Every woman wants to be beautiful and be like a princess, even for just a day. That may be cliché, it’s really up to you to decide. Some women may be practical and act boy-ish like at times without a care to anything at all, but every women would love and deserves to be the center of attention even once in their life time.

For the month of October, our giveaway campaign is in collaboration with – filled with stylish and fashionable goodies from its apparel to accessories. They have a wide range of products in store for both men and women – from its special occasion outfits, to wedding dresses, women’s casual clothing, cosplay costume, intimate lingerie, men and women’s shoes, wigs, fashion jewellery and many more!

Nothing ever beats a online shop like which provides global consumers with high quality products at a competitively low prices, wouldn’t you agree?

Get a chance to win one of these fabulous dresses from!
– This is an international giveaway, open to everyone worldwide!
– Starts on October 07, 2013 and Ends at October 28, 2013
– This giveaway campaign entitles one lucky winner
– Do make sure you do all the mandatory tasks on the Rafflecopter below to get all the points needed to WIN!
– The more entries you make, the more you get to increase the chances of winning! <3
– The more people who get to visit and participates, the more we get to have more giveaways in the future, so do share!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Note to everyone who joined and participated on this contest: Your review could be an impression or what you have notice when visiting their website or what can you say about their products. So, please make sure you take a look of their website. Please do not write a review about the particular dress you have chosen or like as your prize. Also, a comment of 2 or 3 words is not a review. Therefore, it will not be approved as blog comment and will make your entry invalid.”

81 Comments to Win Fashionable and Stylish Dresses from SAMMYDRESS.COM [OCTOBER GIVEAWAY CAMPAIGN – OPEN, JOIN NOW!]

  1. arra odeza

    I love the first dress <3 so fab :) Sammydress offers wide range of clothing and accessories. they have free trial for bloggers and pin to win open to all their fans. the items are so fab and latest :)

  2. Neri Marin

    I choose this is like an online mall. You can shop there for women’s and men’s clothing,kids stuff,gift ideas home and living! i mean everything you’re looking for is in! Isnt it cool? No need to go out. And what’s the good thing is they have cheap price compare to other online shop.Trendy and fashionable clothes. Fabric quality is good too, i can say it because i already tried to buy some clothing at and the good thing is they do free shipping anywhere in the world! ?

    Nerissa Marin

  3. Michelle Cayabyab

    The love to win first one! is having a lot of fabulous dress that every women wants.:)

  4. Diana

    i like the first dress, too sexy and elegant

  5. I’ve never heard of them, but it looks like they have some really cute dresses. I will have to check them out.

  6. I love the very first dress. I like my dresses long and flowing. With my height if I choose a short dress it sometimes end up being too short so the longer the better. Sammydress looks like they have some very nice dresses.

  7. Great selection, I love the very first one, so classy and elegant.

  8. I would have to have my daughter pick, these are more up her alley. Super cute and stylish!

  9. I have ever had a yellow dress and I think that it’s fun to wear.

  10. Mary Anne Ramirez

    I love the polka dots black and white dress, this is perfect for my office use and can also be used as a party dress

    Mary Anne Ramirez

  11. sandy

    i like first dress

  12. Oh, wow. Sammy Dresses and clothing are very, very affordable. I see they have Active Wear too! I have been posting on my blog about my Yoga workouts and am looking for some cute yoga wear to write about….. Very nice!

  13. I love the last dress. Very classy looking. They are all very cute.

  14. i love all the dresses! so pretty!

  15. Marika

    Wow these dresses are awesome, can’t choose a favorite, they all are.

  16. I like the blue dress, very classy

  17. I love love that Royal dress so gorgeous. They are all great and I would love to have any one of them.

  18. LOVE the yellow dress! Gorgeous!

  19. I really like the 3rd dress you’ve got featured here and would have worn it up to just a few years ago. I’m getting too old for cute like that these days, but I still think it’s really pretty!

  20. Anita Breeze

    These are very cute. I really like the yellow dress.

  21. Vale

    I love the first dress

  22. Elsie Valdez

    I want to win the first dress.
    Sammy dress offers a wide selection of apparels.They sell high quality products at a competitively low direct price.They shipped worldwide.They make sure to have the latest trend in fashion.Their website also has a live chat service so they can assist you on your querries.

  23. alyson

    The love to win first one! is having a lot of fabulous dress that every women wants.:)

  24. Like the last dress!! But all of them are really nice ah :)
    Sammy Dress’ site is pretty a their products, very chic! In the future I will try to shop there :)

  25. Janice Que

    I like the firat dress :) offers a wide array of fab dresses and accessories at reasonable prices.

  26. Every one of those dresses is super cute. I especially like the first couple.

  27. that yellow dress is absolutely darling- what a fun giveaway!

  28. I love their dresses, but they are a little small for me :(

  29. What some great dresses – I’m loving the lace ones, if only I have the body to wear them lol x

  30. I love those styles! So fashionable and pretty!

  31. Mara Galang

    I love th 3rd photo, The yellow dress. So cute and stylish! All their dresses are fashionable! :)

  32. Too small and too young for me but they are cute dresses. I am sure whoever wins will be thrilled.

  33. Very very cute!! I am sending the link to my daughter :)

  34. Such great dresses! Good luck to anyone that enters!

  35. Great dresses. I really love the black and white Polk A dot one, that would be great for many occasions as well as an office outfit.. love it.. thanks for sharing

  36. That checkered dress is so adorable!

  37. I am a bit old for these dresses, but my daughter would just love them. I think the long dress is so elegant.

  38. I can easily envision myself wearing that pale yellow dress!

  39. These dresses are gorgeous and I love that they are appropriate for both daytime and evening looks.

  40. Such great dresses! I actaully need a dress too for an event in three weeks! Perfect timing

  41. I love the first dress, if I have to choose one but they’re all pretty! Look great on you!

  42. Is this giveaway open worldwide?

  43. With all the online stores catering to women today, it’s very important to always check where and how you’ll get the best deal. The dresses at looks stylish. I guess everyone likes the first one. I do too. I’ll be joining the giveaway in the coming days.

  44. those dresses are really pretty! i love the last 2 dresses at the bottom, perfect for Fall season. i would love to join this giveaway and win some.

  45. Wendy Rose Santillan
    I like the dress on the sixth box. is like a girl’s closet! everything a girl needs were all there. Pretty dresses from simple to elegant.

  46. I love the first dress you showed. I could see myself wearing that.

  47. patricia

    I love all the dresses. The first and second are my favorite though.

  48. The dresses are adorable. I love the black and white one with polka dots!

  49. I’m adoring that yellow dress in the top right corner – elegant but wearable!
    Good luck to everyone entering the giveaway xx

  50. Beautiful dresses for any occasion, great styles and designs. Would be nice to win one for holidays. Good Luck, everyone!

  51. Mikee Garcia

    Everything is simple, classy, elegant and gorgeous!!! :D

  52. Such a lovely giveaway, thank you! :)
    name: P. Brigitta
    Sammydress is an amazing online store, I think they have really low prices and good quality.
    They have always competitions on tumblr, facebook or pinterest, and I really like that.
    I have an amazing dress from the store too, so I can say sammydress is one of my favorite online store.

  53. va

    i like the lace dress or the check dress .
    sammy dress has free worldwide shipping which is great for all customers .
    tumblemumbo at

  54. This is a fabulous giveaway. Good luck to everyone who will join.

  55. Lanie Pregoner

    The thing that I love about Sammy
    dress is that they have lots of unique and fabulous items to choose. They cater to almost all of our needs of men, women and even kids from fashionable clothes, jewelries, bags, shoes,
    beauty, accessories, etc. Best of all, most of their items are trendy and affordable so
    everybody can enjoy online shopping without worrying too much about budgeting. They also offer wholesale purchase and world wide shipping.

  56. Belinda Ibanez

    Lovely dresses from Sammy Dress, elegant and stylish.

  57. Sla?ana Sušilovi?

    I love the first dress. is having a lot of fabulous dress that every women wants :D

  58. Belinda Ibanez

    Love the white one.

    Sammy Dress have this variety of products, they have affordable prices, they even offer discounts. Love their Accessories, Jewelries and bags. Oh my, i love their earrings, so cute.

  59. I love the first and the last dress. I will bookmark this and will join the giveaway later. Hoping to win!

  60. caryn morales

    i like the yellow dress. sammy dress collections are vogue, stylish yet reasonable in prices!

  61. Marinela Diaz

    I love the last one, just right for my personality.
    I’ve visited Sammy Dress a couple of times. The dresses are really pretty.

  62. I wanted to win the 2nd dress, Sammydress such a CHEAPEST online shopping clothing !~

  63. I love Sammydress site. So many nice stuff and the price is not too expensive too!

  64. Good luck to everyone!! I’ve always liked dresses like these…but still not able to buy haha!

  65. I love all those dresses! I wish I could fit in any style though :)

  66. What Cute Dresses! I would enter this but I’m not much of a dress person. They are adorable though.

  67. I need to remember this and enter the giveaway before it is over.

  68. The first dress on the row attracts me. perfect to wear for the coming Christmas Party

  69. Sammydress got the cutest selection of dresses. Fab giveaway!

  70. Robert

    My daughter loves the blue dress.

  71. Those are cute dresses! Good luck to everyone who is participating! :)

  72. Looking at it again, I think I would love the polka dot one.

  73. I love to wear dresses. And I like Sammy Dresses. I joined. Good luck to us!

  74. Nicoleta Alexandra

    That yellow dress is absolutely beautiful!
    Sammydress is the best site!

  75. rica

    i love the no.3 dress, fabulous!

  76. Vasilica Badea

    i like the yellow dress.
    It is a great company you’ll find any piece of cloth you want !! and a very good price, i love it !!!

  77. Elena Craciun

    I can’t really choose between those dresses. They are all so classy and elegant. I could see myself wearing each and everyone of them on different occasions. Good luck to everyone, the winner is going to be one lucky gal.

  78. I like the white color dress.
    It is a great company you’ll find any piece of cloth you want

  79. I like it when people come together and share thoughts.
    Great site, continue the good work!

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