My Trip Outside the Philippines!

I am the type of person who doesn’t like to travel – at all, honestly. It’s quite a hassle for me. I like Philippines and prefer to stay here as much as possible. A lot of people wants to be out of the country for mostly the same reasons – they see the bad side of it. Personally, not just Philippines itself.. but to anyone or anything else, once you focus on the bad things it has, everything expands and you will be filled with bad things to tell about that country, person, lover, friend, family, and etc!

Wouldn’t you agree?

Singapore Orchard Road

Yes, you are right. I went to Singapore these few days.
NOTE: Very personal blog post ahead.

It was all due to my boyfriend who was in Singapore all this time. Few months ago, he was ranting on.. if our relationship will just work whenever he visits the country, etc. That we needed to see each other to have lesser misunderstandings and arguments – more love. We just needed to see each other, he says.

He never tells or asks me for anything at all – that was the first time. I really gave myself quite some time to think about it. There were times our relationship just went in jeopardy for many reasons…

I guess, like my friend told me.. “You have changed. It was last year when you said you will NEVER go to Singapore and yet look at you now, you are going to Singapore. I think, that says a lot on how your feelings grew for that person.”

She was right. I thought about it and I think that is how much I love this man.
Despite the fact of being in an LDR + some other complications… I’ve taken that risked to go to another country alone.

You see, the last time I went abroad was when I was still a kid. That was many years way back and I was with my parents during that time but on this decision that I made, I went alone. My mom even tells my friends how shocking it was for her when I decided to go alone – I never went to any place alone.

To be honest, I am quite proud of myself that I did travel alone. Not just because of my relationship with my boyfriend but also due to personal reasons. I am glad I made this trip. It’s seeing a new world outside of Philippines. It’s seeing a new side of the world, which is really nice and worth it.

Now, there are quite a few things I have realised during this trip.

1. Singapore is very beautiful. It is similar to the Philippines in some ways… but the scenery, the transport, the people, technology and security is incomparable. Walking late at night even made me felt safe, too!

2. You definitely would need some sneakers or flip-flops if you plan to stay in Singapore for quite some time. So much walking just by going to the MRT station – going shopping and mostly, anywhere actually. Even when you are inside the mall – each store are so big to the point reaching the food court area made me felt as if I first had some 30 minutes of treadmill session at the gym before being able to grab a bite! It’s tiring but I also felt if I stayed in Singapore – I’ll probably lose a lot of weight, lol!

That is actually what I like to countries abroad. They don’t always make it easy for the people in terms of transportation. Thus, they do not indulge their people to be lazy.

(You know what I mean? Not too many elevators nor escalators each and every time. They encourage people to be physically active and move their body. It’s good for the health, y’know! Sometimes, I wish the government in the Philippines would implement that, too.)

3. The best gift anyone could really give you is their time. It’s something you can never give back to them. It made me feel happy when my boyfriend gave me his time. He mostly had no sleep since he’s on a night shift. He goes straight to me – still trying to please me in many ways. I often would complain at times, but I treasure everything he has done for me. Especially during my stay in Singapore. For some odd reason, every time he mentions that it was the first time he got tired from doing some malling – made me feel happy in one way or another. Or maybe because even if he is tired and complaining – he still does it for me, anyway, lol. I honestly think.. that was really sweet of him.

4. Sales associates are definitely good in selling their products and services! Nothing would compare them to the people here in Manila. I’d definitely give them a 5 star rating for their customer service!

5. There were so much personal realisations but one of the biggest ones is to know that nothing is ever set in stone. Things will continue to change so you do not need to always care what other people will say. Sometimes, all you got to do.. is to do what makes you happy. Everything has a risk and all you need at the end of the day is a dose of hope and faith. Then, you’re good to go!

My boyfriend was right. I tend to always be sure of things. I always tend to say I am a risk taker and an impulsive woman but there are times… when I always want to be sure of things. I guess thanks to this trip and thanks to my boyfriend.. I’ve opened my eyes to so much possibilities out there. I’m thankful for the experience and everything else.

Anyway, enough of my personal life. Stay tuned to my next entries in the next few days!
I’ll be blogging about some of the things I discovered and brought from Singapore!

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  1. I guess it’s a good thing to travel, it broadens one’s experience and thought too, don’t limit yourself, travel more often!

  2. aww! ang sweet naman! :) Kahit di ko kilala sino yan, or siya padin ba? haha joke. Parang isa lang naman ata kilala kong naging chorva mo :)) I have never been outside the Philippines as well.. Bora nga di ko pa napupuntahan, next year palang kasi napilitan ako lol. Anywhoo.. maiisip mo, parang, totoo nga – na you’ll just do almost anything for the person you truly love. Malaking effort yang ginawa mo, considering na hindi ka mahilig mag travel (like me, lol, katamad diba? XD) <3 LDR will definitely work if both sides will give efforts, trust, and faith. :) Just keep the fire burning! ;) More about personal life please, hahaha ~

    Btw, hindi ito for comment exchange, gusto ko lang mag basa basa ng blogs ngayon kasi online stuff na work ko hihi.

    • Hi Mara!

      Where do you work now? :)
      Haha! It’s hard to say here online, lol! He’s definitely the sweetest person I know! (I would doubt he knew I think of him that way because he would always complain how demanding I am – Well, I am.. but I still appreciated everything he does for me – tons!) Yes, nakakatamad. Nun una, super ayoko talaga. Waste of money and time. Hassle. LOL! True. Lately, I have realised how LDR seems so hard but whenever everything works out… it seems so fulfilling. Minsan nga, I think LDR is great so we can both focus to our other priorities while still loving each other all at the same time. I wish I can talk more about him to other people though lol.. Maybe if we ever meet or anything. I’ll tell all about him to you, haha! Rare nga ako mag post ng personal life blog entry, haha di ako sanay. It’s like sharing a secret to the whole world, kaloka! :))

      • hahahaha!! Well, if ever you have time, do chat me kahit sa FB! Feeling ko super busy ka kasi kaya nahiya ako magchat sayo :)) Dati nag cha-chat tayo sa YM (ata yun) LOL

        I work at my friend’s new startup company. An online dating app/site. Marketing ako, kaya puro ako internet ngayon. :)

        Why you no post pictures with him? Gosh. So secretive! :)) Kidding! Tama, para focus sa priorities. But sometimes when you’re with him, parang gusto mo pa talaga mag spend more time kasama siya. Eh kayo super layo niyo pa O.o Dibale, onting tiis para sa future. hihi <3 Yes please, make kwento next time if ever we meet each other or chat on FB (I feel that you're a very busy person). :)

        Basta happy kayo, go lang ng go para no regrets! :)

  3. lovely post sis! i lived in Singapore for 5 years. Now living in MY though riding a bus occasionally to go back in SG to visit friends. indeed singapore is awesome referring to transportations which I really love.

    • Hi Jane!

      I would definitely agree. Transportation in SG is very easy – though bit pricy at times, lol!

  4. We really have to risk and sacrifice for the sake of love, right? And I know that feeling for I’ve done things I’ve never expect I’ll do, just for my relationship and in the end, I’m thankful I did it. Sometimes, we really have to do something beyond our expectation before we could see its importance.

    It’s really different in other countries. Very different from our country. I’ve never been to SG or in any other countries, but the mere fact of seeing the places or reading blog posts like this, we somehow have the thinking that other countries are better than the Philippines. But travelling around the Philippines is not bad too, we have a lot of tourist destinations here. :)

    I’ll wait for your next post about SG! :))

    • So true.
      I’d say that Philippines has its own beauty as well.
      It’s just that most people focus on the bad side of it.

      Like I said, when you see and focus yourself on its bad side – it expands and all you’ll see are the negative side to it.
      We have lots of tourist for a reason, right? :)

  5. Traveling alone is an adventure! Good thing you managed it. hehe. Singapore is indeed a beautiful place. Haven’t been there though, hopefully, someday. :) Your boyfriend must have been really happy that you paid him a visit at ang sweet naman niya na kahit pagod na, sasamahan at pupuntahan ka pa rin niya. :)

    • Yes, he is really the sweetest person I know! <3

      Yes, sa totoo lang.. awang awa na nga ako whenever I see him.
      Yet at the same time.. I also feel sad kasi sinasamahan nga niya ako.. but look at him – dead tired.

      So far so good.. because he said in my own way.. I was able to make him happy and pamper him, too! :)

  6. Its so nice to hear you guys had a great time together. I love singapore and Im looking forward to my singapore visit in the coming months.

  7. What a good read! Grabeh i feel you. I love your realizations, way to go! Good luck on both of you! LDR is reslly hard me.

  8. Awww!!! Sweet! I want to see your pictures both together. LDR is really hard, but no matter how far you are to him or vice versa, when you really love each other, then love will find time no matter what. Just look at you, even if you don’t want to go out of the country, he’ll go to you and this time, you went to him. Aww… so sweet!

  9. I guess, if saan tayo nasanay dun tayo. Unlike me. I would love to work in Manila but not totally stay kasi ang mahal ng lahat haha kaya I thank the Lord after Bagyong Maring, I went home na! haha

    Travelling alone is kinda achievement. I felt that na! Ang sarap ng feeling lalo na pag hindi ka naloko and all noh.

    Singapore is really beautiful though hindi pa ako nakapunta dyan but my boyfriend did na. That’s why I know how beautiful the place. Agree ako sa healthy lifestyle nila. Sana nga ganun sa pinas. Less lazy people haha

    I could’t agree more about giving you time to anyone. You can’t take it back eh. Once they gave their time it’s all because we’re important.

    anyhow I’ll end my comment na. Mukhang nagdradrama na ako haha novela! :D

  10. I have not set foot in Singapore but I really hope I could travel there when I can. I am glad that you have tried to travel alone, kasi madami ka matututunan at malalaman :) I have traveled abroad alone too, and I have met a lot of friends and tried a lot of things ;)

  11. It’s nice to hear that you both are striving hard to make your LDR work. Looking forward to your posts about Singapore. This is the first destination on my kids’ travel bucket list. :-)

  12. For the name/sake of LOVE, we will conquer even the things we couldn’t think we can do..

  13. I love to travel. I have worked in a multinational company and I’ve met very interesting people. They are the ones who actually inspired me to learn more about each country especially the ones they are from. It is lovely. The diverse culture and food. It was a beautiful learning experience. I cannot wait to travel more.

  14. Ako naman I like to travel but moolah is tight for this year. I was so jealous of my youngest brother (with his family) and father because they went there this September. We’re trapped with the school schedule of our little girl.

  15. That’s good to hear you see outside your comfort zone. Singapore is a nice place, am sure it would not be your last trip, it’s just a beginning and there would be next trip.

  16. I never realized everything of how wonderful Philippines is until i moved into a different country, we say they have great amounts of opportunity but the values never exists anymore. if i always to be choose is to be in the Philippines

  17. What??? Ayaw mo magtravel? hehehe, enjoy traveling while you are still young and no kids yet.

  18. Franc

    Relationships take compromise and sacrifice so it was a good move to visit your boyfriend in Singapore and spend some quality time together.

  19. Strange but I hate traveling too…Congrats on traveling on your own! I bet you had a great time

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