Men also Loves to Look Good!


In this time and age, I honestly believe that most men care about fashion in their own way, too. It’s not that they are considered gay or anything – they are just probably obsessed to wanting to look good. At the very least, my boyfriend is never particular with cleaning and all that but when it comes to the things he wears, the bags and all items involve him using – especially in public, he wants to look good.

It’s funny that he even tries to look good even at home. When he is at work he would really dress to impress as if he is on a date. Whenever he calls me up on Skype I can even see what his co-workers wears and what he is wearing – that long sleeved black jacket and a shirt to pair, plus some shades whenever he fools around with me – just having fun even at work. Rarely though, when he is not busy ofcourse, hehe.. So you see, based on personal experience, I believe most men really cares about how they look. They love to look good as much as we do, too!

Now that February is here, what do you plan to give to your man? Whether he is your boyfriend or husband – or probably for just a sweet and good friend!

I know most people who would stick to giving material gifts like gadgets but last year, I actually gave my boyfriend some fashion goodies like men’s clothing. Since we were both at Singapore at that time, we went shopping at Zara. It was fun because I get to choose what outfit suits him – I get to even look after he made some fitting, it was really fun and exciting, plus it creates bonding moments, too! I suggest you guys give it a try – especially if your man is obviously someone who knows what to wear as that is a big hint that he would enjoy that kind of bonding situation.

If your boyfriend or husband is into music and has his own instrument like guitars, why not give him a brand new electric guitar bags at Musicians Friend, right? I personally super like giving gifts that my man already wanted – that way they will appreciate and treasure it more, both the gift and me, ofcourse, haha!

Anyway, I will be sharing more about gift ideas to your loved ones for Valentines Day soon – so stay tune for that!

January 16th, 2014
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  1. I think everyone at their core loves to look good. It definitely can be fun picking out clothes for your partner!

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