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Music has always been a part of each of everyone’s lives. I am not an avid fan of any music in general – not a self-proclaimed music lover either, but depending on my mood and on the lyrics of the music – I tend to be really drawn to some songs. I guess, most of the time, it’s not just the music – it’s the song – it’s the lyrics – it’s what inside the heart that actually truly matters to me.

One of my favorite songs – like really one of my favorites – I could never get enough of it – like really!

.. Is a Music Cover by AJ Rafael and Jenny Suk – 1234 Best I Ever Had. They combined Plain white T’s (on 1234) and Drake’s Music (Best I Ever Had) in one Ukelele Setting. Listen up! It’s worth it! The first time I listened to this song – I fell in love with it. Take note though, I didn’t like how the song was made by the original artists but I was drawn to it when AJ and Jenny made a Music Cover – it just had a different feel to it – much loving, too. The moment they started singing – I instantly had my boyfriend on my mind the entire time.

I guess this is also one of the reasons why I am not very into the “new” release songs as of lately. Its filled with senseless lyrics, full of rap and crap most of the time, lol. I am more into love songs because of the lyrics and meaning to it – depending how I can relate to it as well. At the very least, this is how I choose my music – how about you?

PS. Did you see AJ using a ukelele on this Music Cover? It’s so cute! I’m planning to get one for myself, a ukulele electric at guitar center – very handy, I’d say!

February 18th, 2014
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  1. Same here, I am not a music lover, I just hope my daughter could sing coz I have a terrible voice. lol

  2. I still would go for the timeless hits as they get remake even after several generations.

  3. I am with you sis, I am more into love songs rather than those songs with so much profanity. I love this one of AJ Rafael, I’ve seen many of his videos on Youtube.

  4. You still love this music and totally nice to hear every now and then. Awesome indeed!

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