“Love” Month Giveaway!

It’s February – love month! Whether you spend your time with your loved ones, special someone, friends, family or you might have been wanting to spend time alone for some “me time” – regardless of how you have been spending your love month.. I believe that this month has to be spent by sharing much love and giving. Yes, it’s all about giving, thus me and some of my co-beauty bloggers are hosting a giveaway bash to our lovely readers for the month of love, this February!


There will be 7 winners for this love month giveaway – one of those lucky ones gets a special prize of lovely deluxe goodies plus $55 Paypal Cash, too! Sounds yummy, doesn’t? Check out the prizes below!

















It’s so easy to join in – just fill in the mandatory entries via rafflecopter below! You’ll never know.. you might hit a jackpot, too! Maybe lady luck is on your side this month. Remember, anything of free is always a treat! so join in this love month giveaway and do invite your friends and family, too!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

February 18th, 2014
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47 Comments to “Love” Month Giveaway!

  1. Very good promotional strategy by giving giveaways. Hope it’ll give positive result.

  2. You have a bunch of fabulous items girls :)
    I love them . Sana I’ll be blessed to win this .

    Much love.

  3. good luck on your contest am so sure it will be a successful contest!!

  4. The sunnies, the top and the accessories are really stylish giveaways. I’m sure a lot will join.

  5. Giving out prizes in form of giveaway is a way of sharing your love to readers. Good luck to all joiners. :)

  6. Wow! I love the shades. Nice for outdoor use. Fashionably cool and all the prizes super great.

  7. great giveaway! sayang hindi ako based sa pinas kahit 5th or 6th prize makuha panalo padin!

  8. Wow! Amazing set of prizes for this giveaway! Best of luck to the joiners! :)

  9. Those sunglasses are great. I seriously love them! I have been needing a new pair, too!

  10. Such a nice giveaway,every single prize of this giveaway are great.

  11. Alexa Cohen

    i told her how much she means to me

  12. Love the sunglasses! I have so many pairs but could always use another. So cute!

  13. I have never seen so many giveaways at once! What a wonderful post!!!

  14. More giveaways these February 2014…more promotions.

  15. What fun prizes!! I would be happy with any of them!

  16. What a fun way to celebrate the month!
    Thanks for the giveaway

  17. Love those sun glasses AND I love the 5th prize! Awesome giveaway!

  18. that is a lot of amazing prizes good selection and great that you are giving more than one person a chance to win.

  19. this is a generous giveaway, fashionistas will drool over the items, best of luck for the participants :)

  20. What a great giveaway. With all that extra cash, the winner can really beautify themself.

  21. That really is some goodies being given away. Good luck to all the entrants. All the prizes look really great!

  22. Those prizes are amazing. I love those t-shirts and the contacts look interesting.

  23. These are all such great prizes. Some giveaways have one good prize and some consolation prizes, but this one will be good for every winner.

  24. DANGGGGG love the giveaway!!!!! it’s always fun to giveback and also, collaborate with other bloggers :D this looks like super fun! hehe

  25. WOW what an amazing giveaway, some amazing prizes to be won – so kind of you all :) x

  26. Can we make every month a love month too? :D anyway, those are great prizes thanks for hosting the giveaway.

  27. Really cool prizes you guys are giving away!

  28. The sunnies is a really cool grand price as its one of the most fashionable eyewear now.

  29. The word play crop tops also looks cool.

  30. What a haul! Great giveaway items! There will be some lucky folks when this is all over

  31. Oh my goodness, what fun prize packs of goodies! Some people will be tickled pink!

  32. Oooh! I love giveaways! I hope I win! I love the fourth prize ;D

  33. Love is really visible on this giveaway.

  34. You’ve got some great prizes here. I’m all entered, thanks for hosting.

  35. Wow. you have a great list of product for giveaways. I love those sunglasses.

  36. just joined + crossing my fingers to win any of those lovely goodies :D

  37. This is a very cool giveaway! I wish I could win the special prize for my sister who will graduate soon ;)

  38. Oh my heavens! These are some great prizes. Good luck to everyone!!!! :) I want to join in. If I win, I will have them ship to my family in Pinas. :) Thanks!

  39. Wow, there are lots of prizes in here! Good luck to all who joined. I love the sunnies by the way, the one with white frame most especially.

  40. Crossing my fingers here too. Hope to win.

  41. Wow! Those are a lot of great prizes! I would love to win any of them. :) How generous!

  42. So many yummy goodies to win :) Good luck with that xx

  43. What a fabulous giveaway!!! Good luck to everyone who will join!

  44. Fabulous giveaaway Aisha!

  45. OMG! I’m drooling! Andaming magagandang items! Will surely join your giveaway. Wait for my entries! Hihi :)

  46. Awesome giveaway and lots of great prizes. You’ll make a lot of girls happy.

  47. Wow! Lots of wonderful items for giveaway. I’m actually enticed to join. I love almost all the prizes.

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