A Women’s Guide in Choosing the Best Shoes for Your Feet

Women love buying shoes all the time – most even have a whole closet just for their shoes. While we tend to choose the kind of shoes that looks good on our feet, most of the time.. We tend to forget the fact that we should also take care of our feet.


This guide shows you what to look for when buying shoes and keeping your feet healthy all the time.

Quick Tips to Remember When Shoe Shopping:

1. Make sure you are able to wiggle your toes inside your shoes.

2. Make sure to try out the shoes before making your purchase. Walk for a few steps and see how it feels like.

3. Choose footwear materials that allow your feet to breathe and mould well to the shape of your foot. Having leather type of material for your shoes would be great!

4. Remember that “afternoon” is the best time to buy a shoes as our feet tends to swell a little during the day. Our feet is at its rightful shape and largest form during the afternoon.

5. Always remember to buy and wear the right shoes – if you will be doing a lot of walking, high heels is definitely not the right choice to make.

Young woman trying on high heel shoes

General Tips in Finding the Best Shoes to Wear:

1. It is very important you wear the type of shoes that fits you perfectly. Don’t give in to the temptation of the shoe would look on you – a bad fitting shoe can be very damaging to your feet. A lot of people tend to have foot problems because of their poorly fitting shoes – sometimes, these foot problems even gets worse over time.

2. Make sure to choose a shoe that feels comfortable with your feet. Always remember to check if you have at least an inch of space between your longest toe and at the end of the shoe. There should be no pressure on the joints on the sides of your foot, thus enough width space is to be taken into consideration as well.

3. Do remember that our feet tend to increase both in length and width. So, it is important to always check whether the fit is correct and never rely on the shoe size alone. You need to also be aware that not all shoes are made the same. It is very important to do a shoe fitting first.


It’s the High Heels!

As a woman myself, I would say that high heels are an essential part of every women’s wardrobe. They make our legs look longer and our bottom smaller. Unfortunately, they can really be a pain at times, too. No matter how it will look great on our feet – they tend to give us blisters, corns and calluses to serious foot, knee and back pain.

Here’s are some tips you can follow to enjoy wearing those high heels without damaging your feet:

1. Do know that high heels is not a walking footwear as they are not made meant to be use for long walking hours. Limit the time you wear these type of shoes to only 3 to 8 hours a day and wear them to glamorous and special events only.

2. Don’t use your high heels to run as if you are rushing to catch a bus. Use your high heels with class and just slow down – taking smaller steps at a time. Put your heel down first and just glide! Not only this minimize the damage on your feet but it also gives you the sexy high-heel wiggle!

3. Again, according to survey and tests.. 90% of the people tend to wear shoes that are too small for them. So again, make sure you are wearing a shoe that really fits you – perfectly and correctly!

4. Give your feet some extra special loving care after wearing those high heels. Enjoy a relaxing foot bath and a moisturizing massage when you get home.

Always choose the kind of shoes that fits the occasion. If you are going to walk a lot, you should choose a footwear that is great for walking so it won’t damage your feet. A walking shoe for example, should keep your feet in place to prevent blisters and keep the toes from slipping forward – especially when you are walking downhill.


Foot Care Tips for a Healthy Feet:

1. Wash your feet every day in warm and soapy water and dry it thoroughly.
2. If your skin is dry, feel free to apply moisturizing cream.
3. Trim those toenails regularly and try to cut it straight across and nothing of too short.
4. Keep those feet warm and do exercise to improve circulation.

Remember, that our feet needs some attention and loving care, too!
Don’t take them for granted – it is also one of the most important part of our body!

Check this out – as for a few people – shoes are way more important than just an everyday apparel!

Image source: fswshoes.com.au

56 Comments to A Women’s Guide in Choosing the Best Shoes for Your Feet

  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    I broke my foot 8 years ago and wearing heels HURTS now. I still wear them, but not for long.

  2. Fi Ní Neachtáin

    The toe wiggle room is something I always overlook and then regret. I never knew feet swelled a bit during the day, great tip right there!

  3. I love going shoe shopping in the evening and when it’s warm outside since you tend to retain more water at that time. I will try shoes on and walk around with them for a while, especially pumps! These are great tips. Thank you.

  4. R U S S

    I usually buy shoes towards the end of the day and I don’t do my shoe-shopping when I’m tired coz chances are I’ll regret getting whatever pair that is. It’s important to be in a good mood when shopping for kicks. I enjoyed reading the trivia that you shared – the stiletto is funny, but my gosh – 30 years in jail. Yikes.

  5. I am so thankful I do not have to wear fancy shoes.. as of now. These are fantastic tips that I need to think about the next time I do have to purchase my pair of black heels. They can be killer on the feet and they shouldn’t be.

  6. These are great tips. I am a tennis shoe kind of gal but like a good wedge as well.

  7. Those are some great tips. I always have a hard time finding comfortable shoes.

  8. that infographic is great! All the additional used for shoes is very funny.

  9. Chrissy Mazzocchi

    Wow what interesting information and I love the 7 unusual uses for shoes lol

  10. Some of those unusual uses are quite entertaining! I’m all about comfortable shoes at this point. I love the high heels, but I also bring along some flats just in case.

  11. This infographic cracked me up. I’m all about the comfortable shoes 90% of the time :)

  12. This is all so true. So many times I see women wearing shoes that look incredibly tight and/or uncomfortable, and I can’t imagine how they can stand it?? I’m all about comfortable shoes…

  13. Being a shoe junkie this is a very good read!!! Everyone take notes ;-)

  14. Pam

    I love finding shoes that are both cute and comfortable. Making sure they’re long enough AND wide enough is key!

  15. I can’t wear heels anymore, it’s tragic! These are good tips.

  16. I never wear heels thanks to horrible arthritis. I honestly did not know about the afternoon tip. I will have to remember that!

  17. Ironic, and I know this is about girly feet, but my husband and I were just discussing this a few minutes ago. It is so important to wear a proper fitting shoe, which he isn’t currently. Great post!

  18. Jennifer Williams

    What interesting facts in that infographic, hmmm. I am a sneakers kind of girl and with my new foot injuries – always will be.

  19. I fall flat on my face is I wear heels – it’s a shame they always look so nice. Perhaps one day I will master the technique! x

  20. I have a hard time shopping for shoes so this will be very helpful! I need all the help I can get!

  21. Elizabeth O.

    Comfort’s my top priority. Can’t function with my feet hurting.

  22. These are great tips. When I was younger, style was my priority. Now it’s all about comfort!

  23. michele d

    I love heels but wearing them daily hurt my feet. Can’t do it!

  24. This is such an awesome post, I definitely needed some of these tips.

  25. Choosing a proper shoe is never easy for any women I believe as it reflects her stylish nature.Nice infographic.

  26. The stories on that infographic are so crazy, right?!

    I like the ankle tie shoes in picture above, those are sharp.

  27. Great tips, sadly I never think about any of these tips when I find shoes that I am in need of. I’m sure if I did I would come out the winner!

  28. I know most times I should be buying flats as am talk enough already but i cant help it, the sales are just too tempting to resist. I look for wriggling room when buying shoes

  29. Ladies should really go for a more comfortable shoes when there is a lot of walking required.

  30. Great post, and I love the info graphic! I never used to be too careful about what kind of shoes I wear…until I rolled my ankle a couple of years ago, and it’s never been the same. Good shoes are a must now!

  31. I love the 7 things for shoes! That was pretty good. (:

  32. I have very sensitive arches, so I need to be careful about my shoes.

  33. I’ve never been a fan of heals. They are cute but I’ve really never felt comfortable in them. I love a good pair of flats though!

  34. I wore a lot of flip flops and ballet flats (and cheap ones at that!). My feet hurt easily so I need shoes that will support them.

  35. I would say I could agree with you especially with the infographics you included.

  36. That’s great advice about shopping in the afternoon for shoes… I didn’t know that! And I love the infographic!

  37. I rarely wear heels except for special events. I like to wear comfy shoes rather than looking good & paying for it later.

  38. Rebecca Swenor

    This is awesome information and tips indeed. I have trouble finding go shoes for my feet. I have Flintstone feet with high arch. Thanks for sharing.

  39. 90% of people tend to wear shoes that are too small for them… That was too funny to read. I JUST gave my mom a pair of walking shoes that I had that were to small. She thought they were a bit big but frankly, they fit her perfectly. You had some great tips.

  40. These are great tips. I tend to buy all my shoes online. I always make sure to get free shipping though. Makes them so much easier to send back if they don’t work out.

  41. It’s so important to walk-test them and make sure they are comfortable. This does not mean they have to be frumpy– some of my flats are the most uncomfortable shoes I own, while a pair of sandals with three inch heels is one that I grab most often for comfort.

  42. I LOVE HEELS and I’m guilty of running in them…heck, I’ve played chase with my nephew in them. I better stop. I learned something new – trying on shoes in the afternoon is the best time of the day…thanks! I also didn’t know Hilary Clinton had a shoe thrown at her before, and that’s kinda scary about the swimming pool changing room incident.

  43. I wear heels every now and again. I’m more of a converse lady, heels are for special occasions for me.

  44. Ann Bacciaglia

    I love the look of heals but i can not wear them. I had surgery on my feet when i was younger and can only wear certain types of shoes.

  45. These are amazing reminders. Comfort first and looks second. I am 4’9″ and I am all about the heels but through pregnancies and back problems, I go back and forth to be kind to myself.

  46. Melissa Smith

    I love shoes but hate shopping for them. I always fall in love with a shoe, only to have it not fit my wide feet. If only everyone made wider shoes…

  47. lol! I love the murder weapon! I love shoes buy I definitely prefer lower heels now that I am chasing kids around.

  48. I do bad things to my feet to wear cute shoes. I need to get a little more practical for my feet’s sake, lol.

  49. I find tip number four to be especially useful. For some reason, I never thought to think about, and take into consideration, the swelling of the feet when trying on shoes. Thanks for all the great tips!

  50. Oh, it is so hard to find cute, that don’t hurt… The things we do to look cute. lol I usually go for comfortable though.

  51. amandamcmahon299783648

    Post kids my feet are definitely a different size. Sonia you’re pregnant don’t go and but a whole new show wardrobe!

  52. There are so many beautiful shoes out there. I wish I wasn’t so clumsy and could wear heels!

  53. Jon

    Heels can never be the best of anything for you feet except for pain. They ought to be banned really.

  54. This is a great guide. I think I buy shoes too small sometimes. :(

  55. This post made me realize I have a lot of shoes that are actually doing damage to my feet! Oh no! My poor little puppies! This means I must go shopping…lol thanks for that

  56. This are really nice steps to choosing a nice shoe, men too can make use of it. Am going to try this hack

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