Relationship 101: Discussing Why Men Pull Away from Relationships


There are many reasons why relationships never lasts, why it fails and why it never just works out. It’s not just the saying as if it is not meant to be. There are reasons for everything and most of the time, it is because we try to see things only in our point of view – missing out what our partners really feel and think of the relationship and situation. I personally have learned this the hard way but like I always say, knowledge is power and it goes with every aspect of life.

If you have been frustrated with men who fail to commit, had relationships that ended abruptly, getting tired in racking up every bit of your brain cells trying to figure out what went wrong and still have come up to nothing?

Well, you have come to the right place. As I tell you the truth, facts and reasons to why your relationships are drifting apart making you feeling terrible as if the man in your life is about to run away for good.

One hard fact is, men have a lot of on in their mind even when they tell you that they are thinking of nothing. Though you might see him fine one day and not so great the next, already gives you a nudge that he has probably been thinking through what isn’t going right for awhile. The truth isn’t always hard for women to hear because they don’t even want to believe that something is wrong – that something is amiss.

It’s not always easy to know the truth why men would ran from a relationship and I have to say, it could be hurtful but you have to tell and remind yourself that it’s always better to know now than later on.

They feel that the next level of commitment is inevitable.

This is far by the most common reasons why men run from relationships. They may love you very much, see you in their future but they are not ready for the next level. They aren’t necessarily ready for that future to start now. They would rather get some space than to commit to a lifetime with you as of now.

Now, most of us will ask… “Does that mean that he will come back to you someday when he realizes that you are “the” one?”

There’s a good chance that could happen but then you are calling the shots and can decide if he’s the right one for you. Many good relationships have turned upside down simply because the man wasn’t ready for the next level of commitment. He would rather run away and take his chances that you will take him back someday than to settle into the married life right now.

This is astonishing for women as they can’t see why men would leave a good thing. Yet, in his point of view, this is his only choice before he moves onto a future with you. Hard to take but at least you can understand what makes him act the way he does, right?

They feel smothered or that you are too needy or dependent.

Are you the nagging type of woman or are you pushing him for a commitment? Do you lack supporting your man and instead, you beat on him about what cones next and where you stand? Though you may be ready for the white picket fence, he is immediately turned off when you as about commitment constantly.

Remember, the more you nag, the more he wants to run for the hills. If only women would realized that asking about commitment makes men more fearful then they may not want to ask at all.

This isn’t your fault though… it is part of who you are and if the relationship warrants it, but just know that if it’s a consistent behavior it can drive him away for good!

They aren’t ready to settle down or to be with only one-woman yet!

There will be times that your man truly love you but he is not sure that the idea of one woman is for him. He may be young or just immature but the thought of marriage and one woman for the rest of his life makes him feel… anxious.

He needs to get out on the town with his buddies and live the single life again.It may seem cruel that suddenly, he just want the single life, don’t you think? While this looks like him moving on, it’s his way of getting this phase out of his system. Sure the mature thing to do would be to talk to you about it, but he’s just too scared – unless you start talking about break ups and he grabs it leaving you clueless why you both broke up to begin with.

It’s much easier for him to go out with his buddies and break up with you than to level with you that you are who he could see himself with in the future. So you can wait patiently and hope he’ll come back or move on with your life, for now at least.

Understanding just how difficult commitment is for men is complicated, but at the core is the notion that one woman forever more puts the fear of God into male species!

(That is, unless you know the secret to make him feel totally in love with you and keep the spark going on forever!)

They are reminded too much of their mother or of some other family dynamic that they don’t like.

Are you fighting often or in a state of conflict? Are you a meddling type of woman or getting involved in too many aspects of his life? If you consistently remind him of his mother or some sort of conflict with his family member – this can really bother him deep down. If he sees traits within you that he has found to be unfavorable then this equals an instant turn off to him.

If he senses that the relationship is getting stressful then he wants out. Though the noble thing may be to tell you how he feels, the reality is that he feels stress or conflict and he’s running for it. The best thing to do now is to accept that it wasn’t meant to be and be glad that you see that he may have some deep issues now before they take over your own life, too!

They finally realized that they are just not into you.

This is undoubtedly the most hurtful reason that a man runs away but in the big picture it can be a good thing that it happened. You may be into him but he may not feel the same. He may care for you but not feel the sparks as he knows that he should.

He may feel content but perhaps he wants the fireworks. Rather than hurting your feelings and telling you in a straightforward way, he would rather just ran away. He doesn’t want to tell you that he’s not into you as that can be devastating, though this behavior is equally as hurtful, this seems a cleaner break for him.

You may have a hard time getting over this, but know that the relationship wasn’t meant to be. You need time to deal with things and know that it’s not your fault and that there is a right guy for you out there!

Just more of a personal note, it’s always best to always understand your man and see things in his point of view. When things are complicated – never ask and question him as when he is ready and when he can, he will open up and tell you things without you asking for it in the first place.

Lastly, enjoy the present moment without any stress, he will eventually do the things you always wish he’d do.. yet sometimes, just be more honest as men are not mind readers to know the things that makes you happy (again, nagging is pushing things to happen is a different thing, okay?).

Credits for this article goes to my loving boyfriend, Mirabelle Summers, Rhonda Bryanes, Ellen Fein – and the other gurus I’ve read about and also thanks to the Lord, angels, my family and my long hard journey towards my love life saga, which I can finally say.. right now, I’m happy and I finally understood things in rose tinted glass.

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  2. Save a relationship recognize that a man isn’t for you in ten minutes (unless he’s clearly nutty and therein case, you must not be drinking with him anyway).

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