Finding True Love Online

Some people think that true love is just a cliche and nothing of sort exist in this millennium days and in this hard truth of reality but I tell you, true love does exist – whether you find it just in the corner of your neighborhood, in the club, in school, work.. and even online. It happens and it does exist. It’s not by pure luck for some to experience this.. it comes with confidence, hard work, patience and knowledge as well. Nothing very much in the logical sense, mind you.. there are times you just have to know what to do to find that blissful feeling of being in love with that one person all your life.

Now, online dating is one of the very few things people tend to be skeptical of.. it is something you may need to think about before but now, at this time and age.. it’s already normal as seeing or dating someone you just met in a coffee shop. I wouldn’t say it is the safest way but then again… as you decide to open your heart to love and receive love that is ever lasting and true.. let us all admit, it all takes risk and you just have to not just make use of your heart, but you need to use your brain and be smart about it or else you’d end up traumatized from any heart break you may encounter.

As for online dating… it is probably best to always go to reliable online dating websites, like It is always important to keep in mind that the reputation of the online dating website always comes first as it will define the type of people you will tend to meet, too! Another factor in online dating is that one should never disregard the importance of taking your online profile lightly.. it is one of the major key point that will make potential partners – contact you, be interested in you or call and message you. First impression is always the key in building relationships and communication. So feel free to ask and look for dating profile tips from relationship experts that you know, like Lovestruck – you can even take a look on it on the net as various of tips are available for you to take in consideration to applying it in your own dating profile.

Remember, online dating is as good as a real date! Thus, it is best not to take this lightly or treat it as a game of love. Speaking of games, online gaming has been a real hit for youngsters and online relationships tends to start and premature on these fields especially to our fellow teen online gamers around the world.

Here are some few tips for you to remember and take note of in any case you decide to indulge yourself in online dating and relationships:

1. Don’t give too much information. It’s okay to be honest from time to time.. but it is not so wise to give away every bit of information about you and your whole life. Truth be told, but it’s not always safe out there and we can’t always trust people easily. The person you will spend the rest of your life will have to earn your trust!

2. Respect yourself. Do not do anything that will bring down your dignity. A lot things can happen online and whether or not people would know about it in the end or not… people will value you more as you give importance to yourself. Online

3. Online relationships or not.. you shouldn’t take any side lightly as in the end, you have put forth your time, effort, money, real emotions, feelings into that one person. Whether you played for love or really loved someone through online.. these emotions are real. Don’t do anything that will ruin yourself and the other person.. like they say, what comes around – goes around and it’s true.

4. To be honest, I personally do not suggest that you take too much time in getting to know someone online far too long. You would never realized that you have already fallen in love with this person yet in reality you are never sure if that person is really real… or is it just a fake picture, fake person… behind all the good profile you got attracted to. It’s crazy, but these things do happen and exists. Remember you only find the person online… but you don’t build it “just” online. Like I have said earlier, trust is a big thing and truth be told, not everyone can really be honest especially when you can hide and be a whole new person inside the technology space of internet.

5. Long distance relationships is another thing and factor. I believe that for this to work out, two people would really need to talk things out and compromise. Really get to the point where this relationship would go as early as possible. That way, you don’t waste much of your emotions and attachment to your partner and you also save your time waiting for someone – whom in the end might not have much plans to take things forward, too. Keeping a relationship is always depending on the two people involved.. it’s not by trust alone – without honest and true communication any relationship will be doom to fall apart.

I hope this helps everyone and I believe not just online but these can be applied to anyone’s love life whether it’s via online stream or not. I am not a romantic dreamer or anything of sort.. but after encountering so much struggles in life and especially with my love life.. in the end, I really believe that true exists. No matter what happens.. what is meant for you will never pass you by. True love does exists and we all just have to believe that it will happen for us, too.. It is challenging, nerve wrecking.. but you know, it’s worth it. At least, I can certify you all.. true love is always worth the wait. ; )

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  1. I am inlove hehehe. I can tell in your posts how madly inlove you are right now hehehe.

  2. Well, about love or dating, I truly believed in real life, not just online. Your article could really help some people who in way or the other believed online dating.

  3. I assume that it is not too bad to seek someone online too, i mean, that’s why we need to communicate to other people other than the one around us. True, you can find love online when you give time and effort and most esp prayers as well.

  4. It works for some but be sure to go for trusted sites and be very careful.

  5. I am a living testimony of online dating. I met my hubby through online dating site and from there we got married and have kids and live happily ever after LOL. I believed that God is in control of every situation in our lives. He brought my hubby to me though online dating but It was my choice to marry him. It takes a lot of prayer, work, love, trust and everything on 1 Corinthians 13 says in order for a marriage to work. Sometimes it is hard to find sincere person online, I am blessed I found one

  6. I know people who met online and ended up together. I guess as long as both of your intentions and feelings are true, online love is no different from the kind of love our folks know

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