How To: Beginner Guide to being a Successful Fashion Blogger

Let’s all get real. Blogging has started to become a big part of everyone’s lives – it’s not just a place so a blogger can speak his or her mind about anything in his or her life anymore, like how it used to be back in the days. Most bloggers earn from their blogs and get stable income in it as well. If you are planning to start blogging or don’t have any idea about blogging at all, one thing you should know is that there are different types of blogger that focuses on a certain type of niche. There are lifestyle bloggers, technology bloggers, travel bloggers and one of the most in demand one are the beauty and fashion bloggers.


It really depends on their niche. You would even find bloggers who only talks about their daily lives, blogs about being a mom and about their family life, those who post about food and recipes, or book reviews. It varies, depending on their interests and niche to focus. Anyone can be a blogger but to be a successful one – you need to have passion, commitment and dedication for it. You need to be proud of what you do and be happy about it. It would be wise to not forget that people who read your blogs not just read for the heck of it, they want to know things, they are interested with details, feedback and your personal opinion. I believe it is important to be true with what you blog about – after all, this is one of the reasons why bloggers are even a better critique and endorser than a celebrity, don’t you agree? At the very least, those are my personal opinion.

For now, Let’s talk about being a Fashion Blogger… There are a few things you need to know to start up on being a fashion blogger.

1. Knowing your THEME and NICHE – Now, do remember that you are a fashion blogger so focus on fashion and style. It is important to know what kind of theme you want your readers to perceive you, after all, there are different types of fashion bloggers. Are you the type of fashion blogger who wants to just blog on what’s new out in the stores? What’s coming up? One who is active on events and fashion shows? Those who tend to share a lot of outfits and posts reviews, etc? Do know that its also good to know what type of readers are you focusing to get your attention and interests – is it for the preteens, mid to late teens? Are you focusing on fashion for kids, for men or just focusing on the type of having the fashion while being on a budget? It’s good to know what is your theme, as it will give you an idea what to publish on your blog.

2. Name your Blog – How do you want to be recognized by your readers? It’s nice to exert a bit of effort to make it personalized only for you so your readers can easily find you when they search for your blog online, especially when they don’t even remember or know the exact name of your domain. It’s like marketing – how you create your own brand for yourself!


3. Defining your Content – How will you make your content? How to do you publish your blog posts? All of these things are to be taken into consideration. Personally, if you would notice on my blog, I don’t really highlight every single word on a blog posts. I only put bold letters on the things I believe can highlight or bring importance to a specific topic I am talking about. I also sometimes do this to accentuate a brand I want to plug, at times. I also always make sure to insert wonderful photos within my blog. After all, I don’t want it to look dull – everyone gets bored with a blog post full of text and no photos, right? So put your research and photography skill to use. You can use your own photos or use stock photos available online. I also believe that the outline and color scheme of your blog defines you as a blogger not just a fashion blogger. Thus, I like to keep it clutter-free, simple and professional looking, as much as possible.

4. Be Social! Work on your Networking! – One of the few things to know is that, once you start blogging. Do know that you need to start building up your network. It’s nice to have other fashion bloggers as your friends as you get to learn from them as well. Sometimes, they will be sharing you stuff, as well. See them as your friends not competitors, we are not a shop or company competing for anything. Do know that you will need to share your blog updates each time, not in a spam-type of posts, ofcourse – people would hate that. Schedule what type of posts you might want to plug on your social networking sites. When you have a great build up of network, everything will follow through, from blogging events, PR connections, getting to know different types of people, etc. You may not notice this or maybe you will – but being a fashion blogger sometimes, makes you a role model as well – you inspire people! You should remember and take note of that.


As for me, it’s not really all about being a fashion blogger – again, it depends on the niche you want to focus. Way back years ago, I just started publishing blog posts all about skin care and beauty and I had readers who told me I should make a beauty blog – posting things of your own interest and passion helps out a lot. Everyone can easily know if you are posting for the heck of posting or really posting because you were true with what you are saying, etc. As for me, I focus on the things that interests me as a woman so I share anything related to women – you can say its a multi-niche type of blog that focuses on women’s interest between beauty, fashion and lifestyle. SEO-wise, this isn’t the best move to make, but this is what makes me happy and I love sharing my thoughts and opinion of the things I blog about – thus, if you have this kind of thought as well – then, it’s okay. After all, there is no specific rules with blogging and anyone can be a blogger!

Here are more guidelines you might want to check out with fashion blogging – these tips will help your way to be a successful fashion blogger in no time! All it takes it time, patience, practice – and just continue updating your blog!

A Guide To Fashion Blogging - How To Start A Fashion Blog | Ever-Pretty Infographic
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  1. Amanda Love - Growing Up Madison

    Great tips for those wanting to get into the fashion blogger world. I’m in an entire different niche but may think of this in about 15 years :)

  2. You really have the passion to excel when it comes to women’s fashion. This article is very informative for a beginner and truly could uplift their self-esteem in fashion blogging.

  3. I don’t think I’m fashionable enough to ever have a fashion blog, but these are some great tips! And I really like that infographic!

  4. Great tips! I learn a lot from fashion bloggers!

  5. Dov Shapira

    Great blog, who knew …
    Awesome info in one blog

  6. These are great tips! A fashion blog would be a lot of fun, but I’m sure a lot of work with all of the photos you would have to take and edit through.

  7. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    I think networking can apply to anything really. I always look to make new connections.

  8. Thanks for these awesome tips! They could really apply to all bloggers not just fashion. I always learn something when I come here.

  9. Great post, a lot of these principles can be applied to other niche blogs!

  10. Great tips for those starting out in the blogging world and fashion for sure.

  11. I have zero fashion sense but do appreciate a good fashion blogger. It takes a lot of ‘know’ to be one.

  12. Really good post for beginners. I have two close friends (in their early 20s) with fashion blogs that I will forward this article to.

  13. These are all really great tips for the aspiring fashion blogger. I also really loved the photos you posted! Thank you for this.


  14. As a newer blogger I think those are great advice and tips for any type of blog not just fasion blogging. I run a lifestyle health special needs parenting blog I do product reviews but only in relation to my readers. I’m glad you posted this great tips I’m going to take advice to.

  15. Pam

    I love reading fashion blogs and you really do have to be quite talented to be different and draw your crowd. These tips are great tips for all bloggers.

  16. I think niching is very important.. this way you differentiate yourself from the others..

  17. This is wonderful advice for those who want to get into fashion blogging. I pinned this post to my blogging board. thanks!

  18. Wow these are some great tips. Although I am not a fashion blogger I still learned something that I can apply to my own blog thank you.

    • Yes, I could honestly say that this could also apply in different niches, too (with a bit of alterations, ofcourse!)

  19. I wish I would’ve started a fashion blog years ago! All of these tips are wonderful, you’re so generous to share your gems of wisdom!

  20. Great tips, and I love the infographics! Definitely important information for new fashion bloggers

  21. Great advice to get started and get your name out there. It’s important to brand yourself and offer something a little different that really connects with your audience.

  22. I enjoyed reading the info that you provided in the blog. I’m new the blogging world, I’ve followed other bloggers for year, until four months ago. Fashion has been part of me all of my life, so I decided 4 months ago to put this passion to work. Thanks again for the information, I will be checking back for more tips. I’m open to any suggestions that you may have and want to share.

  23. This is fantastic! So cool of you to share! If only I was fashionable or I could try!:)

  24. Being a fashion blogger is hard work. I love blogging but don’t think I’d be able to hack it as a fashion blogger.

  25. Good tips. This will be very helpful to entrepreneurs wanting to start a fashion blog.

  26. It’s intimidating for some to try to start a blog. These tips are very inspirational to those considering starting a fashion blog.

  27. I started a multi-niche blog with a fashion oriented name in 2004, and I agree that wasn’t the best idea for SEO. Thus, I made separated blogs for varying interests (beauty, fashion, and lifestyle).

  28. I can imagine it would be hard work to be a fashion blogger!

  29. I constantly go back and forth about my niche. Right now, I’m just me. I think it’s encapsulated in being a mommy blogger, but with a focus on money, health and fitness.

  30. I have been telling my sister to start her own fashion or beauty blog for awhile now. She never listened. You bet I am going to share it with her!

  31. I don’t know the first thing about fashion so I respect fashion bloggers for what they do. Great advice!

  32. So much great information here. I think a lot of it can be applied to bloggers in general and will be so helpful to anyone who wants to get started!

  33. useful information that can be applied to almost any niche!

  34. I think I still can’t get the hang of posing infront of the camera to take OOTD shots. To be a fashion bloggers in my opinion should also be able to project the clothes you’re wearing in every perspective.

  35. It’s also important to be comfortable with who you are since it’s your style of fashion that would stand out in your blog.

  36. These are all fantastic tips, and although my blog is mainly family/parent orientated, these tips are helpful for me too. Thank you! :D

  37. These are great tips! I think that they can help any blogger really.

  38. There are definitely so many tips to use when you get started! Thanks for compiling them for us.

  39. Wow now this is perfect for people who are planning to start a fashion blog of their own.

  40. You were very informative, I need to share this with people who are interested in creating their own blogs.

  41. Those are great tips for would-be fashion bloggers. I agree that it’s important to define what you want your blog to be about before plunging ahead!

  42. I worked in retail all through high school and my first pass through college. I never really get into the fashion side of it though as I was always more interested in the business side. Now that I am older, I’d love to create a cute plus size fashion line for people my age who don’t want to look like we are in our 20s, but also don’t want to wear grandma style clothes.

  43. Gabby

    These are great tips, especially defining your niche. I get overwhelmed when I visit blogs that are just all over the place!

  44. What a great guide – I never really found my niche – wish I had, I’m more of an everything blogger. x

  45. I wish I was fashionable enough to start a fashion blog. Alas, I was not blessed with the skills to mix and match prints and styles. Great tips for those who are though!

  46. Lovely guide dear and wonderful tips. Thanks for sharing!

  47. I never tried doing this fashion blogging but I am hoping that I’ll be posting one in the near future! This is just great! Like all in one!

    Keep it up! ?

  48. I never tried doing this fashion blogging but I am hoping that I’ll be posting one in the near future! This is just great! Like all in one!

    Keep it up! ?

  49. Rosey

    I think a fashion blog would be so fun. I would definitely need a better camera than I currently own.

  50. wow! this is amazing! I am a fashion blogger too and i have learned a lot from these tips. I guess i still have a lot to learn.

  51. Great tips! Sometimes we don’t know where to begin. You’ve done a great job.

  52. What’s great is that I think this applies to any type of blog, not just a fashion blog! Thanks so much for posting, it’s really helpful x

  53. Great compilation of tips for blogs in general.

  54. Great list of tips for starting out. I always tell people that for all the “rules” you read about for blogging, there are many successful bloggers who buck those “rules” and create their own path. A clear vision, being professional, networking, and being knowledgeable in your niche are all important to start, but the rest really changes and evolves as the blogger and audience does.

  55. great tips for those who want to start a fashion blog! I’ll bookmark this post, just in case I get tired being a mommy blogger LOL

  56. great tips for anyone wanting to start a blog!

  57. I am not so much into fashion but these are great tips.

  58. Kirriee

    Check this new wordpress theme for your fashion blog Havana Rae by Medium & Message: and be amazed of the amazing features this theme has to offer.

  59. Great blog! Your photos are awesome as well, very eye catching! I’ll bookmark this page so I can keep up with your new posts!

  60. I recently started my own fashion blog and would love for people to check it out! I currently have two posts up, but lots of ideas to come

  61. Hi Aisha,

    Well written and detailed post which is very helpful for people looking to venture into fashion blogging. Thanks for sharing this.
    P.S. Pinned and followed you :)

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