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red tulips in modern living room - home decor

To be honest, I am not very creative unlike most people that I know but every year – specifically, every Chinese New Year, we always tend to redecorate everything in our house – all based on Feng Shui and all that. Believe me, each and every time I had to redecorate my room, I always tend to have a hard time. I would spend hours and days just checking the blueprint of my room – finding the right colors that brings luck in each area of the room as it changes every year, studying everything I need to know for the incoming year.

PS. Now, you don’t need to believe in Feng Shui or anything or sort – but I just want to clear out that Feng Shui is not a suspicious belief like most people think as it’s all about energies and science at work and this has been proven as well. It’s also not a religious belief or anything. So please do refrain from talking about your own beliefs as this won’t be the topic of this blog post at all. It’s all about home decoration – so, let’s stick to that, shall we?


I do tend to search a lot of inspirations on the internet. I don’t know about you but finding an inspiration and really applying that to my room makes it so hard for me. I just can’t seem to do it the way I wanted to – because of the lack of materials thus, I just had to improvised on what I currently have.

So far – moving the furnitures from one place to another did make a big change in my room. I do love how my room looks right now than before. It’s much cleaner and the energy vibes feels good, too. It’s just that sometimes, I wish it could look much better like how I see home decorations on the internet. There are just some times when I feel I don’t just need to just check the home decoration itself but I need to be practical with what I do to my room, too – including the materials and textures that I used for home decors.


Right now, I am thinking of reading more about textures and design. So, I’m going to do some studying and reading on this new book that I found online: Oriental Rugs: An Illustrated Lexicon of Motifs, Materials, and Origin. I love rugs and I believe they add an atmosphere to the room. I have been hesitant to get one because I kept thinking of how it will suit my room, plus how should I be cleaning it and all that. My mom kept reminding me on how it’s not easy as well. So, hopefully getting this book and reading more about it will help me learn more about how to handle rugs – more about what texture and design is good to use as well. They have a lot of illustrations for inspiration, too – which is totally perfect.

Maybe I can show off my room next time when I feel that it’s already worth posting on my blog. To any home decoration expert out there reading this blog or to those who are passionate with their home designing, feel free to give me some tips and guidelines with interior and home decoration – preferably for the bedroom area.

I had troubles with finding a good bed cover – how the pillows should be – what bedside table works – what to put in those tables and all that. I like my room clean and yet have a romantic kind of feeling to it. What about you – what kind of bedroom do you have and if you ever want to change it – what kind of bedroom would you like it to be?

Do you also fancy rugs or carpets as much as I do?

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  1. I left the decorating of my apartment to my Mom originally–she is an artist and really does have an eye for this type of thing-I on the other hand have a great eye for color combos! My bedroom could use a little sprucing up also–

  2. A nice rug can really change the whole look of a room. I have been wanting to get one for my dining room for a while now.

  3. I do believe in Feng Shui, but I have no idea how to make my home have that flow that it needs. I have read about it but still don’t understand.

  4. I think it’s really neat that you decorate according to Feng Shui for Chinese New Year. Wow, that is a gorgeous room! It is definitely very inviting!

  5. I am going to bookmark your page. I am learning about decorating as I have never been good at it.

  6. I am a big believer in Feng Shui and how it can change the energy levels for the better inside a home. My Dad is a builder so that’how I learned about Feng Shui. Great post here. Love the interiors :)

  7. Those photos are amazing! I love finding inspiration online, too.

  8. wow gorgeous living room looks like what my dream room would almost look like if i had any design ability

  9. The room you put up as an example is so soothing, and inviting. I’d feel right at home in it, and would love to have that as a room in my home.

    Good luck w/your redecorating. If you do decide to post the results, that would be awesome! :)

  10. The interior of that room is so immaculate! I love the bright colors in the walls and ceilings.

  11. I love redecorating and would move my apartment around all the time. Best tip is to start with a simple change like color or pattern. Once you start it’s easier to continue changing things

  12. Let’s do! lol. I love those rooms and neat rugs.

  13. I recently changed my rug and it changed the entire look of my living room. My hubs loves to redecorate our cottage, so I usually leave it up to him.

  14. Wow!! I love the color and the aesthetics used in the look. I’m a huge fan of rugs so this is great info for me.

  15. I’m with you when it comes to being creative … I am so lacking and it seems so many bloggers have it! This is a neat idea though and I hadn’t really ever heard of it before though. But changing up things in your house each new year would just make the whole new year experience “feel” more like a fresh start. I love those images you share … hope you are able to think of ways to apply looks you like!

  16. I like redecorating…a rug can make such a big difference in how the room looks!

  17. I love throw rugs but my allergies are monstrous so I’d have to figure out how to have one & not suffer at the same time. I really need to do a bit of redecorating too, it’s been too long with the same old stuff in the same old position.

  18. Sometimes I have the hardest time Decorating a room. I always have one vision in my head – and it never seems to work out as well in life. I have been watching a lot of home improvement shows – and Ive gotten a lot of ideas from that.

  19. I love redecorating. I’m always moving things around trying to get things the way I want them to look. I always have the idea in my head but sometimes it doesn’t quite work out the way I want it to. As for my bedroom I like my room to be sparse so I can have room to move around.

  20. I have never used Feng Shui but I think it is really interesting. I really am looking forward to redoing our bedroom. Right now it just isn’t me at all. I want to redecorate by repurposing old items and giving it a very shabby chic type look.

  21. You have a natural affinity for design. It comes easy to you and that might be why you think you don’t have top skills… Keep on learning and sharing. Love your taste.

  22. In this day and age, typical homeowners do not need to hire professional interior designers to design a home. They can just refer to web articles’ recommendations and get inspired with the featured setups. I’m excited to see what your room looks like. :)

  23. don’t had so much knowledge about Feng Shui before but heard it’s quite scientific,today I got that,thanks to you.

  24. I also believe in Feng Shui but I haven’t tried it yet. I know there’s no harm in trying and I want to try it soon.

  25. i am following some of the Feng Shui practices, i have a Chinese friend who is a Feng Shui master, he is the one who teaches and helps me redecorate and cleanse the house of negative energy yearly :)

  26. I’m kind of creative so I love making DIY projects and decorating our house. Yes, rugs are very helpful in transforming a room.

  27. I really love your photo selections and quality, can’t wait to see your room design, best to post the before and after photo

  28. Self interest and professional guidance helps to get better design.

  29. My only idea of a good bedroom design is clutter-free. And now that I’ve googled it, it’s also feng shui-recommended. :D

  30. i love this designs , naghhanap rin ako now ng mggandang interiors para sa new house nmin pag balik ng pinas :) thanks for sharing..

  31. i love redecorating! haha as it probably shows in my blog posts and such. but really, it’s just so refreshing! i love moving things around and looking at something “new.” hehe

  32. I’m not into decorating houses or rooms and don’t believe in feng shui. But I love to have a house as beautiful as this one. Maybe one day I’ll have this interest in furniture hehehe and rearranging them. thanks for sharing. something new that I read

  33. how i wish i had my own room!! This would be nice to have <3 I bet it'd also take me hours re-arranging stuff XD

  34. That setting in you0r photos is a lu0xurus one! I can only wish!

  35. this is why i want to have my very own room – it must be fun organizing your room the way you want to! I’ve always wanted to try this. Maybe, some day soon =)

  36. I don’t use large rugs or carpets at home. It’s hard to clean and prone to dust. Whenever I go to the mall or do online shop I always visit furniture shops that way I am learning new designs, even interior designs that I can use in my home.

  37. I love decorating my room. I currently have 3 projects to complete this year and one of them is a storage for my books. I tried to put a carpet in my room too but it’s too much work because I have to remove dust almost every day. I have my windows open all the time therefore, all dusts from outside is getting in my room too. That’s why I gave up putting carpet.

  38. Interior decorating is something that I wish I have expertise with.

  39. That would be nice to look forward to. We’ll be waiting for your room’s new look. :)

  40. That’s so upscale. I wish I can have that house.If I could.

  41. Creativeness plays a vital role in home decors. There are faux painting and other ideas to be used.

  42. love that design. i always dream of having a beautiful home,

  43. I’m looking forward to your room after you applied some of the concepts on interior design. Feng Shui involves bringing in the energy than the superstitious beliefs.

    • I agree. I actually feel frustrated when someone says – “I don’t believe in Feng Shui and all that” – it’s not a religion for you to believe in – it’s a fact proven by science, lol. It’s more a balance of energy not a superstitious belief!

  44. I think I should also do my share of redecorating.

  45. I felt you as decorating the house, the rooms is very challenging for me. It seems that I don’t have any good ideas when it comes to this matter. Good thing there is internet where I can get some ideas.

  46. i can’t wait to see your newly-decorated room:) for me, we don’t have spacious bedroom and we’re just contented to have a bed and bookshelves:)

  47. Interior design is one of the things I would like to learn. Thanks to my mom who has the talent on it, because she teaches me about it.

  48. I believe in Feng Shui and I really want to know more about it. I just browse around the internet and make a few changes at home.

  49. I’m not into improving houses or rooms and don’t have confidence in feng shui. Yet I want to have a house as lovely as this one. Possibly one day I’ll have this enthusiasm toward furniture hehehe and improving them. much obliged concerning offering. something new that I read

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