime the whole day – just so I can laugh and laugh until I get tired of it. My boyfriend never understood the idea of me watching anime at this time and age but I just can’t help it – it has become a part of my habit and as you all know, there are just some habits that are hard to break.


I recently have watched this anime called, K-On – it’s about a bunch of high school girls meeting up on school, having a music club and going on band performances – hoping they would be professionals in the future, too. It wasn’t boring as you really get to learn more about their friendship development, their skills and performances with their instruments – all about their bond with friends and music, plus a bit of fashion every now and then, too. The anime comes in two seasons and there are times, I just can’t stop laughing. I actually like the music they have too. It’s light and fun, plus.. even if you are depress – you will definitely smile.


Sometimes, you can’t sulk when you are depress. Listening to music or watching movies and films you like or things that will make you laugh will definitely help. Ofcourse, hanging out with friends and venting out your feelings and stress are some of the most effective ways to release those negativity and eventually feel better. As for me, K-On is one of those anime that made me laugh and cry but at the end of day, made me feel satisfied and happy, too.


I saw this figurine on the net and really find it cute. It’s Ritsu from K-On, a boyish type of woman but also sensitive like a young lady inside. She’s the drummer. I think guitars are cute but I also feel that drumming is sexy, don’t you think so? Instruments are really lovely and I hope one day I can focus my time to study on them. I might as well get my own pearl marching drum harnesses on the net in the process, as a practice, don’t you think?

December 28th, 2013
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