Makeup Changed My Life

It can be difficult sometimes to separate out looks and personality. In today’s image conscious society, anyone who does not fit the generic mould can end up feeling ostracised – that is where makeup comes in.


There is more to makeup than just making us look pretty; there are added benefits to people that maybe do not look exactly like everyone else, those that suffer from facial disfigurement. One in 150 people has some sort of visual problem with their face; it is a fairly common problem, but the subject is becoming more and more taboo.

Makeup can have a positive impact on how accepted these people are into society. They no longer stand out, and are treated as “normal” by the general public. This lack of attention whilst outside is generally all that they want.

Non Infectious

Often, people with facial disfigurements are treated as if they are diseased. Whether it is choosing a seat on the bus, crossing the road when they are approaching, or hearing children loudly asking questions whilst an embarrassed adult shushes, there are many barriers that those with facial disfigurement need to face on a daily basis.

Makeup can make all the difference when it comes to facial disfigurement. It means that some people feel, if they need to, they can fit in as an accepted part of society. Covering up certain marks means they are not noticed in the street as much as they would be without the makeup.


“One thing we could do is make atypical appearance more familiar and mundane”, says psychologist Justin Park from Bristol University. Applying makeup is one aspect that can help these people live normal lives, and avoid getting targeted on the streets.

It means that citizens feel like they can blend in with society’s demands, and do not feel like they stand out too much. People can be very cruel, and often those with facial disfigurements are targeted with harsh comments from those who do not understand that there is a person behind the face with feelings, just like everyone else.

Makeup can Help

Makeup is an escape from the self-consciousness that these people can face on a daily basis, even when they are just going about their business. It can reduce certain features of the face, like dark marks or uneven skin tone. Using makeup, especially after taking professional classes, can be extremely beneficial for issues like birthmarks, port wine stains or scarring, and can in fact superficially remove the problem entirely. Using cosmetic camouflage to remove blemishes is a good way to conceal any issues that you feel less than confident about.


For those issues that are less to do with skin tone, there is always the option of highlighting other facial features to distract the eye away from certain areas of the face. This really does work, and with practise it can help everyone feel beautiful. Makeup really is suitable for all, yet it serves a purpose to those that have a debilitating disfigurement. It is a lifeline, the reason why they no longer feel alone and ostracized from the general public, most of whom are just trying to deal with it in the only way they know how. Don’t engage, don’t even look.


Illumin8 Media Makeup Studio have a variety of Makeup Classes to ensure that everyone has the skills they need for their own skin type. Perfect for concealing imperfections, the lessons teach you everything there is to know about creating the best makeup style to help you feel comfortable in your own skin.

February 6th, 2014
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48 Comments to Makeup Changed My Life

  1. I just recently started wearing makeup, & I enjoy playing around with it, & yes it does help. I never wore it in my younger days though

  2. Make up is all well and good for anyone, but when it’s used to make someone blend in, and not get made fun of on the street for an abnormality (what a pity that people would even consider such a thing, but that’s besides the point), I’m all in for teaching proper application. Sometimes simple things make big differences, this can be one of those things.

  3. Even though I don’t do a fantastic job at putting makeup on…. I WON’T GO ANYWHERE WITHOUT IT ON. I know…. crazy. But that is me and I am sticking to it

  4. I have recently started experimenting with highlights and contours. It makes a huge difference in your appearance. And does make a huge difference with people with issues. To feel normal makes such a difference.

  5. Makeup to me can be controversial…. I think if applied right it can enhance the beauty of a woman, but it in my opinion there is too much pressure put on women being “perfect” to me the perfect woman is the one who is confident with their natural beauty!

  6. It is truly amazing how makeup can completely transform someone’s look. And there is so much to choose from these days that there is something for everyone!

  7. I do not bother wearing make up that much do not know why.

  8. i wish i knew how to apply makeup never learned nor have i ever wore it accept when other have applied it for pictures

  9. I am really good at doing natural makeup looks, but not anything fancier that you see on stars. I need some makeup lessons.

  10. I love makeup. It’s almost an art form in itself! I don’t ever leave without it on!

  11. I usually only wear makeup if I got somewhere, which isn’t that often but just recently I started putting on makeup just look better while being frumpy around the house.

  12. oh girlllll you know i love makeup!!!! hehehe
    thought i love NOT wearing makeup for it feels SO SO SO MUCH BETTER/alot more comfortable, makeup makes me feel a lot more confident with myself! it enhances what i love about me, and hides what i don’t like hehe

  13. I stopped wearing make up a few years ago, it is hard when we have such high humidity to not look like a raccoon. I have hit a point where for the first time I am so comfortable with who I am and how I look that if people do not want to sit near me because of a mark on my face – I am better off not knowing someone like that. I do like to wear it on occasion to go out to dinner or something but I do it for myself and my husband.

  14. Makeup can really transform the physical appearance of a person. It works like magic. Right, it’s an escape from self consciousness and one that can boost self confidence. :)

  15. Makeup definitely does change one’s looks and I love that.

  16. I have a ton of make-up, but I completely lack the skills. :) I usually try to go for a more natural look, but I wouldn’t mind have a few tricks up my sleeve.

  17. I don’t wear makeup besides a bit of lip gloss. I feel comfortable in my skin and actually think I look a lot better without it. There are some who are gorgeous with it and I applaud them.

  18. I don’t do make up, it’s just never been my thing really. Never liked it, never got into it

  19. Le-an Lacaba

    I never really liked make up honestly, since I just feel it as a hassle to put on everyday

  20. I love makeup there is so much you can do with it and fix.

  21. I guess make up can be a shot of confidence a lady needs.

  22. I am horrid with makeup, even with my friend teaching me how to use it. Doesn’t stick in my head. Then again, I’m not self conscious enough to cover up anything; let them judge!

  23. make up really change our life it gives us more confidence and more attractive that why i love make ups dear :)

  24. I love applying make-up but I also avoid applying to much of it on my face. Make-up is really nice and it helps a person looks good and more pleasing. I sometimes watch tutorials on youtube. I adore how some girls are pro in using make-up. I’ve always wanted to attend make-up workshops so I can learn a lot of tips.

  25. I love makeup but over the years I dont know if I need a new look to help with new problems. lol

  26. It really can be amazing the difference make up can make I think we often forget that when looking at stars who always have it done for them.

  27. I wear it but I do so minimally. I wouldn’t have a clue how to contour or highlight certain areas!

  28. Eliz Frank

    People can do magical things with makeup. I haven’t learned how to do that yet but I admire the wizardry some have.

  29. I don’t wear make up often but I’m really thankful about it. It really does make a “huge” difference!

  30. Amanda

    In my 20s I rarely wore makeup. Now in my 30s I realize as my skin changes I need it more and more.

  31. Applying make-up means exploring your personality and inner self to show to the world what you look like inside. It makes a total difference when using make-up that suits your tastes.

  32. I miss the days where I apply make up every day. It does perk up your looks even though you feel stressed inside.

  33. As much as I agree with you regarding makeup, If personally am too lazy to apply it. The most I do is apply lipstick.

  34. It also balances the minor imperfections in the face.

  35. Make up can really make a big difference to once appearnace. I wish I knew how.

  36. i wear some make up but not every day. i note a difference when i balance my skin tone iwth some powder

  37. Makeup is an amazing products and tool. While some people use it to just look pretty, like you said it can helps others cover over areas that would make then stand and be uncomfortable. Makeup really can be useful.

  38. I don’t like wearing makeup. Because I seldom use them, I kinda feel weird whenever I see a “different face” staring back at me at the mirror when I am fully made up.

  39. I love makeup. I cannot leave the house without my concealer on or even just a BB cream. I feel naked without it. :P

  40. Makeups helps to enhance one’s person beauty. That’s why girls must try to wear it, makeup, not in the daily basis but occasionally must do.

  41. Make up make a huge difference once you are good at it.

  42. I love makeup!! I’ve been sick most of this week and today was feeling back to normal but my face was c still rather pale… A little makeup and BAM! Back to my normal self!

  43. I didn’t use to love make-up or even wear them, but as I have gotten older I turn to make-up. But I don’t wear it when I am at home though. Well, some times, but not often. I like to be make-up free at home, but gotta wear it when I am out and about. It just makes you feel comfortable and confident when you are feeling less about yourself. Thank goodness to make-up and tutorials online and I learned a little bit on how to apply them. And speaking of, I want to go shop for new make-up soon. :)

  44. I don’t always put makeup on so I’ve never really been good at putting it on. It’s always just the basic powder and lip gloss for me. When I do have makeup on, I feel like a different person. :-)

  45. I think I’m a late bloomer when it comes to make-up. I’ve just experimented with eyeshadow and lipstick recently.Now, I’m trying out mascaras.

  46. Grim Killingbeck

    Makeup can be REALLY scary. I’ve seen it transform my friends into completely different looking people! I don’t look right with makeup otherwise I’d try it!

  47. I wish I knew the ways of using make-up! I really agree how it changes many lives, it’s like, with make-up you can be a totally different person!

  48. I love love make up. though I wear very light of it because I dont like heavy and cakey make up! I still love it. :) Takes the stress face away

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