Makeup Design Academy: Personal Make-up Class 101


I did told everyone from my last entry about taking a makeup class on Makeup Design Academy, right? Let me show you the Makeup Design Team first, including our makeup authority, the MDA Director and Founder, Ms. Lanie Acedillo, who even studied abroad specializing in professional makeup.

In every class, they only allow 6 students for the makeup specialists instructors to really be able to focus on them and make sure they will be able to learn the basics of makeup application. So, there is definitely a personal approach to this. I can’t even believed I lasted 6 hours in this makeup class, myself, lol! Personally, I enjoyed and learned a lot.

Also, I’d like to invite everyone to give their personal makeup class a try as they are having a 40% promo for their Robinsons Galleria Branch only. It normally will cost you for 6,000php++ but since it’s discounted, you will get to enroll in this personal makeup class for only 3,600php.

I invited my friends to join as well.. especially when they knew that I was the one who did my own makeup in my recent new photo upload on my personal facebook account!


PS. Since I finished the class and went home so late, I can’t really take a clear photo of the results. Either way, I hope the photos above works.. Trust me, I had a hard time.. but the other instructor, (there are 2 instructor in each class) Ms. Hannah, a makeup artist in Shu Uemura, made me do my makeup practice over and over and over again. It made me sick, lol! But but… Yes, it’s for my benefit anyways, so.. I’m very thankful for her persistence in making me do the eye makeup and blending practice… despite the fact of me giving up tons of times!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!

In this session, they will already give you a set of brushes in which you can use. Yes, it’s all yours for personal use. Also, do take note that they will never let you use some cheap makeup products in this tutorial lessons. Their makeup products are even shipped from abroad to make sure that there will be no skin irritations in makeup sessions, quality of the products are a big deal to them. Expect to use mineral makeups, too!

They also tell you more about how to handle your brushes with care, how to clean them.. and mostly the basics even in terms of skin care and especially in “really” knowing your skin type. Well, sometimes we think that we already do… but this lesson, would make you “think again” if you are really aware of your own skin type.


Last but not the least, I’d also like to thank this gorgeous woman, Ms. Christine Dior Valdecanas, who’s also an instructor in this personal makeup lesson and also a makeup artist at Benefits.

Yes, she’s the one who did my awesome makeup in my bridal and evening shoot in Makeup Design Academy. She was even kind enough to tell me to visit her for more one on one lessons in case I needed more practice and knowledge in this personal makeup class, which I definitely will do.

My MDA classmates who attended the session with me actually thought I was a PRO already – NO WAY.
If only they knew how I was in panic during working on my eye makeup.

MAKEUP TIP 101: Always pair your cheek blush and lipstick. If you can’t pair them up, at least.. find a similar color scheme.. this way, you’d avoid looking like a clown by looking as if you had too much makeup on.

25 Comments to Makeup Design Academy: Personal Make-up Class 101

  1. I've always wanted to go to Makeup Design school! I live in NY so there isn't that many options out here.

  2. Syed Faizan Ali

    Well Make is not my need but after going though your posts Girls would get lots of help thanks for such an awesome post.

  3. Kaye T.

    P3,600 for a makeup class? That’s a steal! I would love to try too just because I think it’s fun. But I don’t really intend to be a professional… so I guess I’ll just have to stay home and play with all my makeup then. P.S. din, I’d love to read make up tips. :)

    • Yes, I Knoooooow! :) 40% off is so big.. and you can actually be a professional with it with practice and all that.. but like, they also offer professional classes that gives you certificates talaga. They have something called Module 1, 2 and 3. And another class for airbrushing, etc. :) Just taking a Module 1 can make you be a PRO talaga. I’m planning that in the future, hahaha!

  4. Franc Ramon

    It looks like they do know how to take care of their students. Ladies would love taking make up classes here.

  5. Adobotech

    I know a friend who would love to enroll in this class, will share this to her.

  6. Wow I should attend classes like this. Never tried putting make up yet and I'm already in my mid 30's.. Hehe. Thanks for the info. ;)

    • You're welcome dear. I'm sure this will benefit you and make use of it a whole lot.. you might even get addicted to it pa! <3

  7. Makeup classes are the in thing these days. At only PhP3600 , it’s definitely a bargain!


  8. I would love to attend the make-up class but Robinson’s Galleria is too far from me. Sana Robinson’s Place na lang. LOL

  9. Jen Schneider

    Fantastic! You are very talented!

  10. Dhadha {}

    If meron lng ditong MDA sa Bacolod, eenroll talga ako! Gusto ko matuto mag make.up! My gas, hanggang blush.on lng at lipgloss kaya ng powers ko! Haha! :))

  11. Great experience for sure! For sure you can be one of the best artist soon.

  12. Great experience for sure! For sure you can be one of the best artist soon.

  13. Yay!! nakuh sasali talaga ako dyan siguro sa september samahan mo ko bebs!!! ang ganda ng results sayo i loveet! <3

  14. woooowww!!! bongga nito sissyyy!! :D I likkkkee! <3 I wanna attend makeup classes too.. I need some brow tutorials! hahahaha :D

  15. Janine Daquio

    wow! Maybe I would recommend my friend in here. She’s really into make up and influenced me.

  16. Yay I want to try this too! I'm noob when it comes to make up! I can just do simple make up haha.

  17. waooo I think I should attend classes like this because that's what hav alwayz wanted to do.

  18. lucent

    i’ve attended their class before & i wasn’t happy coz i didn’t learn anything, the instructor was so taray & not even answering our questions, wala syang patience, wala akong natutunan…sayang sa pera

    • Maybe, this differs.. depends on the instructor lang.. :) The one I recommended isn’t like this at all! :) But yes, if you encountered that kind of instructor… sayang talaga, the price is no joke din!

  19. Lexelle Jacob

    yow.. does the php6k++ cover all the courses? or is it only the personal makeup program?

    • It covers the basic first module – which is day time look and night time.
      They have different courses – you can’t take the advance courses without passing the first one :)

  20. LOVE

    hi ms. aisha. ask ko lang po, need ba mag enroll earlier or available anytime ang mga course nila? nsa abroad kse aq ang i’m planning to enroll this coming aug 2017. they’re not answering my queries. Baka alam nio po saan ako pede mg enroll thank you.

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