a Boy Finding a Diamond in a Lollipop Wrapper

What would you do, if one day you found a diamond in a lollipop wrapper? Would you truly believe it was a diamond? Would you sell it? Own it – or would you think it has some criminal activity involved in it?

Check out this video and see for yourself how this boy found a diamond in a lollipop wrapper.

From a regular boy to instant fame and fortune, I’d say!

Not only that, he has made her mother truly happy and like she said, this doesn’t happen to just anyone!

What do you guys think of this news? Do you think it’s REAL?
What would you think if you are the boy who suddenly found a diamond inside a lollipop wrapper?
Do you really think that the diamond he found was REAL or FAKE?

March 26th, 2014
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44 Comments to a Boy Finding a Diamond in a Lollipop Wrapper

  1. If I got a diamond I’d rather like to keep it with me instead of going to sell it.

  2. Whaha I think I’ll just sell it to earn more money. People say that diamonds are forever and a girl’s best friend but I don’t believe so.

  3. for me if i find a diamond i think i will just keep it or give it to my mom as a gift :) hehhe

  4. wow If I get a diamond I would go and have it appraised and if the value is high I will sell it. If not then I will set it as a ring.

  5. My gosh.! If ever i could find a diamond in a lollipop i would give it to my mother. That can be the best gift ever i could give her. But how i could find one if i am not into a lollipop. LOL!

  6. If this happens to me, I think I’ll be keeping the diamond and decide what to do about it afterwards. hehe.

  7. I think it’s a big joke to be honest. I mean, what are the chances?

  8. A Diamond? In a lollipop? Is this real? Lol I would definitely keep it or cash it in for what it is worth.

  9. Awwww that is pure luck hehehe. What if the government take it though?

  10. I’d probably keep the diamond and cash it in. A new house sounds just about right for me and my family :)

  11. Wow! He’s so lucky to find that diamond in a lollipop wrapper! If I found that diamond, I would rather keep it than sell it :)

  12. I have a guilty conscience. I would probably report it to the local law enforcement and go from there. I don’t know that I would keep it… although the thought of keeping it would pass my mind!

  13. Wait, I’ll get my own lollipop so I’ll find a diamond too. =>

  14. This is really luck on his side on finding a diamond in the lollipop.

  15. So I can envision a give year old in this predicament. Can’t be a real diamond!

  16. I’m not sure what I would do. Maybe keep it? Maybe sell it? It’s a tough call really!

  17. You can keep the diamond; give me the cash. :) I’m only interested in jewelry if it has some sentimental value.

  18. I’m not sure what I would do. I think I’d check to see if there were any missing diamonds reports before keeping or selling it.

  19. That’s crazy and a bit suspicious! How in the world …. ?! Obviously the diamond is real since the jeweler examined it.

  20. Wow I wouldn’t know what to do. I’d probably post about it with a photo on facebook of course & maybe ask for advice or call the company to make sure no one lost a diamond at work. Very interesting story.

  21. I may be weird, but I’d try to figure out how the diamond got inside the lollipop to begin with. Have it tested and see if it is real or not. Then maybe keep it.

  22. Wow talk about getting lucky I rather find a diamond then calories in my candy.

  23. I would have to try to find the owner or I would feel guilty keeping it. I am not sure if it is real or not but it could happen so we may never know.

  24. I don’t think it is real. There are so many videos that are jokes these days and this seems like one.

  25. I doubt that this can be true. But I am hoping it is for this young man and his family. What a find if it is and I hope he gets to keep it or gets a substantial reward.

  26. Wow ha ha unbelievable. Can’t believe you can find a diamond in a lollipop. That’s a huge money.

  27. If I found a diamond in a lollipop, I would smile and keep it.

  28. My first stop would be to get it appraised. I wouldn’t want to get my hopes up before I knew it was worth something!

  29. You know, I’d probably just think it was a fake, and I’d pitch it. Crazy, I know, but likely.

  30. I do find this kind of hard to believe. But he could’ve been really lucky. I found a pearl in my seafood dinner once, but that’s different. Lol.

  31. I don’t think I would believe it was real and most probably throw it away or send a complaint lol x

  32. I’d check with the police. If it wasn’t anyones they turn it back over after a while I think.

  33. I would probably think it fell off someone’s ring at the lollipop factory. I probably wouldn’t believe it to real if it happened to me.

  34. I would love it but I am not that lucky !!! This sounds like April Fool’s Joke.

  35. First I would sue for almost killing me. Then I would cash it in baby! :-)

  36. I can’t think that this is real. I think if one of my kids found it, they’d just be disappointed they weren’t getting their sugar high.

  37. If I found one, I’ll definitely sell it and use the money for my kids future

  38. I would probably sell it. Well I suppose it would depends on how much I could get for it ;)

  39. I’d like to say that I’d be totally honest and turn it into the police, but I’d probably sell it. Now, if it was a ring, I’d turn it in. But if it was just a random diamond, totally selling it.

  40. I would definitely go see how much it was worth. Then I would decide if I wanted to sell it or not.

  41. I would love to have some luck like that. Maybe it will rub off and I will finally hit the lotto.

  42. Diamond, when are you going to be in my hand? lol

  43. I would definitely turn it in bc someone might really be missing it. If it’s not claimed, then it would be mine and my conscience would be clear!

  44. That is a HUGE rock!! I think how this young man and his mother are handling this is perfect. I hope its real and the boy can benefit from it. A little luck never hurt anyone.

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