Finally back from a VERY LONG BREAK!


I’m finally back after such a long break! Yes, I know I may have said this line over and over again.. in the last few months – or even years, but this time.. I am serious. I am back to beauty blogging once again. I did a lot of soul searching.. I also had a lot of things going on – there were days that were dull, days full of action and excitement and days where in I just want to bum around and still don’t find myself wanting to update my blog at all – though, I feel so flattered and honored that despite my long absence, there are still people who sends me emails – messages me on My Facebook Page just to check things out – some even ask me for their beauty concerns in which, I was very glad to answer.

Anyway, enough of the past.  
Let’s talk about THE NOW – shall we?  
New Theme.

As you can see, I do have a new theme on my website. Well, this isn’t my official theme and I am currently looking for someone who can really give my website a good make over. So, feel free to suggest anyone in mind. I would prefer someone.. who can make my website theme to define the person that I am. I do like my website to look simple though.. to be honest, I already really like this theme.. it’s not that very colorful and at the same time – not very minimalist as well – definitely just the way I like it. Unfortunately, it’s just a free theme and what I want is something of my own. I don’t want a different design with similar templates to different people, bloggers or website owners. I want something that’s uniquely made for me!
I Promise.

Yes, I do promise myself to be more active in terms of blogging and to at least post daily blog entries – or even weekly (in any case I fail to update daily) – and hopefully, I will be able to commit to it. I do not see a reason why shouldn’t be able to do so. Especially since I do know for a fact that during the long course of my absence… I did discovered so many things whether it has a relationship to makeup, skin care, weight loss – or just about anything. I know that there are so many things I have learned that I should and can share to everyone else!

Some of my pages are still under construction and I have yet to update. ;( It’s definitely something I would be so busy working on in the next few weeks, that’s for sure.
Contest and Giveaways.
On the brighter side, I am planning to host giveaways for my readers. I have a lot of things with me that I have not even used at all – from clothes, different cosmetics, makeup, and other surprising stuff from different sponsors who have continued to mail me their products, lol!
Either way, I have to say that.. things will be different this time around when it comes to my “way” of beauty blogging. You just have to visit my blog and read my updates to find out more about it! ;)

8 Comments to Finally back from a VERY LONG BREAK!

  1. Welcome back! Sana mag tuloy-tuloy kna sa pag bblog. Miss your posts about beauty tips! And excited na ako sa pag host mo ng giveaway! Will surely join! Hihi. :D

  2. welcome back to the blog-o-sphere kristine! ako din kakabalik din lang. hehehe. can’t wait to read your future posts especially the giveaways which i’m planning to join. hahaha :))

  3. Welcome back to the blogosphere! Excited for your future posts about beauty and of course your giveaways! :D

  4. Welcome back! excited for your giveaway! lol

  5. Welcome back, sis! It’s been a while, and I hope you could still remember me. Haha.

    I remember back then I keep on reading your blog for love advises. Hehe. Your beauty tips are also helpful. I hope you could post more about those natural ways/remedies for skin, hair, etc. :)

    I’ll be looking forward for more posts from you! And also the contests. :))

    • Hi Mei! ;)

      Ofcourse I remember you! Yes. I’m trying to be much more active as much as possible! I’ll be sure to post more regarding those topics! Thanks for the warm welcome! <3

  6. Hi! Will watch your coming reviews then! :)) Good luck!

  7. I also just got back. It’s good to see to finally see your name as your domain. I feel like you will now keep it for good this time. ^.^.

    In fairness, you had a very good SEO going on around here. Being the techie freak that I am, I sure love seeing how you’ve grown as a person and a blogger as well.

    KUDOS, will be seeing more of me around the sphere this time! ^.^.

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