What is a Promise Ring?


A Promise Ring can mean a lot of things. It’s most popular with the couples where a man gives it to a woman. It doesn’t necessarily mean marriage as there are still things that permits it from happening such as – maybe the distance, the time and other things that need to be dealt with first. It could be because the couples are still too young to get married but surely, getting a promise ring from the man you loved most can bring you so much happiness as it is a sign of commitment – regardless the circumstances you are in.

Also, do take note where the ring is in your finger – that means a lot of things as well. Getting a ring in your left hand ring finger is the most romantic way of getting a ring for obvious reasons. Plus, they say the ring finger has the “vein of love” that runs directly from the ring finger to the heart – meaning to say that the “vein of love” has its connection to our hearts.

For men who are not yet ready to get married or engaged, but still gave you a promise ring can actually be a big deal (when done and gave it to you seriously, ofcourse). It’s a sign that they are truly serious about you and the relationship. There are different kinds of promise rings and they are not limited to love but it always about connection and relationship promises to our significant other.

There are still a lot of different kinds of meaning with a Promise Ring:

– I will be faithful to you
– I will return to you
– I love you
– My intention is to marry you, but I’m not yet ready to become engaged
– I will always be there for you
– I promise to replace this ring with a (larger) diamond one as soon as I can afford it – (this is something my boyfriend told me when he gave me a ring, lol!)

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February 17th, 2014
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  1. This is all so very true. I think that this is a must read for all young women because most assume that a promise ring means marriage.

  2. I had never heard of a promise ring until I was probably in my 40s. To me, it meant that the person giving the promise ring wanted to marry the other person one day, but I guess a promise ring can really mean anything.

  3. It’s a very sweet notion, and one that was popular back when I was in high school. I wish that kids today would take things slower…seems like so many kids are posting ‘engaged’ statuses on their Facebook pages. Not that it sticks…but still the mindset seems so fast now. Everyone’s in a hurry to do everything, even get married.

  4. I love the idea of promise rings they are good for someone to give though i was married long before i heard of these and we already made so many promises to each other lol.

  5. I have my own promise ring from my long-term boyfriend, and I rarely take it off. <3

  6. I always took the promise ring to mean that one day, I will propose & want to marry you. But like with anything, everything changes as the times do :)

  7. This reminded me of when I was in middle school. I had a crush a this guy and he gave me a ring after church service. it was missing the gems. But I thought it was cute ( i was 13, give me a break). About a week later one of his siblings came and asked for the ring back. Turns out it was for their mother 0.0 lol I still laugh when I think back on this. I love when I watch Korean Dramas and the couple get a promise “couple” ring hehehe

  8. When I first heard of promise rings, I didn’t, I wonder why not get married? I had plenty if questions that I now know all the answers.

  9. I’d never heard of a promise ring before. Very interesting!

  10. In my country there is no concept of Promise rings. It’s either engagement ring or wedding ring.

  11. I heard an engagement ring only, but a promise ring, no. But I think, this is good way to secure a promise to your loved one.

  12. I never had one but thanks for sharing this info.

  13. I think promise ring can really add strength in a relationship especially when distance is involved.

  14. Promise ring is like a love that’s bound to be broken? But for some I think yes.

  15. This can add credence to a promise.

  16. Promise is meant to be broken hahaha. I am not for a promise ring.

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