Satisfy your Holiday Cravings and “Not Gain” Too Much Weight!


The holidays are getting closer and closer as days passes by. It cannot be help as a lot of reunions, party, celebrations would takes its place. You can’t just always skip meals and say “no” to these kinds of events that only happens once in a year. It is also not so wise to always deprive yourselves with the food you eat.. It is okay to eat the foods you want from time to time – obsessive eating is one thing you might need to consider.

We do not want to abuse our body by over-eating too much wouldn’t we?

Unfortunately, everything will be a form of habit. The more celebrations there is – the more we get used to the food that we eat. As you eat more, it becomes a lifestyle and a pattern of what you will be eating in the weeks and months ahead. Unless you are a vegetarian or someone who follows a specific diet program, it would be really hard to cope on the holiday cravings we might encounter.

So here are some ways where you can control yet still satisfy your holiday cravings:

Tip # 1. Always make sure you have a bottle of water with you or at the very least, make sure you never forget to drink more water rather than sodas, juices and cocktail drinks, etc.. Keep in mind that to stop any sugar cravings – water therapy is always the solution so never take this lightly!

Tip # 2. If you love chocolate, switch to dark chocolates! It has less sugar and calories and you’d find yourself feeling full – cravings will gradually stop naturally, too. Plus, it has a lot of benefits and aids to weight loss as well!

(I did a blog entry about dark chocolates and how it helps in losing weight, if you haven’t read about it – now’s your chance to do so! > click here! )

Tip # 3. Munching on junk foods is one of the fastest way to gain weight but there is an alternative – which is having some chips and salsa as a snack. I highly recommend having Zanuy Tortilla Nacho Chips and a Natural Chunky Salsa for a better combination (like what you see on the image above).

It’s made of made with stone ground corn, 200 grams a pack and has only 517 calories. Though that may already sound big to you – other tortilla chips would even go exceeding 1000 calories in a 200 gram size of chips. Just because it’s suitable for vegetarians doesn’t mean it doesn’t taste good – trust me, it does. You’d be surprised that there are food that actually taste good even when it’s all natural and healthy! Well, there always are foods like that.. we aren’t just fully aware of it.

Tip # 4. Don’t forget that it pays to eat up fruits and vegetables. It’s a good alternatives to sweets, it has a lot of health benefits and will never make you gain weight at all.

Eating apple as an alternative to your dinners makes you feel so full you might not eat any for dinner at all – because of much fiber an apple has.

Drinking a lot of water before eating or having a banana before any meal is a good habit to start as it not only improves digestion but also boosts up your metabolism.

It is actually one of the easiest way to lose weight gradually, the healthy way!
(Yes, it’s true.. it’s even called the Banana Diet, popular in Japan!)

Banana Diet Menu Plan:

One or more bananas (eat as many as you need)
One glass of luke warm water

One or two Bananas
Meal of choice

Afternoon snack
A small sweet snack is allowed if hungry at around 3pm

One banana
Meal of choice but it must be consumed before 8pm.


Hope in a way this can help everyone out.
Happy Holidays, Enjoy!

16 Comments to Satisfy your Holiday Cravings and “Not Gain” Too Much Weight!

  1. i gain weight very easily that's why i always watch how often i eat. maybe i'll need these tips thanks sis :3

  2. We have plenty of bananas here, I am gonna try this diet :)

  3. Ohh..I’m curious with the banana diet. I’ll try this and hopefully, it’ll work for me also.

  4. Japanese are fond of banana diet. Will try this too soon. Thanks for the diet plan, this very helpful. :)

  5. I skip rice. My sister who is into bodybuilding competitions shared that secret to me. ^_^

  6. it’s good that i have no problem in gaining weight, i do pig out during holidays :)

  7. That’s my kind of snack.

  8. I will definitely try out this banana diet plan. Hope this works for me.

  9. I love nachos too. The salsa is a great dip. That will definitely complete my day.

  10. I love banana’s but some people cannot eat that many a day. The high amount of potassium in bananas may lead to cardiac arrest or heart damage. So just be careful with that and find out what a good limit is for you and what your potassium levels are already. My grandma from a middle age had trouble with bananas (because of her potassium levels) even though she loved them, like I do.

    The warm water after eating is a great idea!

  11. The problem is, I don’t like dark chocolates but it might be good to try, not that I am trying to lose weight anyway.

  12. Holiday season is a diet breaker season. And every sweet tooth’s season, since you get to sample tons of sweets. I did great though with my food the last time we were at the party. The only thing I ate are a couple of cookies and veggies. LOL! I have never tried the banana diet plan though. I love my rice and I have to have my carbs in the morning.

  13. banana lover is here.. will try what you share

  14. will keep your tips in mind this season of indulgence…

  15. I gained weight when I was in my 20s but will never go back there again. It’s always smart to watch what you eat.

  16. I like dark chocolate because I know it is better than the white choco although it tasted a bit bitter.

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