Weight loss tips: Summer Eating Habits

Did you know that the summer season has every reason to make you fat and gain weight? It is the most usual time for you to bum around and sleep all day and night. What makes it worst is knowing that our eating habits plays a major role in it!

The good news is, it is also the perfect time to lose more weight, shape up and be a new person you’ve always wanted to be! All you need is patience, discipline and continuous practice of living a healthy lifestyle. As long as you have the will and determination, nothing is impossible.

Even Jillian Michaels who lost more than 65 pounds off her weight proves it!

Quick Tips a Summer Shape Up Weight Loss:

1. Drink plenty of water. Drink as much possible water as you can – stay hydrated! It’s good for the skin and it makes you full without even eating yet. It’s not necessarily 8 glasses of water daily because it differs depending on each persons weight. To know the specific quantity of water you need to drink, divide your weight in pounds by 2 and whatever the result is would be the ounces of water you need daily. (For ex: 130lbs/2 = 65 ounces which is 8.1 cup of water daily!)

2. Eat fruits and vegetables. Eat healthy foods and dropped the processed canned goods. It’s a good change of lifestyle to practice by eating balance diet meals.

3. Never skip a meal, especially breakfast. Make sure you are always fueled up to feel energized through out the day. By not skipping breakfast, you won’t easily get starve and end up stuffing yourself with food.

4. Always eat snacks. After a big meal and you still want to eat, go and find some fruits, yogurt or nuts.. etc. Eating portions of snacks is okay, just keep it in moderation. By eating snacks in between meals, you won’t feel hungry at the end of the day. You’d find yourself eating lesser by dinner time, too! In-taking healthy vitamin supplements, shakes and protein bars are a big help not just in losing weight and being healthy but also good for your skin.

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5. Move, Exercise and Workout! Walk, Jog and Exercise! By cleaning the house, revamping your closet or going for a window shopping the whole day can be considered as an exercise. After a meal, why not start a habit of cleaning up your plates for a change? At least, you won’t be sitting in front of the computer bumming around again right after eating a meal, right?

6. Sleep at the right time. The reason most people gain weight is the fact that they lack sleep. When it’s time to sleep, please… just go to sleep. The more time you spend watching movies, spending too much time in front of the computer and playing games… the more you give your body itself a reason and signal to eat midnight snacks. Remember, you need at least 3 hours to digest the foods you eat before you should actually sleep!

8. Moderation. You don’t need to suddenly change the way you eat or change how you live your life but doing baby steps in moderation is a big step to a better you. It’s okay to have chocolates, ice creams and a few sweets once in awhile to not deprive yourself of those comfort foods entirely. Enjoy eating but don’t abuse your body, okay?

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  1. Sounds doable! Thanks for the tips! I really need to get in shape 'coz I'm gaining weight. Boo!

  2. I need this. hahaha. Thank you so much for posting useful tips. Tummy is getting bigger. LOL

  3. I was So Confuse About My Summer Diet…But You Did a great job that you are Giving me Nice Tips About It!
    I really like Your way Of Writing..Please Write Some thing more!

  4. Hi sis! Do you still remember me? Well I'm back to blogging again xD
    Thank you for this article though I really just want to maintain my current weight.
    But my mom would love this so I'm definitely going to share this to her.

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