When in doubt, WEAR BLACK!


When in doubt, wear black!

I honestly have no idea where I heard that line but it has always been something I’ve done all my life in terms of choosing what to wear. Whether its on girls night out, dates, going to the mall – events, just anywhere! Anyway, few days ago as I was packing up for my trip in Singapore I had this dilemma with what to bring.

I am a type of person who loves mix and matches when it comes to my outfits but at the same time, I had to be practical and not overdo what to put in my luggage.I had to choose outfits that looks good yet doesn’t take up a lot of space, too. In layman’s term – the fabric should not be thick! Simple outfits as much as possible – the better.

OOTD from Style Stunner Manila

Thank God – I have stumbled on one online shop called Style Stunner Manila (few days ago!) They had these cute outfits. Very simple yet when match well, can look totally fab and just awesome! They have a bunch of skater skirts, too! Their price range varies from 200-300+ pesos which I think ain’t bad. Their outfits comes from Korea, too.

PS. I really didn’t had the time to do too much photoshoots on this one as my boyfriend will be at my place any minute – plus my Samsung Galaxy Camera, was unfortunately not working due to its dead battery, lol!

I bought a bunch of skater skirts and tops from Style Stunner Manila for my trip! A mini black dress to wear on a date, packed a bag to seal my hygiene necessities, makeups, brushes and travel kit medicines. A pair of flip flops and cut out boots to top it off! I even had more space just in case I buy some stuff from Singapore – which totally made everything perfect! So you see, planning what to bring to your luggage could save quite a lot, too! Since I didn’t had to pay extra fee for any check-in luggage because I did not exceeded the minimum luggage weight from the airline.

Awesome, right?

Visit Style Stunner Manila!
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Instagram: http://instagram.com/stylestunnermanila

19 Comments to When in doubt, WEAR BLACK!

  1. Zaraman

    BLACK ALL DAY! Elite looking plus it will help you look slim.

  2. Oh! I love that line haha! I am a huge lover of colors but I also know one can never go wrong in black plus that outfit looks great on you. thanks for sharing. xo


  3. You can never go wrong with black ika nga nila. hehe! Love what you wore on that photo. I’ve seen Style Stunner Manila’s IG and I would agree that they offer affordable yet fashionable apparel. hehe :)

    • True! I found them in IG as well! Compare to other online shops – I love them the most! (Well, so far, hihi!)

  4. Agree ako dyan sa when in doubt wear black! You will never go wrong! I like your tee and check Style stunner now! Maraming magandang stuff sa IG nakakalula! Haha

  5. Black is the way to go to hide fat of sorts. Hehe. Regardless, you still looked thin! You’re blessed with such petite Chinese genes (if there is such thing haha). Have a fun and safe trip to Singapore! :)

    • Haha thank you Isha!

      I’m not petite or anything.. chubby pa nga ako eh – I guess you can say that BLACK OUTFIT did wonders, eh? :P

  6. hi prettyyy!!! omggg :D it’s been a while since i visited your blog <3
    anyway, love love love your outfit! you look great :D

  7. Yung pagkaka-alam ko “When in doubt, wear red” pero ok na din black. Haha! :)) Anyway, I’ve been planning to buy skater skirts din. Makikiuso lng tsaka test ko if pwede din sakin or hindi. Hehe. Thanks for sharing the link of Style Stunner Manila, bibisitahin o yan mamaya. Hopefully makapili din ako ng skater skirt/s. Hihi. :D

    PS: Yung sa palad ko, mababasa mo ba? Hehe. Super dami ng lines talga. Hehe. :D

    • Haha! I’ll message you on FB!

      I know Ayei’s friend does a palm read – I tried it before, haha!
      Ang alam ko, pag madami daw iniisip.. and madami stress or something – madami daw lines, lol!
      Hindi naman halata sayo, so I am not sure if that was applicable, lol!

      Actually now ko lang narinig yang when in doubt, wear red LOL! Kasi dba not everyone is okay with RED lol but everyone fits BLACK? HAHAHA! =)) Try mo, I’m sure super okay sayo. Payat ka naman eh, :P Compared to other online shops talaga, I find theirs the most affordable one. :)

  8. the elegant looking black won’t let you down in any occasion, day or night :)

  9. I would have to agree. You can’t go wrong with black as it can be simple and elegant looking too.

  10. totally right here, black can do into everything, wonderful tips here.

  11. You can never go wrong in black! Plus lbd’s are very classy!

  12. That dress suits you, love the Chanel in it.

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