Attend Makeup Artistry School in Paradise

Which makeup artistry school is right for you? There are many factors to consider when researching your options, from cost and accreditation to programs and teachers. Another very important factor is location.


Are you willing to travel out of your comfort zone to attend the school of your dreams? It might help if the school is in paradise. This is just one of the reasons makeup artistry students from around the world flock to Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry. This accredited and popular school is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida – in other words, it’s in paradise.


Beaches and More

How would you like to go to school at a campus that is just minutes away from beautiful beaches, fine restaurants, and great shopping? Fort Lauderdale is one of the top tourist destinations on the planet, boasting some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It’s also home to many shops and restaurants you can enjoy when you’re not in class.


Calypso By The Beach

If you’re planning to attend Cosmix, one of the top makeup artistry schools in the nation, check out Calypso By The Beach. Furnished villas not even a mile from Fort Lauderdale Beach, Calypso By The Beach has become “home away from home” for many students of Cosmix Inc. Villas offer fully equipped kitchens and students of the school qualify for special monthly rates.


Cosmix is a leading school of makeup artistry and special fx makeup school located in South Florida. Cosmix provides makeup classes in fashion, beauty and special effects makeup artistry.

59 Comments to Attend Makeup Artistry School in Paradise

  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    Thatg sounds like an awesome plave to go to school. Only problem is that I would be cutting class all the time.

  2. Just once I would like to have a make-up artist put my face on to see what I’d look like. These ladies are so beautiful. I try, but my hand shakes too much. Can you share an easier way for putting on eye liner let’s say?

  3. I would have loved to go to school here when I was younger… now, I have to watch my Granddaughter have all the fun. I do have one Granddaughter that may be very interested in this.

  4. My daughter would love to attend makeup school and my parents live in Florida. It sounds like the perfect match.

  5. Tamika

    This is a great opportunity for someone that is serious about school. I love the beach, so going to school by one won’t be the best option for me. It sounds like a great school.

  6. I’m obsessed with make-up, I went to a open day at a beauty school in london, i loved it.

  7. When I was a pre-teen I always wanted to do hair and makeup but I don’t think I have the skills or steady hands for it. I would love to go to school for something in a place like that though!

  8. I love the idea of being a makeup artist because I love art and painting, but I don’t think I would enjoy being in such close contact with other people! :O I guess you just have to see people as your canvas, huh?

  9. I need a makeup school that will teach me how to apply winged eye liner. I *still* can’t get it down.

  10. This looks fantastic but I bet it would be so tempting to cut class all the time because of the gorgeous weather and scenery!

  11. michele d

    Looks like a fun place specially being in paradise.

  12. That sounds like a great school. I like how the beach is right down the road

  13. Oh yes please – I would most definitely be there in a flash if I could! x

  14. How neat! But it would be really hard to focus on the “school” part, right?! LOL

  15. Pam

    Makeup and the beach? This sounds like a dream come true for many people. I think it would be neat to learn how to do Special FX makeup!

  16. That would be a good enticement for those who want to learn make up. The beach would be the perfect backdrop.

  17. The location is awesome, but I’m no makeup artist, haha. I’m always feeling insecure whenever I do my makeup and I’m facing a makeup expert!

  18. Oh, a makeup school. That’s interesting. I would attend a free one for basic makeup because I am clueless about that stuff. I can’t even put my lipstick right. LOL!

  19. My sister Angela does a ton of amateur FX makeup. She tends to do more gore than beauty but she is really good at what she does.

  20. I should suggest this to friends who wants a career as a Make Up Artist. I do hope they get inspired rather than distracted with such beautiful place :)

  21. Makeup school would be fun to attend. If I could do that, that would be awesome!

  22. The beach would really feel like paradise and make is your passion, it gets even better.

  23. I’m just starting to appreciate makeup now and I watch a lot of YouTube videos to improve. Will you be attending Cosmix?

  24. Elizabeth O.

    Sounds interesting! I’d love to go to a makeup school.

  25. Great school! I don’t use makeup but would love the chance to learn coz whenever I go to a party or some occasions I still need to hire someone to do it for me.

  26. In the Philippines, is there already a college or institution that offers courses (full-time) for those who want to take up artistry/makeup? I know there are only short courses on that as seen on deals online.

  27. I’d be cutting class all the time if I were in paradise, haha. School or beach? :P

  28. I’ll go to any school by the beach! It sounds like a great learning experience!

  29. Dana

    This looks like an awesome place! I’d definitely love to go to school that’s close to the beach but I worry that all that sun and fun would distract me from my studies!

  30. Pam

    Sounds like a great school to attend to learn your craft. It looks absolutely beautiful there and I can see why people would want to attend.

  31. These schools seem so ideal, only if they were closer.

  32. This looks really great! What an awesome opportunity!

  33. i don’t know if this can really be my profession since my hand is already shaking even if wanted to learn. I know the basic but would really love to enhance my knowledge.

  34. What a great opportunity! THis looks like fun!

  35. I’d love to go to school right by the beach. That’d be a great excuse to be a beach bum (after school was over, of course). ;)

  36. That’s amazing for anyone who’s interested in becoming a makeup artist.

  37. I would love to learn how to apply makeup correctly. I love bold colors and don’t think I use them right.

  38. The Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry sounds like a wonderful school! I’ll definitely pass along the info to a couple of high school girls I know!

  39. I have family that live in Hollywood. Ft Lauderdale is in their backyard. Hollywood is on one side of the tracks and Ft. Lauderdale the other. I can’t imagine staying focused when going to school there. I would have a hard time going to class and not just sitting outside at the beach all day.

  40. I think if the training is on the beach, a lot would like to try this career.

  41. Ann Bacciaglia

    I would definitely move to be able to attend the school of my dreams. I would love to go to a make up fx school.

  42. That sounds really fun. Thanks for sharing.

  43. When I was in high school I desperately wanted to go to cosmetology school do makeup and hair. My parents allowed me to your the school but once the paperwork came out they refused and I still dream of how I would’ve done makeup on the stars. Dang it

  44. Wow!!! My sister-in-law in California just told us she wants to learn makeup. I should tell her about this.

  45. What a fun place to go to school! I would love to do something like this. I love the arts and being able to be creative. so much fun!

  46. I’ve been wanting to attend makeup classes, but Florida is way too far for me – expensive too! =(

  47. That would be such a cool experience. I’ve heard there are tons of career opportunities in the makeup industry.

  48. I would love to be able to learn how to better apply eye makeup. I am terrible at that.

  49. I totally suck at putting on makeup. I have to usually have my daughter do it for me.

  50. Gabby

    I attended beauty school while I was in high school. It was such an amazing experience!

  51. I think that might be a distractions… lol. I’m not wanting a career in makeup artistry, but I wish there were people who offered lessons.

  52. Are you studying or have plans to study in this school? I wonder how do they get volunteers for the students to practice on? Do foreigners need a student visa to study here?

  53. Sounds like an awesome school. I don’t know how to apply makeup but I really wanted to, so I guess, if only I have the money, I will try to enroll here.

  54. That would be awesome to learn how to make people beautiful in a paradise! That would be a real treat!

  55. I have also been browsing makeup schools. Hope they have Cosmic X in the Philippines soon

  56. Dee

    This is a great idea for someone who is interested in having a career in makeup design. Plus you have the beaches around how could you go wrong.

  57. With such great options who will want to go to the classes! :D

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