For Special Events or Just Because: Top Tips for Buying Blooms for Any Occasion

Flowers are a universal symbol of beauty and are a great way to offer congratulations, say thanks, or celebrate a milestone birthday or anniversary. They also can provide comfort in times of need whether someone has lost a loved one or are going through a hard time themselves.

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If you’re in the market for the bouquet that says it all, here are some buying tips to ensure you’ve gotten things right no matter what the occasion.

Birthdays – A favorite flower is always a nice touch, but in this day and age, it may be information one doesn’t think to ask about. If you’d like to send a flower arrangement to a friend or loved one, consider choosing a bouquet featuring a flower that corresponds with their birth month. Here’s a chart that’ll help you out.


Anniversaries – Again, with anniversaries, as well as birthdays, erring on the side of a favorite flower versus something more experimental is a good bet. Another option great for showing your spouse some love is sending them a bouquet that honors the season you were married during, or pays homage to your original wedding day arrangement.


For some inspiration as to what’s in season, click here.

Funerals – Funerals are tricky. You’ll need to consider the ethnicity and cultural customs of the family, as well whether the family is asking for donations in lieu of flowers. Flowers represent rebirth and transition, making them as symbolic a gesture as a beautiful one to honor someone’s time here on Earth.


For a more in-depth look at what’s appropriate, and what’s not, click the link here.

Get Well Soon – This could be a little touchy as people may be more sensitive to smells when under the weather, especially if they are recovering in the hospital and may be sharing the space with others. But, the right flowers can add some color and beauty to a dull, grey hospital room and raise


Look for something bright, but without a lot of fragrance, like marigolds, daisies or irises, and opt to keep bouquets on the smaller side, so patients can take home their floral bounty.

A Little Romance – We all know, red roses are the quintessential Valentine’s Day flower. Nothing says romance like a classic bouquet. But, consider the recipient’s taste. Going for the most classic choice may feel little clichéd and doesn’t acknowledge the uniqueness of the object of your affection.


Get her favorite flower, or a bouquet of wildflowers. We should note, it would be wise to avoid carnations or a yellow bouquet, as they may send the wrong message.

In the End, It’s the Thought That Counts – When it comes down to it, flowers, in combination with a thoughtful note are generally appreciated no matter the situation.


While the flowers themselves can be tailored to someone’s specific tastes, and should echo the circumstances as closely as possible, it’s really the sincere gesture that means the most.

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