Ultimate Hacks To Being A Handbag Organizing Junkie!

Ever happened to find yourself sinking into the depths of your handbag looking for your stuff? It sure happens every other day that your bag seems more like a black hole – what goes in barely comes out. Worry no more!


Here are the ultimate hacks to making you the super-cool organizing junkie, never having to worry about losing things inside that divine carrier of yours!

Compartmentalize – The fundamental step to keeping your handbag organized is to separate your belongings by category & packing them up in compartments – different pockets or little pouches for different things. For instance throw in your change & loose coins in one little pouch, your credit/debit & shopping cards etc. in mint tins (if the bag doesn’t have a separate compartment for it), your make-up essentials in another pouch, your paper goods (bills, receipts, sticky-notes, coupons etc.) & stationery in little bag envelopes probably putting up category tabs on it or maybe opt for little compartmentalized wallets to ease your task!


Get Tech Savvy! – Go green & hassle-free by making the best use of technology! Lessen your bag’s weight by resorting to e-books & documents in your phone & Kindle for your reading needs to avoid stocking up your bag. Also, try to make optimum use of organisers pre-installed in your cell-phone to keep out those crazy bulky planners & notebooks!


Take Out The Junk – Make sure you run a hand through your handbag at the end of every day to take out the tit-bit junkies that got stashed in the bag through the day. Waste paper bits, wrappers, loose rubber bands, used tissues, pamphlets etc. are all to be thrown out to save your bag from the untidy waste clutter& keep in place the stuff that is required.

Image Source: https://goo.gl/m2L1EC

Image Source: https://goo.gl/m2L1EC

Grab The Travel Kits – Even with all your basic utility items packed nice & safe into pouches & compartments, you’ve got to grab the tiny packages for travel use – handy face washes, key chain sanitizers, wet wipe pouches, multi-utility key chain hooks among other things. Also keep up a little medical kit handy to avoid scattering away your medicines, keeping them all in one place.

Wrap Up The Accessories – Wrap up & put in all your accessories like earphones & chargers into reusable kits like sunglass cases or pouches to keep them untangled & ready for use!

Image Source: https://goo.gl/BpjCYK

Image Source: https://goo.gl/BpjCYK

Easy Access – Keep the frequently used item into easy reach areas – keys, phones, wallets etc. all to be easily accessible & in open compartments to keep away other stuff & reach out to them immediately when needed.

Maintenance – As you organized your stuff, it is also important to maintain it that way. Make a habit of placing things in their respective places after use, minimizing the waste material & putting up stuff in easy access to increase efficiency & maintain the organization. Also, look out for any holes, ripped seams etc. to avoid losing your stuff in the inner linings of your bag.


Your handbag is one thing that carries all your basic necessities, which should be well organized at all times. When you do clean it up, try & regularize cleaning & clearing up the trash, while you take care of not over stuffing the bag with unnecessary things & keeping it simple.

Take up a handy style & size that suits your body type & necessities while you buying a handbag, keep it away from wear & tear as much as possible, keeping in mind while buying a handbag and material you choose.

So gear up, empty your purse, organized it & save yourself from all the hassle of scrambling through your bag for the times to come!

35 Comments to Ultimate Hacks To Being A Handbag Organizing Junkie!

  1. I need to try some of these ideas, my handbag is a complete nightmare and I can never find what I want.

  2. I need to clean out my handbag right this second! Mine is cluttered with receipts and I need to use your hacks to get my purse organized.

  3. Oh this is so speaking right to me!! my pocket book is a carry all for real–I need to take things that i don’t need OUT and keep them out and then just keep the things I really need organized.

  4. Thanks so much for this post! My bag currently looks like the junk drawer in my house just barfed into the bag…

  5. Oh my gosh you must have been looking in my purse! I have SUCH a messy purse right now! I will try these ideas!

  6. Great tips! I always just throw things in my purse. Makes it quite difficult to find what I need when I need it!

  7. My bag is always a big mess. I love your tips, now to employ them.

  8. I am completely obsessed with “good” handbags. I like big dumping bags without any compartments. One pocket on the side for my keys and a pocket for my phone. Other than that – everything just goes in!

  9. These are such great tips! I can’t tell you how many wires I randomly find in my purse. I have a bunch of headphones that I need to wrap up.

  10. I think I am going to need to do a purse clean out. Mine isn’t looks that organized!!

  11. Pam Wattenbarger

    I need to do this so badly. My purse is a black hole and my kids are always complaining about having to wait while I try to find stuff. Thank you for the tips!

  12. Nice hacks. I have the opposite problem, I’m a total minimalist and only have a couple of purses. Both of which are tiny so not much room for a lot stuff.

  13. I’m in dire need of cleaning out my purse. I’ll have to take some of your tips and tricks to keep it better organized.

  14. My mom is a bag lover! She cleans her bag everyday :). I have a big bag, enough to bring 2 packs of diapers and snacks..

  15. I need to organize my handbag sooooo bad!! It’s so full of junk!! HA!

  16. I’m the worst about cleaning junk out of my purse. I definitely don’t do it daily. I need a new handbag like yours with a cup holder!

  17. Nancy L

    Great tips for organizing your bag and I love that you really included all of the essentials needed for a trip. Wipes are priceless and have so many uses.
    Thank for sharing your well organized bag!

  18. I have so many bags it’s not even funny!!! I love these hacks, most my bags end up being a disaster on the inside.

  19. My wife’s handbag is like a black hole where everything disappears. I am sharing this article with her for sure!

  20. I love bags, they are my weakness when I am shopping : ) Great hacks for keeping a bag organized, I try to keep mine pretty organized!

  21. Emma Spellman

    Those bags are so cute! I need a new bag it has been awhile awhile since I bought a new one.

  22. These are very helpful tips. I like the sunglass case idea. My charger and earphone always get tangled inside my purse.

  23. Ave

    My bag is a mess at the moment so these tips really hit the spot with me! I like the idea of using sunglass cases for storing earphones & chargers!

  24. This reminds me, I need a new handbag.I want one that fits in my console so I can keep it in there without having it visible to everyone.

  25. I love your ideas. The headphones and phone charger in an eye glass case is genius too.

  26. Ann Bacciaglia

    I really need to try these tips. My bag is a mess. I can never find anything in it.

  27. Rebecca Swenor

    These are all great tips for hacks to being a handbag organizing junkie. I didn’t even thing to use the case for glasses to keep the phone charger in nor did I think of the store cards in a mint tin. Thanks for sharing the tips.

  28. Kathy

    Great tips! I need to be more organized. All my stuff just ends up being thrown in my purse.

  29. CourtneyLynne

    Oooo now this is one awesome hack!!!! My bag is a total disaster right now since I just went shopping today… recipts everywhere lol

  30. These are great tips! My purse can easily become a bottomless pit! I need organization badly!

  31. Great tips! My handbags are like bottomless pits filled with crumbs lol.

  32. Jessica Scull

    I just cleaned my bag out the other day – It had So much junk in it! Great tips!

  33. I need to put these to good use. My purse is a bottomless pit of disaster!

  34. Wowza! This bag looks awesome – I love being able to organize my bag, too!

  35. I need to use a few of these tips. My kids call my purse the black hole. I never clean it out.

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