Confessions: Why I’m LUCKY and HAPPY to LOVE and BE LOVED

Now, I am normally not the type to blog about very personal things especially with my love life but I am making an exception for today. I normally just write on my personal journal or me and my boyfriend’s secret online journal in Tumblr whenever I feel like expressing my feelings and thoughts. I am making an exception this time because.. I want to share everyone how happy I truly am and I believe – he deserves that kind of acknowledgement, too.


So, let me share you all how lucky and happy I am to love and be loved by this man who totally rocked my world. Literally, I have known him since 2008 – we started dating at that year, too. I have to tell you early on, though a lot of my friends would tell us how perfect we are for each other.. our relationship was far from perfect. After all, we’ve been in constant struggle for more than 5 to 6 years now. We also broke up, got back together, broke up again – had a complicated situation but have always remained in each other’s hearts and until today, we’re still together. Right now, it’s an LDR (Long Distance Relationship) kind of complicated relationship but you know what? For people who have a strong foundation of relationship and big trust towards each other – it’s still hard but in time, I was really happy to how we are – how we have become and to how we will be in the future.


Now, talking about how I feel about this man would take me forever so I’ll just break it down to pieces on why I believe I am loving and being loved by the most awesome guy in the whole world!

(Yeah, bt*ch and that tops off your boyfriend or husband, too!) – Forgive me, I just had to brag. Don’t we all?

1. He accepts me for who I am – the good, the bad and the ugly – Now this may sound cliche but he literally does accept me for who I am. A lot of man can tell you he accepts you but rarely do we meet someone who can act upon it. People would normally tell you that they tend to love someone by their heart but most of the time – it’s not that way, right? He choose to love me when I’m fat, super fat and really fat – like literally. He love me when I’m such a brat, overly demanding, very selfish and have a lot of personal issues. When my family had this tremendous situation, he was there for me and never once – left me. I’m not always a nice girl – I have a bad side, too but he always chose to be there for me. When I am doing something not right – he is like my mom or dad giving me tons of lectures which really irritates me but I guess – those are also the reasons why I keep loving him more.

2. I’m not just nuts. I am a crazy woman – literally! Now, men normally pulls away from women who have too much going on. Someone who overly thinks about things in their relationship, someone who is overly sensitive, overly reacts to certain things. He always had the chance to cut off our communication and relationship, especially when he is already so far away – but he didn’t. Trust me, he would literally tell me how crazy I am for assuming things, thinking too much about things.. being too sensitive of too many things. We had a lot of arguments and misunderstanding just because I tend to be really, crazy but you know what? He is still the first one who looks for me at the end of the day.

3. He supports my career endeavors – I tend to really do what I just want – not for the sake of earning money or anything. I believe that was a double edged sword for me – it made me just want to do what I want when I want and not drive myself to really work my a** off unlike other people. Not everyone accepts the fact that I tend to lose sight of reality when it comes to career – to what works and what does not but regardless of those kind of issues I tend to deal with.. he is proud of the things I have achieved and he supports me all the way. He doesn’t understand the concept of being a freelancer, a blogger, and my other gigs but he always supported my career endeavors and believe in my abilities for it.

4. I tend to be clingy and I am full of drama – I honestly had no idea that I was the clingy type as most men who are interested in me tend to tell me I have a heart of stone – probably because I was not interested in them. But my man once told me that I am the clingy type of woman. I was shocked at first because I personally think that could be a turn off for men but he told me that – it depends on people’s preferences. He actually like that part of me – the part of me that clings to him, that acts needy at times. I easily get sad, happy, I easily cry, too and he gets really frustrated about it! But again, he’s still there.. he’s still in my life. He never once told me.. I was tiring, it was more of.. he believed it was a part of who I am.

5. We’ve been far apart but still made our way towards each other – One of the biggest struggle was breaking up, getting back, breaking up, and having no clue what you guys are. We had those moments, too. It was a complicated situation. It brought me happiness, pain and suffering – it brought me tears yet, at the end of the day, it still brought me bliss. I honestly believe that you can’t really say you and your partner have gone through a lot if you guys have always been together. Try not being together – try being far apart with having no choice but to be away from each other. See if you will still try to make it work out. As for us, we tried to let it go but in the end, we still end up being with each other – even when we have become countries apart with all the impossible type of scenario and situation that most people will never understand. We have that kind of special bond that is just unbreakable. I was aware of it and so does he.

6. I trust him, He trust me and that’s a BIG WORD – Let’s get real. Men can make love to you, be sweet to you but they can’t just easily trust you completely to the point he can say every single thing on his mind. My man had tons of situations that made him want to trust no one.. so when I found out that among people, that I am the one he can trust the most – that was a big deal for me. That strengthens our relationship more. As for me, I trust him, I could even trust him my life and not regret it. Trust is very important in a relationship, it’s like a foundation to everything.

7. Honest and Sometimes, TOO HONEST – We don’t hide anything from each other. Again, this is really good and sometimes can be a double edge sword to anyone – not just us. He’s very blunt about certain things, sometimes I find it hurtful but then again, at least he was honest – I was sensitive but I kind of got used to him being that type of man. I appreciate that part of him. Not all men can do that, a lot of men would play around with words to make you feel good.. I prefer him being honest, understanding and truthful to me – and I am glad he is exactly like that towards me and our relationship.

I could go on and on with a list on why I believe I am lucky to have this man in my life and have no end to it! Words are just not enough – these things are not enough for me to fully brag and express why I am so thankful that I have him in my life all these years. But you know what? I am always thankful to God.. that we are still together and that we have each other after all these times. Trust me, what we have gone through is not easy. It was beyond challenging more than I could ever say.. but the fact that we still have each other and love each other is enough to make me the happiest woman alive in Earth.


So, hun.. if you are also reading this I just want to say, I love you and I am very, very thankful that I have you in my life. Thanks for loving me for who I am regardless of my issues and setbacks – thank you and thank God for bringing you to my life. My life has truly become much more colorful and at bliss, thanks to you.

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  1. That is amazing that you have made a long distance relationship work for so long. I know it’s super hard, but you guys sound like a strong couple.

  2. I am glad you’ve found someone and that you are so happy together! Its wonderful to always be honest with each other and trust each other!

  3. It’s so hard to find someone like that! I’m glad you found the perfect person for you!

  4. This is such a sweet post. You are so lucky!

  5. This is beautiful and so wonderful that you found your one and only. Love is a beautiful thing.

  6. Long distance relationships can be very trying. Best of luck. I think it’s sweet for your to share your feelings and thoughts this way.

  7. Great article! It’s amazing when you find that right kind of love.

  8. That is so sweet! It’s nice to hear that you found someone that completes and supports you all the way. He’s the kind of guy that difficult to let go.

  9. It is hard to find someone who you can live with for the rest of your life.

  10. So happy that you have someone that understands and love you! It’s ok to brag about them lol

  11. I absolutely can relate. My husband is the most supportive person in my life. He is also my biggest cheerleader! So glad you have someone who supports your efforts.

  12. What a beautiful post. It definitely takes a lot of trust and strength to make a long distance relationship work.

  13. Congratulations on finding love. The last photo has the lyrics of me and my husband’s song. 1234 by plain white tees.

  14. Your words are very honest and awesome! It makes me wonder how you molded this article coming from your heart. Really great to read your thoughts about your love.

    • Aww, thanks. I was just thinking about him and us when I wrote this article.. I’ve been thinking about posting one dedicated for him recently – and this was the only time I was able to do it. Thank You – every word came from my heart indeed. :)

  15. Awww, this is so sweet! :’) Long distance relationship is definitely not easy but glad you two survived through all the hardships!

  16. You know, your story is similar to mine. One thing I learned through the 9 years I’ve been with my husband – living in unison with the other doesn’t just happen, it is a result of A LOT of work and efforts on both sides. Sometimes it’s hard, much harder than you would think when dreaming about the perfect relationship but when the years go by and you turn back you see how much you both have grown and have formed a beautiful, strong relationship. You are lucky indeed, and I wish you much strength to keep on loving him.

  17. I hope this awesome relationship that you have maintained for so long will last forever. Amazing, indeed!

  18. This is so sweet, and I just love how you have maintained a long distance relationship for so long – It just makes it better : )

  19. When you find a person who has all those qualties, you had better hold on to him with all you’ve got. You are very lucky to have found this kind of love.

  20. It’s nice that you have found your match when it comes to love.

  21. What a very sweet post, I’m sure your husband is so appreciative of the time and thought you put into it.

    • Lol. He’s not my husband – at the very least, we are not married yet or into that stage of sort, lol.

  22. I think the time apart also helped you to be stronger as you get to grow into you’re individuality yet still look forward to being together.

  23. I spent many years with my husband before coming to this realization. I mean, I’m not self-centered or anything, but it never occurred to me to really appreciate the fact that he loves me the way that he does, and accepts everything about me. I think in a lot of ways I just went through the motions without with wisdom. Yes, I knew we loved each other, and I knew I accepted him and loved him in this way, but it was such a revelation to realize he did the same.

  24. aww.. this is really so sweet~! I hope you could post a photo of you together! :)

  25. Well I hope it continues til you guys are married. From experience the dynamics change when you are married, you have kids and the inlaws are also a factor. Enjoy the dating stage.. I miss that stage a lot!!

  26. It’s nice that he supports you in your career and in your crazy moment. I guess the little bit of craziness makes love interesting.

  27. That is so very, VERY sweet! I really enjoyed reading your post because, truth is, I love reading about other people’s happiness :) It truly makes ME happy to hear other people are happy and thriving! It sounds like you’ve got yourself a really good guy and the fact that he does all that stuff and supports you for who you are and what you want to do is AMAZING.

    And bragging doesn’t hurt one bit either ;) My boyfriend hates when I brag about him but I still do it! LOL

  28. I am lucky to have an amazing husband who has stuck with me through the good, bad and the ugly. Truly. It’s a blessing to have this.

  29. What a sweet post, I feel the same about my husband too!

  30. It’s always nice to see people having gratitude and a positive view of their world. Thanks for making the world extra sparkly with your observations!

  31. You’re blessed to have such a great relationship and I feel like the struggles really make it even better when you’re on the high. All those foundations you wrote down are also the perfect base for a long lasting love. Wish you both all the best in the future

  32. Waaa I came to your blog at the wrong time. :( A week ago, I would have shared in your happiness and told you I have the exact same thing. But last week, my boyfriend broke my heart by chasing after another girl online, thinking he wouldn’t get caught. *heart break sucks*

  33. Your points are strong but so valid. Happy for you. Now that you found each other and are strong and solid focus in happiness. Beautiful to read your grattitude

  34. Sounds like you guys have a great relationship. You are lucky to have found a good guy!

  35. I had a long distance relationship once for 3 years that eventually dwindled out and ended up going no where because neither of us could relocate to the opposite side of the U.S. Granted I was only 16 when it started, but I feel like I truly connected with him on a level that I hadn’t experienced with anyone at that time or even in the near future. So I can relate somewhat, but if it hadn’t ended, I wouldn’t have found the perfect man for me.

    And it’s nice to hear a story of long distance love growing and lasting. Thanks for sharing with us!

  36. Awwwww, I got a little emotional reading your post. That is very sweet when you find the one you are meant to be with. Even through difficulties love will always find a way. Wishing you both the best and maybe we’ll be hearing wedding bells one day soon? :-)

  37. aww this post is very sweet!

    Being honest with your partner can really make a big difference :)

  38. Such a lovely post! It’s romantic, honest and just so adorable. I must rush off to call my man.

  39. Enjoy this stage get to know one another even more.

  40. This is so sweet! I sure do love to see other people happy! :)

  41. Aw what a lovely post, I really hope he does read it and takes it all in <3 x

  42. That is so great! True love is the best (Kim)

  43. Congratulations, true love is a wonderful thing!

  44. This is really sweet, almost too sappy love sweet, hehe.. i had a few LDR, they never really worked out.. which still bums me out to this day, but it is, what it is…

  45. Kristen

    My husband and I were LDR until we got married. Totally worth the wait!

  46. Long distance relationships can be so hard. Happy to hear it’s working out for you two!

  47. It’s such a blessing to be loved and to have someone to love. Ultimately, that is what we all hope for in our lives.

  48. awww…so sweet. so what did he say after reading this?

  49. I guess the trust is a key ingredient in both of you that’s why you are going strong.

  50. It is quite a blessing to love and be loved by a wonderful man. My husband of 24 years is my greatest treasure.

  51. This is such a sweet post. And the points are very valid!

  52. Sounds like you have found your soul mate and that is really a good thing in today’s world.

  53. I ee, I havent experienced this but I ssee how this has an effect on my friends. But what you wrote is so sweet and cute

  54. I see, I havent experienced this but I ssee how this has an effect on my friends. But what you wrote is so sweet and cute

  55. sweet! lucky you!! LDR is quite difficult but you just have to trust and be open to each other.

  56. You said you trust him and he trusts you. I have learned that you can have all the love in the world, but without trust you don’t have much. I hope it can always stay this way! You deserve it!

  57. You are such a sweet soul sis, no wonder you and him work it out even far apart.

  58. Love is in the air and in the cyberspace. I totally feel you with the long distance relationship because I have been through it. Trust played an important role to keep the relationship going.

  59. I don’t like to brag too, but when it comes to my boyfriend, well, you just can’t resist! Especially when good guys are hard to find these days

  60. What can I say? Love is a very complicated thing and yet most people wouldn’t walk away from it. I’m glad you found the man you can share these complications with since it’s much more fun that way.

  61. You definitely found a wonderful person to be with. It’s so important to be with someone who appreciates you!

  62. This is awesome. We all deserve happiness and love!

  63. Love can be found in so many ways and in so many places. Really great you found one that makes you happy.

  64. I know all too well about lDR and hats off to you. I loved the post and Im so happy for you

  65. katherine

    Wow, I never had a long distance relationship!

  66. awwww. what a cute post. You are so lucky to have one another. It’s hard to be in an LDR.

  67. sweet!! Godbless on your relationship. Everyone should learn from this.

  68. That’s really nice! I completely understand how you feel. There are only few lucky persons nowadays who are and/or have been engaged in a long term, stable and loving relationship. You deserve some congratulations! ^^ I will be engaging in and LDR relationship too two months from now and I hope my boyfriend and I can make it successfully like the both of you. :)

  69. What a sweet post! I’m sure your boyfriend will be very happy to read this.

  70. Really, a heartfelt gesture of loving someone.

  71. It really nice to know that you are still together and now having a long distance relationship , because thats what my wife and me have right now, its really lonely sometime being away

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