What Kind of Gifts to Give a MAN or BOYFRIEND?


Giving gifts to a man – especially, if he is a special person in your life seems tough. I even had struggles with this myself but not everyone knows that men are actually very easy to please and they do love gifts as much as we, ladies do.

Here are some tips and ideas what you can give to a man or your boyfriend:

1. Something he really, really likes – It’s really important to get to know your partner and special someone – what does he like? It would be really nice if you can give a gift to a guy on something he already want to have. That would make them really happy and the gift will definitely be treasured. Plus, it gets to have a sentimental value, too because it came from you!

2. What he needs – Now, don’t get me wrong here. When I say what he needs – I really mean, what he needs NOT what you think he needs. Like, let’s say for example – a pedaltrain at guitar center, if your man or boyfriend is a musician who plays an instrument whether he is a drummer or guitarist – he would need this but if you are planning to give this to a man who has no interest in music – then that would just be pointless and useless, right? Another example would be buying him a vest – does he really one or do you just think it would suit him even though vest is something out of his fashion style? Those are the things you need to take into consideration.

3. Surprise him! – Now, not all men would love this idea but just be sweet and everything will be fine. For example, surprise him a dinner date or the love bottle trick where in your messages for him are all inside the bottle and he only gets to open and read one each day – though men are not very emotional like women – the love bottle trick will still make their heart melt and you’ll be on his mind every single day.

February 1st, 2014
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12 Comments to What Kind of Gifts to Give a MAN or BOYFRIEND?

  1. Well, as a man, the number 3 suits for me, as long as the woman prepares it all…just for the two of us to share. Sharing is the real meaning of love.

  2. it’s pretty hard getting a gift for your guy especially because…he’s a guy. But usually what works for me is getting what’s on his wishlist.

  3. I always go for the need as he can always use it.

  4. Hubby is wishing for a rifle so that is what I will give him this Valentine’s day. We need it to practice hehehe.

  5. I think guys need more practical gifts so something they regularly will really be appreciated.

  6. When hubby and I were just sweethearts then, I use to buy him stuff by asking his family what he liked most. Most of the time, I end up giving him money instead. Less romantic, I know… but very practical. :)

  7. I personally go with number two….:) I always get something that my husband needs.

  8. Before we got married, I would give my hubby gifts that he wanted. Now with two kids, budget constraints has put a ceiling on what we could spend so gifts are usually something he needs or something special I personally handcrafted or cooked. :-)

  9. Men don’t really need anything. That’s what my husband says whenever I give him something on special occasion. But it’s the thought that counts to them.

  10. I wish hubby’s here so I can give him a Valentine gift!

  11. Though surprises sounds more romantic, I seldom surprise my husband. I’m a practical person so I always give my husband what he needs and/or what he likes.

  12. i never buy something if he doesn’t know since most of the times, he will just tell me that i should have wait for him.

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