Embrace the Beauty of Nature, with Ikebana

Not everyone knows what an “Ikebana” means but in very simple terms – it’s called, flower arrangement.

I have high respect with mother nature and I believe that all things in the world has its beauty and it was around 2012 when I realized the importance of flowers in each of our lives, too. We people really tend to focus our attention with our priorities in life that sometimes – we tend to forget to pause for awhile and just enjoy the moment.


I have been planning to make an Ikebana and bring it to my room and as a part of our home decoration at the living room. This has always been part of the Japanese culture but I always wanted to get because of its astonishing beauty and how it changes up the whole setting of an area – whether you plan to place it in your bedroom, living room and even to function rooms for events.

japanese ikebana for every season

I also recently received this book called: Japanese Ikebana for Every Season and believe me, it was a life saver. It truly made me realized that even if this has always been a part of the Japanese culture – it can be accessible to anyone and anyone can do it as well. It teaches us that we can just make use of anything that is around us and transform it to something special with a bit of practice and simple techniques. All these things will definitely bring a Japanese feel and elegance to your home. All you really need are just a few flowers, plants and a small container and vase – then you’re good to go! How awesome, right?


Red tulips in a form of Ikebana – such beauty, right? I really think Ikebana are truly one of the many kinds of home decoration you can make in any home, bedroom or just any kind of events. Not only because of its beauty but it always spreads out a loving feeling and energy vibe to it, too. Again, as I have mentioned I had struggled many years ago and someone came up to me and asked me – “Have you smelled a flower yet?” I was left confused by what he told me but after trying to smell a flower one day. Oddly enough, I felt better. Sometimes we just become to practical in life as being a human being – we constantly work and try to survive each and every day of our lives – maybe sometimes, we can just pause and smell a flower or two – let’s bring out our inner feelings and emotions to the flower whether we are happy or sad. For once, let us be with nature and have a loving inner peace to ourselves, from time to time. It will make a big difference with your life – trust me, I’ve been there and done that.

Here’s a 5-min tutorial in making a Basic Ikebana Flower Arrangement – check it out!

February 3rd, 2014
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  1. Those arrangements are gorgeous. I have never seen anything like that. One of those would go perfectly in my parents house :)

  2. Those are extraordinary displays of flowers. I happen to be allergic to flowers so I would have to pass on any of these being in my apartment. My Mom LOVES flowers and is artistic-I think I will forward this to her-I am sure she would love the idea!

  3. Yes, nothing can beat the nature’s beauty :)

  4. I have been curious about this before due to an anime movie, just forgot what it was. I love these kinds of DIY decor :D

  5. Never heard about this Ikebana but looks so beautiful! A very unique one!

  6. This is so original and actually calming. I am sure there is a lot of thought behind the process as pretty much with everything Japanese. The final product is beautiful

  7. Never underestimate the beauty of nature. Those are some beautiful arrangements.

  8. Those are really beautiful i would love to have some of these displayed around my house :-)

  9. Wow, those arrangements are gorgeous! I would love to have the Red tulips in a form of Ikebana in my house year round.

    • I agree Amber – these look stunning and the red is vibrant and amazing really in this arrangement.

  10. Those are some really beautiful flowers! I don’t think I’ve ever seen any arrangements like that around here, but I would love to have one in my home, for sure!

    • Maybe because it was a part of the Japanese culture – it’s rarely seen in other areas but I totally loved them!

  11. These kinds of arrangements are absolutely gorgeous! I’ve never seen anything like these and I really love them.

  12. Those are uniquely beautiful arrangements.

  13. I absolutely enjoy nature and being able to bring it in is awesome. These are really beautiful. Thanks

  14. Wow!! Stunning. I need one of these in my apartment. They would add such beauty and elegance to the room. Thanks for introducing me to this!

  15. Wow they are so beautiful – what a gorgeous arrangement – I would love to be able to do something like that I have to admit. x

  16. So pretty! I never heard of it before but I’ve seen things around like that. I’d love to do it myself

  17. Is the Ikebana suppose to be relaxing? I am asking because… when I look at them for some reason it feels so soothing to me.

    • Well, first of all – it is a form of meditation. When doing Ikebana, you also make sure that whoever sees the flower arrangement you made will be at peace – will feel happy. That’s probably why you felt relaxed. :) It was also believed that flowers can actually bring out our feelings and emotions – it’s very interesting, don’t you think? :D

  18. Those are beautiful. They look difficult to make though!

    • Yes – patience is truly needed. In Ikebana, you just really think of making it so when people see it – they will feel happy. They say it is also a form of meditation. :)

  19. Wow, those are beautiful! I want one for my dining room table!

  20. I do not blame you for wanting to decorate that way, it is absolutely beautiful. I plan to have more plants and flowers in our new home and can not wait. I absolutely love orchids and will finally own a few.

  21. I’ve never seen or heard of this before. It’s beautiful! Totally something that I would love for my own home. I’ve been thinking of getting a Bonsai Tree though for months now and have yet to get one.

  22. I have watched many videos on how to arrange and create ikebana. It’s really art. At first glance it looks easy but it’s not.

  23. it is actually awesome to know that flowers are really fixed and put together here. keep it up! :)

  24. I just love the simplicity of these arrangements. I can think of a few interiors these would work in

  25. Flower arrangement reminds me of high school, we did that several times and I loved it. Thanks for sharing the video.

  26. These arrangements are so beautiful. They really change the whole decor of the room in an electrifying way.

  27. Those are phenomenal arrangements. I wish I have that kind of talent.

  28. I would like to have one in my room especially now since Summer is about to start.

  29. I’m doing this Ikebana when I was in grade school and I liked it. Today, there’s an Ikebana on our living room, a big one. Thanks for posting this article.

  30. I’m a very girly girl but sad to say i’m not feminine enough for my liking, i’m also not too into flowers >.< but those arrangements are nothing short of beautiful! I should start caring about my surrounding *and beautify them* more and maybe learn to enjoy a flower or two!

  31. These arrangements are awesome..nothing can beat the beauty of nature.

  32. Japanese Ikebana is really a nice decor for any place and also adds a little personal touch.

  33. I have never seen anything like this and it is absolutely beautiful, so thanks for this lovely blog post! You write very well and I love that you included a tutorial, loved it!

    Shelley xo

  34. Those are beautiful! I love nature, thanks for the pretty post!

  35. Absolutely gorgeous! I love having flowers and plants around my home and office space.

  36. Such beautiful arrangements! I’ve always thought these kind of arrangements are so simple but lovely. Well done!

  37. i love ikebanas! i tried a single arrangement last time and i dont know how to describe it though hahahaha

  38. This is so gorgeous! I would live to have this displayed at home or at work.

  39. those are beautiful flower arrangements for sure thank you

  40. I truly love the Japanese culture! They have such a deep respect for nature and their surroundings. I’m glad I could learn something more about it today :) love those flower arrangements! It’s true how they can really bring an interior to life.

  41. Those are just gorgeous. It would look nice in my house!

  42. My word, those are GORGEOUS!!! I need one! I just need it to be artificial. I can never keep anything alive…

  43. Those are gorgeous arrangements! I love all things Japanese. I lived there for two years over a decade ago and still miss it.

  44. These are gorgeous! I never heard of ikebana before today! Awesome tutorial too!

  45. LOVE your decorating style.. absolutely beautiful….love the arrangement..thanks for sharing

  46. I love Ikebana, all the creations are so beautifull and it is an art to learn how to combine designs, colours and structures.

  47. nice!! like the last photo!! cool arrangement very artistic!

  48. Such gorgeous arrangements! I love flowers, they just make me feel happy. I’d really like to have some Ikebana arrangements in my home & the video was really helpful.

  49. i’ve always wanted to learn how ikebana works, i first heard about it in an anime. it seems really nice if you could indeed apply it at home!

  50. i think so too that it’s worth learning ikebana because it’s really something that we can use at home <3 Thanks for sharing!

  51. One thing I appreciate with the Japanese culture is they are very organized and their stuff is always sorted well.

  52. Ikebana is my favorite among the traditional arts of Japan. It is more than just simply arranging flowers.

  53. Ikebana looks really good in the house too! I love flowers!

  54. I’d love to learn how to arrange that last one you have in the photo.

  55. I have always been fascinated with the Japanese culture and have actually been interested in their food and stuff. There is something about their culture that is so fascinating. This certain flower arrangement is sure beautiful. Thanks for sharing it to us.

  56. Gorgeous arrangements.. Very unique and subtle like no other.

  57. Ikebana really gives you an outward emotions when arranging alone; you felt it, created the way your heart beats.

  58. Japanese Ikebana is really something worth learning.

  59. I wish am good at arranging flowers.

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