Get Outside And Enjoy The Full Body Benefits Of Fresh Air!

Unfortunately, most of us spend the majority of our time indoors, and don’t get the benefits of fresh air. Children spend most of their day in classrooms, and adults spend it either in the home, or an indoor work space. Because of our indoor lives, the importance of fresh air is often overlooked, but it should not be. Fresh air is not just about taking in the scenery, or enjoying nature; your body needs it!


What is “fresh air”? – Don’t be fooled into thinking simply going outside will provide you with the fresh air your body is craving. In large cities, the air is often full of particles from cars and industrial businesses. Pollutants take away from the benefits of fresh air, and can harm your body causing breathing problems, and even brain damage.

Exercising outdoors increases the benefits of aerobic activities. – Instead of hitting the gym, try jogging or even just walking outdoors. Find a jogging path away from the main part of the city to avoid air pollution. When doing aerobic exercises, the more fresh air we breathe in, the better our breathing techniques; the better our breathing techniques, the more stamina we have. What’s more, fresh air reduces cramps by eliminating build-up in the muscles. Remember that good workout clothes are also important. Ensure yourself comfort and safety, which may sound expensive, but it doesn’t have to be so – there’s plenty of Kohl’s promo codes you can find online to shop for training clothing at budget prices.


Feel the difference in your entire body! – Not only is fresh air great for lungs, but the benefits extend to the body as a whole. Fresh air works as a cleaner for our lungs, as we release toxins while we breathe. Fresh air also helps the brain by providing more oxygen to it. People who exercise outdoors often feel a “high” (you may have heard of the runner’s high) and can help bring clarity to the brain.

The benefits don’t stop there! Fresh air also helps to improve digestive health. Oxygen helps food to digest more effectively, so try taking a short walk after meals! Improve your blood pressure and heart health by staying away from polluted air as much as possible, and get a good amount of fresh air intake daily.

Serotonin is the chemical produced in the brain that makes us happy, so we want lots of it! Fresh air increases the amount of serotonin we produce, causing our mood to improve, and a sense of well-being. Getting outdoors and into fresh air also improve the health of your immune system. White blood cells do the healing in our body, and the more oxygen you intake, the more white blood cells you produce. Taking in more fresh air will allow your body to better fight bacteria and viruses.

Improve your overall blood health by getting outside more. Fresh air and oxygen purify your blood. That’s right, your blood needs to be purified! Fresh air actually changes the color of your blood to a bright, healthy red, and sends blood to the entire body more efficiently.

17 Comments to Get Outside And Enjoy The Full Body Benefits Of Fresh Air!

  1. I had rather walk outside than inside on the treadmill. I didn’t realize all the benefits of fresh air, but I do know I love being outside. After learning these benefits, I’ll be outside more than ever.

  2. I know that I need to get out much more than I do. Now that I am in the process of starting my healthier lifestyle, I hope to start doing just that! Great post :)

  3. We love letting fresh air in our home in the spring and fall when the windows can be opened up. We have nice little walking path on our property and I always feel so refreshed when I make time for a walk.

  4. I love fresh air. I love being outdoors and enjoying beautiful weather. I open windows in my house as often as possible!

  5. I love it when it’s cooler out so I can open up windows and let some of the fresh air in. I would prefer walking outside all the time, but I know I don’t always convince myself to do so, so I actually do the treadmill quite a bit. The second I can open the windows I open them and get all that fresh air in.

  6. Rebecca Swenor

    This is indeed such a great post. It is so true that we all need fresh air. I know around here we go for long walks or hikes in the woods which is great exercise. Thanks for sharing the information.

  7. I spend all my time indoors at work so as soon as I get home I am in my backyard with my dog! I love getting fresh air!!

  8. Pam

    I love getting outside. My husband and I try to go for a walk every day after dinner! It’s so refreshing.

  9. Getting outside to enjoy fresh air is such a great way to feel better and get rejuvenated. Loved reading this!

  10. Living in the big city like Jakarta, fresh air is something I miss. It’s almost like a luxury to get one. I love being outdoor too.

  11. Stephen

    I 100% agree with you there are so many MORE benefits from just going outside including fresh air, sunshine and just enjoying the views that you don’t get at the end of a treadmill.

  12. We were just talking in Science today about all the benefits of exercising outdoors for children. Vitamin D and exercising makes you happy!! You will be less depressed!

  13. Sunshine increases your Vitamin D production which helps out with multiple healthy infection including mental health.

  14. I was just thinking about this today. Nothing is better than fresh air and a nice walk outside as it’s turning cooler!

  15. I agree with this wholeheartedly. During the Winter we still try to get outside as much as we can, too if the weather permits because spending time outdoors is great for elevating your mood and keeping you active and fit.

  16. Christina Aliperti

    There’s nothing like fresh air and sunshine for the body. I try to spend at least 30 minutes a day outside.

  17. CourtneyLynne

    I just love getting out and getting fresh air!!! A good ole walk around the neighborhood is so much better than a walk on a treadmill or elliptical

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