Have You Ever Been to China?

If there is one place you’d want to visit for an historical adventure, where would it be and why?

As for me, it’s got to be China – not that because I have chinese blood running into my veins but when it comes to historical adventures, for the sake of the tour, the experience and education – China is one place that comes into my mind. Maybe because we can expect a brand new kind of atmosphere and ambiance when you go to China. Plus, I definitely would want to visit the Great Wall of China at some point, too.


Just a secret between us – though I may look very feminine and girly in personal life.. I had this kind of a dream of wanting to be an adventurer when I was young. Not the type who just wanted to travel from one place or another but just the type of traveling of finding new things, learning more from historical places and getting to know more about their stories more than the books can ever tell us – just like an archaeologist do. Don’t you think that would be thrilling and exciting all at the same time?


I guess this is also one of the reasons why I am always attracted to anything that has a mystery to it. It’s all astonishing for me – I sometimes wonder why things from before doesn’t exist now? Though, obviously.. it’s because things has changed and evolved with time. I just sometimes wonder and thought that maybe it would be really nice if I was able to live in that moment in the past – then again, maybe it’s just a childish part of me that’s acting up or maybe I am just simply bored with the modern thing that we all have right now. I just somehow feel.. there is much elegance to the remnants in the past that doesn’t exist now in modern time. After all, rarely do we people give importance to the structure and surroundings we have currently in the place that we live in.


Anyway, it has been a long kind of dream and I honestly don’t see myself being able to travel the whole world learning about historical events and artifacts. I wish I can though.. but right now, it may not be possible. Thus, I give high appreciation on this new book from a very renowned historian, Ronald Knapp: Chinese Bridges: Living Architecture from China’s Past – this book also received astounding reviews on its architecture, illustrations, photographic beauty and material culture explanation. It definitely changes a person’s view on what China is truly all about. It’s truly worth checking it out!

February 4th, 2014
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  1. I would absolutely LOVE to visit China some day. It looks so gorgeous there and I am sure the food is amazing. Someday….

  2. I would love to visit China one day looks really amazing,I love to see anything that was done in the past/built in the past there are so many amazing things.

  3. This has to be one if the most amazing destinations for pretty much everything: history food education landscape discovery adventure. I could go in and on. I would live to visit

  4. My Mom went to visit China with one of her friends on a tour about 15 years ago. She really did enjoy herself! This book would be great as a gift for her to bring back those wonderful memories of traveling there.

  5. I would love to visit China and the Great Wall oneday. My brother in law visited there last year on business and he did some sight seeing. He said it is a country worth visiting.. Oh yes, it is definitely in my list :)

  6. teresa mccluskey

    China is on my bucket list of places I want to see! Although I doubt it will ever happen it would still be nice!

  7. I have never been to China but it looks amazing! We don’t travel much but this looks like it would be a very interesting location to see!

  8. I would also love to visit china. Aside from the obvious attraction of the Great Wall, I find the architecture fascinating, and I’d really love to experience the culture becuase it’s so radically different than ours.

  9. I would love to visit China! My husband has been, but not me. I think the architecture looks just so beautiful there!

  10. I would love to visit China someday. Just the history would be exciting to see. Even though I think that would be one place I would gain some serious weight at.

  11. I would love to visit myself! Chinese architecture is one of my favorites! Thanks for sharing, so imformative!

  12. I have never been to China, but it is definitely a place I would love to visit someday. Thanks for sharing all the great pictures, they make me want to go even more!

  13. I would love to visit China one day, if I can ever get over my fear of flying.

  14. My neighbor is in charge of setting up College students with a semester abroad in China teaching English to the Chinese children. I seriously love his program and wish I could have done it back when I was still in college. I would love to visit China. I love hearing all his stories of the times he has been over to China. He usually has to go back every few months.

  15. Wow that looks so amazing! I’ve never been out of the country but that would be so awesome to see in person

  16. Have never been to China… but I am for sure up for the trip. I love the beauty in their buildings.

  17. I dont think I’ll ever make it to China, but it is beautiful!

  18. What stunning architecture! I would love to travel to China. I think I would want to take about 3 or 4 weeks to see everything. When I travel, I like to see the big cities and also the small towns.

  19. I think it would be so interesting to visit China. My family loves to watch travel shows and they make it seem so exciting. Plus I would love to learn about all the history.

  20. China is somewhere I would love to visit they have some most beautiful places and so colourful! x

  21. I have never been but love when the travel shows take me there. I love their different architecture with their buildings. I would have loved to have been there for their New Years celebrations.

  22. I would love to visit China. I have heard so many times about the Great Wall. China is on my bucketlist.

  23. How wonderful. All of the images you posted are amazing. Although I have never been to China, I would love to go based on your review.

  24. I have never been to China, but that architecture is so cool!

  25. I would love to visit as well. Even the book looks so interesting!

  26. interesting book! I think everyone of us would really wish to go to many places, including China. It’s because history of the world is so fascinating!

  27. Chins is one of my travel list! I hope I could go there and enjoy the place well! Someday! :)

  28. These are some of the most beautiful locations in the world. I would love to visit.

  29. That bridge is amazing. Beautiful pictures. I would love to visit China some day too. When my husband retires in the next couple of years, we hope to do some traveling.

  30. I have never been to china however I would love to go. My parents would travel there often when I was a little girl, however I was never invited.

  31. I would love to visit China too. I want to see its ancient temples and monasteries, learn about its historical culture and taste its authentic dishes. Maybe someday.

  32. The architecture is just beautiful and so intricately detailed there. I would love to visit!

  33. My god daughter is in China now studying for the next 5 months. She has been posting great pics of wonderful landmarks. I am hoping to go visit her soon

  34. I’ve never been to China or out of the US mainland for that matter but I’d love to go someday! The structures are so beautiful. So much history to learn about!

  35. I am wishing to visit China in the near future. My husband and I are planning hopefully on our wedding anniversary. We will definitely see the Great Wall.

  36. I have never been to China yet but hoping that someday, we will.

  37. I’ve always wanted to visit China and Japan as well. They are actually on my bucket list of places I want to visit.

  38. I have always been interested in visiting China and see these historical places. But if I were given the chance to travel out of the US and see places, it would be New Zealand. My dream vacation!

  39. Did you change your template? I almost didn’t recognize the blog… I’m keeping my bucket list open for more world trips so don’t give on China yet.

  40. Never gone to China. I wish to visit it someday though.

  41. the closest i’ve been to China is EPCOT at Disney I hope to one day travel the world if i can

  42. China has its roots ever since mankind explored the world; a civilization with its grandeur and history. Nice to know china by heart and I liked the food.

  43. I have been to China particularly in Shanghai. I stayed there for over 3 months and it was a great experience. I love their foods and clothes. They have a lot of affordable but neat looking clothing. I so want to go back someday

  44. I was able to visit some of the places in China like Shanghai, Hangzhou and Shandong and was able to see the bridges but I have yet to visit the Great Wall.

  45. I’ve heard so many good things about China and I’m hoping to visit one day.

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