The Secret to a Happier Life!


Life really has no secret and everything is always being provided for each and everyone of us. It is only human’s perception that limit us from getting the things that we truly want in achieving our dreams and goals in life in which we truly desire most.

Everyone of us are actually lucky yet people just tend to complain, focus on negative thoughts – assuming and expecting worst things before it actually manifest and happen. That is why people do not tend to value what they have right now in this present moment as they tend to value things – only when it is too late, only when it’s gone and without their reach.

Life isn’t supposed to be really sad. It’s full of happiness, joy and laughter. I know, it might sound awkward or weird – I’m not preaching anyone here. I just honestly think that, if we have the chance and decision to make our life really happy, full of joy and miracles.. then why would we even choose to make our life miserable by expecting that life is unfair to begin with?

I guess, it is true that when people grow up – they don’t really “grow-up” – they become fearful of life itself. They think of ways to protect themselves. They become afraid of being honest and opening up what they truly feel as they do not want other people to know and see their weaknesses. People tend to do more thinking than doing.

They protect themselves, too much – thinking this is what life is supposed to be. They expect that when you grow up, finish college and go to work – life would be a drag – responsibilities will kick in, things will be much serious and frustrating living in the real world.

What is really sad is the fact that older people from generations has pass this on and on to the younger ones – building up these limiting beliefs within the younger generations – making them be too close minded and afraid of what life truly is… and when you think about it, these people being too secured and afraid to make any risk, pursuing the things they truly really want…. Just because it is what they knew.. that thought that it is the beliefs that they grew up with and influences they have absorbed throughout their life…

These kinds of people… they are not truly living, are they?

They are surviving…

Truth be told, that is just no fun at all.

I can’t even stress this enough but it’s really not Law of Attraction that makes our life happier and full of miracles – it’s gratitude. Our thoughts can be a big part of it but it’s what makes us feel good which makes the bigger impact. When your happy – not complaining, going with the flow and just letting things happen as is – things do happen. You’d somehow see how certain things you always wish for.. starts to unfold within your very eyes, it is true and it happens. I’m actually the living proof that it does. ; )

There is so much things we can be thankful of… things we are truly blessed to have in our life… only if we learn to be more appreciative; only if we learn and figure out how gratitude can be so powerful than our mind can do – it makes a big difference. If only we can start the day counting our blessings and not counting the hard things that has happened to us… this world will be so much better, so much safer… so much peaceful.

Not that I am close minded of what the real life truly is.. it is just that I chose to enjoy life and trust that God and the universe will provide things for me when I truly need it – that God will never forsake me. I do what I can in the present moment and enjoy everything as is. Not much thinking… not much expecting.. just living.

I’m living and I’m happy with my life without asking for anything more. I can even say that everyday miracles happen in my life without me needing to ask for it!

It’s all about being in the present moment, being grateful to everything… and just enjoying everything as it is – like a kid would!

11 Comments to The Secret to a Happier Life!

  1. this is very inspiring.. I think that we all consumed by our selfless thoughts that we eventually forgot the simple things that are supposed to makes us happy.. :)


    – Justin –
    The World According To Me

  2. To be grateful for what you have and be contented with it is the greatest thing.

  3. There’s a lot of things I am thankful of and most of them are things money can’t buy.

  4. When I feel like I have nothing accomplished, I just looked at how my kids are happy and I always realized how blessed I am!

  5. Being contented on what you have is what main source of happiness in you and can turn you either for being a good person.

  6. Being grateful is really very important. It keeps us grounded.

  7. We usually complain and make things complicated. We forget that every single day always a blessing for us. We should be thankful and be satisfied with our lives.

  8. A person won’t be grateful especially when he/she won’t be open minded and accept the reality of life. Contentment and if a person is spiritually equipped there’s no reason for her/him to be scared of life.

  9. Every one should apply the 5 simple rules to a happy life! We don’t have to stress out ourselves.

  10. Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude. :)

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