From a Man’s Point of View: What Girls Should Know about Men

Since everyone has been requesting for love and relationship articles as a follow-up on my previous entry, 100 Guy Secrets Every Woman Must Know, I’m very proud to share this entry that my good friend, Anton Amoncio, originally wrote – for all the ladies out there!

Who of you didn’t encountered heartbreaks at all? We all did, even I did. Some women can really be nuts, crazy, unreasonable and stupid when it comes to love. *chuckles* Then again, that’s what makes love remarkable and mysterious. It’s the fact that it’s beyond logic and reasoning alone. A lot of women tend to forget a thing or two when it comes to love, relationships and dating.

So, here’s what Anton Amoncio has to say to all the ladies out there…

So here’s the thing. Not all men are the same. Some are there just to play you around like a video game and others are rooting for a good relationship.

If you want to be treated with reverence, read the following.

1.) If you want men to stop playing you, stop bitching around.
2.) Don’t expect pity from people. The so-called “Sympathy Card” doesn’t exist anymore. Survival of the fittest. You slip and break your ankle, you stand up by yourself.
3.) If you, yourself a whore expects to bump into a decent man who drives a Mercedes Benz and earns a 100 grand a month, then stop dreaming. No decent man would date someone like you. He would go for a woman that’s equally capable of doing the things that he could. (not for every woman…well some)
4.) Men want women that they could take home to the folks.
5.) Boys love to date girls that are easy to get. Real men love to go through all the trouble/s just to take a decent woman out.
6.) No gentleman would ever think of dumping an amazing woman. It’s a one-time investment and there’s no turning back. Only an idiot would.
7.) No intentions of contradicting the points I’ve raised above but shit happens. There are times that even the “almost perfect woman” gets played around by some brainless bastard. Another thing that makes a woman great is the way she gathers all her wits, rise from her fall, ponder on all the things she has done wrong, wear a smile then move forward.
8.) A woman who doesn’t have self-control, self-esteem and self-worth would only get a chance to date men that are in it for sex, desperate, disgusting, no room for growth, weak and pathetic.
9.) Sex is never a past-time. If you throw your wad around for men to feast on then congratulations! You’ve just made yourself a city-whore! It would be hard to build yourself up again. So before you do this, try to save yourself!
10.) Show men how truly amazing you are. Try not to put make-up on before leaving your house, wear something simple because that smile of yours is already enough to turn us men head over heels.
11.) Never settle for less if you can always have the best.
12.) The only person that knows you best is YOURSELF!
13.) Be the woman that you want your son in the future to fall in-love with.
14.) You may be judged, criticized and abused a couple of times. Don’t let those things mold you to something you’re not. In fact, you have the capacity to prove them wrong and rub it all on their faces.
15.) When a couple of men break your heart, don’t lose hope. Those experiences should definitely make you stronger and to know what NOT to do next time.
16.) Never lose hope.

Lost hope -> loss of self-confidence / self – esteem -> desperation -> loss of self-control -> vulnerability -> easy prey to assholes

17.) Drinking more than the usual / doing drugs or things that would cause self-destruction is never the key to finding geniune joy. True joy is found when you realize your true potential. Rise up, walk it off, smile and laugh at your mistake/s. Getting drunk or high would only ease the pain temporarily and would only fuck your system up in the long run.
18.) You don’t beg or ask for respect. You earn it.
19.) All women are perfect in their own unique ways.
20.) Your beauty inside matters most. Your outer beauty is just part of the package

ONE LOVE, from my heart to yours.


I hope this entry be treated as a reminder to all the ladies to always remember, you are worth it and you deserve the best in life. You deserve to be treated right, to be loved and to be pleased.

True love happens – it’s never rushed and it always takes two people to work out a relationship – not one, but two.

I hope everyone enjoyed this blog update. Feel free to comment your thoughts, opinions and if you still have some time, please share this to your friends, too. =)

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24 Comments to From a Man’s Point of View: What Girls Should Know about Men

  1. aianananalalala

    this isso interesting, i enjoyed it alot! thanks for these reminders! worth reading it!

  2. Shugah Pauline Kang

    this post deserves a share, a like and a reblog! :) Un un eh! just what I needed!

  3. Chax Page

    its a wake up call for those girls out there! <3

  4. bluelovinmei

    Wow. Nashock ako. I mean, I don’t know how to react. That Anton knows a lot! Hehe.
    This is really helpful to girls. I even learned from it. I hope that we all girls would find the right man we truly deserve. :)
    By the way ate, I hope one of these days you could make a post on “How to Break Up with your Boyfriend” because I don’t know how :(

    • bluelovinmei

      btw ate, is there any chance that you could replace this comment system? I am not comfortable with this :(

  5. LhyzieBongon

    I love this post. And some of them are true.

  6. interesting! Your friend proved a point. I love point # 13. Be the woman that you want your son in the future to fall in-love with. I have a son and I want him to find the right girl…if possible better than me:)

  7. I do agree with most of these!

  8. Couldn’t agree more :) you said it well.

  9. I totally agree with everything on the list. Seriously, it’s pure common sense.

  10. Definitely an interesting read and some of it just makes you think what.. people don’t just get that.

  11. I definitely need to pass this onto my girl friends. This is so great.

  12. I think it works both ways :)

  13. Never settle for less!
    Every woman has to give herself her place on a pedesatal ;-)

  14. Hmmm! That’w why it is important to find a man with moral values. Then they will stand up to their role of being men and not the boys a lot of them are

  15. It really kills me seeing the things that some girls do trying to find a man… but also the things that guys do. I think its a 50/50. Guys need to stop doing some things, and girls need to stop letting some things happen.

  16. What an interesting post! I think men should also read and act to it.

  17. I like the comment about “Never lose hope”. I am re entering the dating world and need to keep remind myself of this.

  18. Good post. It’s important for women to love themselves.

  19. The key word here is respect, you have to show that you deserve it and surely you’ll earn it; such an amazing post!

  20. I agree that not all men are the same. It’s important to let each one be an individual.

  21. Right on point! Especially the part about not settling for less! Why? When you can have the best lol Love this!

  22. Oh wow – I think that this is something we all need to consider.

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