In a Slump!


Have you ever been on a slump?

– To fall or sink heavily; collapse: She slumped, exhausted, onto the sofa.
– To droop, as in sitting or standing; slouch.
– To decline suddenly; fall off: (ex. Business slumped after the holidays.)
– To perform poorly or inadequately: (ex. The team has been slumping for a month.)
– The act or an instance of slumping.
– A drooping or slouching posture
– A sudden falling off or decline, as in activity, prices, or business
– An extended period of poor performance, especially in a sport or competitive activity

To be honest, I am in a slump lately.

Sometimes being in a slump has its own reasons. It can happen to anyone in any situation or occasion especially when we encounter frustrating situations. We tend to doubt things, doubt ourselves – many reasons, really. Being in a slump varies with your career, sports, studies and even in your personal life. It’s really not an easy thing to deal with as it makes you feel stuck and confused with everything and sometimes, even with yourself. Either way, one thing I am very sure of is that being in a slump would mean you have been building a lot of stress and frustrations to the point you yourself can’t handle it anymore. All you can ever do is stop everything – relax and try to enjoy life. It all comes down to having a spark or inspiration to keep yourself going again. It’s more of an internal experience, really.. because only you yourself will be the only one who can overcome it.

As for me, I am still not over it. I’m trying my best to get out of the slump that I’m at. I am not even sure why I have been in a slump. It’s complicated to explain. Maybe because I don’t have a goal or inspiration to work on – when nothing keeps you going, it can be quite hard especially for me who is driven by challenge. So when there is no challenge… I find myself being in a slump and I just want to stop doing anything. Challenge keeps us going but then again, the challenge must be something you want right? But what if I don’t find something that I want? Sigh.. That is what I have been working on.

Not everyone knows it yet but I went back to school. I’m studying 3D Animation this October 2013 at CIIT Philippine Multimedia, Digital Art and IT School. To be honest, at the moment this is what is keeping me going. I’ve always love tweaking the computer even though I am not good at it. I really suck at anything computer related. There would be times I would mess everything up even with my own website. It’s quite a hassle to some of my colleague who tries to fix my website to help me. Then again, I love what I do. I suck at it but I love it.

It actually made me realised what I wanted to do when I was in high school. I’m actually the quiet type during those days not because I am obedient or someone who studies hard. In fact, I don’t. During class I would write fan fiction stories or short novels for my own satisfaction. Whenever I see my classmates reading it and having fun with it than focusing on class – it gave me a sense of fulfilment.

Everyone actually thought I was going for journalism for college. Unfortunately, I made quite a mess with college. I went from one courses to another. I had a slump at that time too. I don’t think I have overcome that slump ’till now that I think about it.

I took college because it was the obvious thing to do – not because I wanted it nor inspired with working and being in the real world. I doubted myself since that time. What made it really worst is the fact, I felt I can do anything no matter what occupation it may be. I tried different things – I’m good at it. I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging but it didn’t really do good for me.. simply because I wasn’t really passionate with the things I’ve done. I just hated losing.

So aside from going with the flow of life and bumming around for a week or so.. I found myself going back like I did way back in high chool. Actually, not stories. There was something I honestly realised way back.. I am good at making stories but I can’t seem to end them. Plus, I’ve always wanted to make a manga out of it, too. Unfortunately, it was then that I realised no matter what stories I make, I can never do it. I don’t really have any drawing skills. I don’t understand art that well, too.

Before making any stories, it was crystal clear to me that I need to learn and develop other skills first – like drawing, digital art, coding, programming and many more. It’s hard and it could be impossible to do alone but it’s always a start. In fact, I haven’t been so excited in going back to school like I feel right now. I’m not sure if I have gotten out of the slump that I had.. but I am trying. Every day, I am trying my best.

Yesterday, I drew this anime girl portrait – it’s not that nice and perfect or anything but honestly, this is the best that I did so far (believe me, my other drawings are far worst, lol!). Not perfect but somehow, it gave me satisfaction and a drive to try even harder.


Honestly, I told myself that after honing my drawing and digital art skills, I want to at least make a game out of it. Even just a mini game would do. Right now, it’s the one thing I one more than anything else! I guess in my own pace and in my own way.. I am slowly getting out of the slump I got myself into, right? *wink*

PS. I’ve posted this on my Deviantart. Feel free to comment or anything when you have the time!

October 13th, 2013
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  1. That picture is not bad–it is actually quite good. Yes, slumps are terribly difficult to pull yourself out of. Once you start college again (and I also went back and forth to more colleges then I can remember before I finally found what I really wanted) you will start to feel better and more energized.

  2. I think you did pretty darn good with that drawing. I draw stick figures. Speaking of being in a slump, My Hubs gets there sometimes and I keep telling him he needs to find a hobby. Your interest in drawing sounds like a great way to get you out of your slump.

  3. your drawing is great.The main thing is you find what you are happy with and what is right for you and the slump will go,but life is full of them to be honest you just have to work your way through :-)

  4. i used to draw just like this! heehee. I wish I can take up anything related to drawing too it was my first passion and then computers. so, you better do your best! many people would like to be in your place :) I’m sure in the end it will be all worth as well since like you said, computers are your thing though you may not be an for drawing, you’ll get better just keep watching anime and reading manga! I admit i’ve stopped too and have been stuck on drawing chibi drawings lol plus, I don’t have no talent in coloring thus, end my drawing career. and when you feel in a slump…watch more anime. HAHAHAHAHA. Really it keeps me when I can’t do anything right and feel uninspired. And to tell you the truth, you are one of the people I admire for all your achievements here in blogging :) Keep it up bebi!!

  5. I had to kick my own butt outta a slump just last week. It was hard. And the picture that you drew is better than anything I would have been able to do.

  6. Getting in slumps is difficult and even more difficult to get out. Sometimes it takes a change of scenery maybe try something new. Your drawing is good, perhaps pursue that as a hobby.

  7. My daughter is into drawing and anything graphic related stuff. She’s going to purse graphic designing and hopefully, get to do animation as well as she loves drawing manga.

    Don’t worry, I think everyone goes through a period in life where they are unsure and lost. I’ve been there too. I took up MassComm only to back out because I realized I had a great fear of public speaking and going up the stage. I shifted three times until I found my calling in International Studies because I love to travel a lot. So there, my passion blossomed rather late with many unexpected results but I don’t regret for a minute the decisions I’ve made.

    You’ll find your calling and if it’s drawing or animation, follow your heart and go for it. :)

    And yup, we all have slump moments. I took a backseat in card-making for a year. It was the longest time for me to go blank on something. I’m glad it’s back.

  8. Ugh, I’m so feeling you right now. I’m in a slump as well. What’s hard is everything is going great, so my slump is somewhere in my head or heart.

    Your drawing is amazing and lovely.I bet it’s the stress that is driving you to be in a slump. Just hold on, you can do it, you can make it out of this slump. Wonderful things are in front of you?

  9. I totally feel you on the slump thing! I haven’t been able to get anything done lately. It’s hard to focus on just one thing. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Oh my gosh, yes. I hit those walls periodically and have to fight to work myself out of the slump. Usually it means that I’m doing too much of the same thing and I’m bored so I try to change it up and do something more exciting!

  11. I think you did well with the drawing – I cannot draw to save my life honestly I know what I want to draw can see it in my minds eye but it comes out looking like a mud slide lol x

  12. Oh goodness, I have spent a lot of time in a slump lately! The anime picture you drew is very good too!

  13. I can totally relate to being in a slump. I think with all of the daily pressures and stresses of life it is inevitable to get into a slump from time to time. During those times, however, I think it is important to make sure that one focuses on the positives in his or her life.

  14. I’m in a slump too! It’s hard to get out of the slumps too! Struggling really hard this week.
    Your drawing is pretty awesome! Much more than I could do.

  15. Yes slumps can be a big downer. I find myself their often actually, but I try to come out of it as fast as I can. I love 3D Animation How Cool! The animating I do is all self taught. I wish I could go to school for something cool like that though!

  16. I feel your pain about being in a slump. That happens to me as well from time to time. I have to change my routine or just take some quality time for myself. We often forget that we have to take care of ourselves when we are caught up taking care of others or trying to accomplich too much at one time.

  17. Anita Breeze

    I think we all experience a slump one or more times in our lives. You’re young, you don’t have to figure it all out today! I’m over 50 and I still sometimes wonder what I should do with my life!

  18. I love your drawing. My daughter used to be really into Anime and drew quite a bit. I am always most critical of the eyes n a drawing and your look great! As for slumps, I know what you are talking about. I have been there more than a few times. Chin up :)

  19. I think today has been a slump day for me! I pushed through it and hope to have a relaxing evening reading a book. I know I will feel better tomorrow! This is a great post and I love the sketch!

  20. OMG… I can totally relate and it’s not a fun feeling…. the picture turned out REALLY good… I’m impressed… Thanks for sharing

  21. I think that you are already good at it, you are just being hard to yourself. Keep it up!

  22. your artwork is amazingly great even if you’re in slump

  23. I totally love the stock photo you used for a slump. That’s hilarious!

  24. LOL… All I can say is been there… done that. Now that I have a family and my own kids I really appreciate the value of education. I’m actually going back to school too when time permits.

  25. You did a wonderful job on that anime girl. I also find drawing or sketching a way of getting out of my down moments. There are also other ways to cheer us up or even help us get through tough situations. The first photo reminded me of how I react on embarrassing or difficult days.

  26. I think that drawing is fabulous, and a mini game sounds fun! We all get in a slump from time to time – what’s important is that you push through it. There are always better things on the other side!!

  27. I feel you, I think everyone goes through a slump one time or another.. :P

    Your drawing is pretty good actually. ;) I can’t even draw a decent stick figure, so by my standards, you’re awesome at it. :)

    I hope you get over your slump soon, life is too short to be anything but fun, so when you’re not having fun, stop a moment, reflect, pray and choose to have fun. :D

  28. I would love to slump right now but cant, too much things to do.

  29. You’re a great artist! Keep up the good work!I had those times when I found myself on a slumps…

  30. Sometimes I do-when things don’t go the way I want them. But there’s always time to recover.

  31. I was on a slump with my writing, but I somehow managed to get myself out of it and I’ve written two posts back to back when I usually only write one a week

  32. I think you did a wonderful job! I don’t draw people much, I can draw everything else, nature and animals..not people

  33. I am always slumping atthe end of the day, Im very energetic tapos bigla nalang ako planking sa bed ;) hehe

    Anyway, I also wanted to enroll at CIT but my schedule doesnt fit, anyway how much magenroll dun?

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