Trends: What to Avoid and How to Work Them into Your Wardrobe

Every year is presented with a number of fashion trends that seem great to some people –and hazardous to others. Some trends look great on some people, though you always need to be cognizant of your own body type, what your style is, and whether the trend is appropriate for you – sometimes because of age, dress code for where you’re going, or other extenuating factors. Here are this year’s trends, and now is a great opportunity to evaluate if they work for you and how you can incorporate them into your wardrobe.


1. Leather


Leather is making a comeback. This isn’t biker leather, but classy leather. You might ask what classy leather would look like, but it’s a new juxtaposition: it’s a way of making classic, work-appropriate pieces but with muted-toned leather as the textile. Leather has appearing on the runway in the form of pencil skirts and trouser-cut pants, as jackets, and dresses. In this outfit assembled by, this Peter Pan-collared sweater is paired with these leather trousers to bring a unique edge to the otherwise girl-next-door look. By the way, girls, you don’t have to feel bad about wearing this leather: all leather featured in this year’s fashion is vegan leather, like this skirt from Blank NYC.

Avoid it if: If the leather looks too much like a biker, or outdated rather than vintage, avoid it. You want to work toward leather chic, not leather by the creek.

How to incorporate it: Dress it up. Wear pearls with your leather dress. Wear heels with your leather skinny jeans. Wear your leather pencil skirt to the office. The more dressed up you are, the more impressive the leather looks.

2. Large Framed Glasses


Ingrid Michaelson isn’t the only performer wearing big frames: guess what, nerds? Smart is in, and with this style trend, being smart means bigger frames so that you can see better. See ya later, tiny-framed glasses: go big or go home. Tom Ford is one of many glasses designers that make vintage-inspired frames as large as they need to be.

Avoid it if: There’s really no reason to avoid wearing large frames. Even people who don’t naturally wear glasses are now wearing peepers (frames with non-prescription lenses) to get in on the style of large frames.

How to incorporate it: In women’s glasses, look for something that has a cat eye for a trendy vintage look akin to Audrey Hepburn. In men’s glasses, look for frames that are square. Or if you’re a man that doesn’t mind a fashion statement, try a pair of round frames in the vein of John Lennon or James Joyce.

3. Ombre – Everything


Last year the ombre trend really got hot. Ombre hair was something that girls were pinning all over Pinterest and paying extra for at the salons. This year, the ombre trend has exploded exponentially, and now it’s invading other style. Ombre is now trending in clothing, especially in evening wear as seen by Julia Styles and Gweneth Paltrow.


Again, in 2014, you’re going to see it everywhere. You’re going to see it in shoes, in dresses, in home décor, in wedding décor, in food, and of course where it all started: in hair.

Avoid it if: For hair, avoid it if you have short hair. You don’t want to seem like you have hair like Cruella De’Ville, right? Even if you have long hair, avoid bright or unnatural colors if you work in an environment that expects business professional apparel. Avoid doing it yourself: you should always be willing to pay for it to make sure it’s done right.

How to incorporate it: Décor can be easy to incorporate through a pillow, through draperies, or through wall art. Just remember that the ombre fades into deeper colors and you want the whole color scheme to match your décor. The same concept is true in clothing: when you’re incorporating ombre into your outfit, be sure that the whole color scheme coordinates with what you’re wearing. Make sure that you only wear one ombre piece in your outfit –not several- and make sure that the ombre piece needs to be the focal point of the outfit.

Kristen-Kauffman About the Author:
Kristen Kauffman is fashion writer and blogger, and has written nationally-credited blogs on style trends, products, and weddings. Located in Prescott, Arizona, most blogs make fashion simple, affordable, and accessible.

55 Comments to Trends: What to Avoid and How to Work Them into Your Wardrobe

  1. I don’t follow trends all that much, so I kind of just wear whatever I like :)

  2. Trendy people are very fashion conscious and delicately cared their image; physically and emotionally. Yes, it’s very true that you have to select trendy dresses that suits your style and character.

  3. Thanks for the tips! I don’t really pay much attention to fashion, so this is helpful.

  4. Thanks for the tips! I’ll pass them on.

  5. Leather is making a comeback. I have noticed that too. You got great style! Keep up the good suggestions!

  6. I have 100% sure i do all the dont’s i let my wife buy my clothes or i would never match.

  7. I need ll the help I can get, so thanks for this. Great tips.

  8. I think you’re right on point. I never did care for the Ombre trend, especially in hair. Glad to see that it’s ‘last year’!

  9. lisa jones

    Beautiful dress Such Great Tips & Ideas Thank You For Sharing!

  10. lawna

    I only wear trending items when it’s something I really like. Such as skinny jeans for example. Leather has never been a good look for me so it looks like I won’t be following that trend this year.

  11. Great share! I love fashion and its true even tho you can be unique with your style. However, it don’t always work!

  12. I could always use help in the fashion department. Those dresses are beautiful.

  13. Don’t have to worry about he big glasses trend! I HATE big glasses! I will stick with my contacts whenever possible.
    I’m also like Robin; I don’t really care what all is “IN” I care more about what actually looks good on ME and my body and skin tone and less on what is popular.

  14. I really really really like the ombre gowns featured here. Those are both gorgeous.

  15. Great tips, I’ve never been a big fan of leather myself; I don’t know if it’s just me.

  16. Love this info! Thank you for sharing it :)

  17. My daughter wants to ombre her hair. She has long hair, so I think it will look good. :)

  18. Pam W

    I don’t really follow trends, but ombre seems to be everywhere. It really does seem like something you would have to have a professional do.

  19. Fantastic tips – I am so not the most fashionable person I’m more a comfy hunter but it would be nice to get things a little on trend :) x

  20. I love your tips.. I am annoyed that people wear large framed glasses and it doesn’t suit them.

  21. another great fashion tips. for sure many will find this helpful, let me share it to my friends who are going crazy over ombre!

  22. This fashion trend of a thing is totally madness, for me i don’t follow trends. Thanks for sharing this great post,i just wish they can avoid some.

  23. The only fashion thing that bothers me is when people wear glasses and have no problem with their eye sight; I have no idea why it ever became a thing for people.

  24. Rebecca Swenor

    Thanks for info. I would love to wear leather but never have except boots.

  25. I love the glasses and the ombre hair. I may experiment with them this summer.

  26. I’m bad about following trends, but I try all sorts of things if I like them. I’m not really a crowd pleaser I supposed.

  27. I prefer large dorky glasses over regular ones though most of the time I wear contacts.

  28. I think leather outfit goes well with formal outfits now than casual.

  29. nice tips here! haven’t any ombre yet but will try to own one hehe. i don’t really follow fashion trends but then it up to a person how she styles herself and how good she feels about it. love the tips

  30. Nice tips! Trends, if not incorporated well into ones outfit, can be too much. Learning what to avoid and how to make them work is the best thing we can do. :)

  31. Ombré is my favorite hair color. I’m not a professional and it wasn’t hard forw
    To achieve the color myself.

  32. I do like certain trends just the more classic ones. I don’t ever really let celebrity style influence mine though

  33. I am more on comfort factor so it doesn’t matter if it’s trendy or not lol

  34. This is a must read article for girls. Thanks for sharing it

  35. These are such great tips. I had no idea there was an actual secret to wearing these 2 things. Wow! I learn something new every day!

  36. I’m not into trending, I just have my own style but every once in a while something may be popular and I’m into it. :)

  37. I don’t pay attention to trends at all. I wear what I like that I can afford and pay no mind to if it’s in style, which it usually is not.

  38. i am quite clueless when it comes to fashion so these tips sure will come handy in case i decide to try any of those fashionable items you mentioned.

  39. I think it is really important to know which styles are the most flattering for you.

  40. I love leather jackets and the big frames but not sure how I feel about the ombre everything trend!

  41. Hmmmmm… I’m not a big leather person, personally, but Ingrid Michaelson looks AMAZING in those glasses!

  42. I loved reading your post… I have seen people doing fashion blunders unknowingly… Thanks for sharing the do’s and don’ts

  43. I can probably incorporate leather and the glasses into my style, but I have virgin hair and I am scared to death to do anything to it because of the possible damage bleaching and coloring can do to it. :P But I must admit, Ombre hair really looks amazing!

  44. I don’t follow trends anymore as long as its comfortable.

  45. From the trends here, the only one I can’t do is the leather..hehehe. I like the ombre hair.

  46. I love large-framed glasses. Mine are prescription, though, so I really need to wear them. I alternate my big pair with smaller frames, depending on my mood.

  47. These are great tips! I love reading fashion tips because I’m not that much up to date when it comes to new fashion trends so I catch up using great blogs such as yours. Thanks for sharing! :)

  48. Leather are all-time favorites for some trendy people; jackets, tops and accessories too.

  49. I am not really trendy, whatever is comfortable is what I go for.

  50. I don’t follow fashion trends, so it was nice to read all about the new trends and how to incorporate them.

  51. Pretty! This was a really wonderful article. Many thanks for
    providing these details.

  52. Women do have wardrobe of clothing to work on for fashion. Well, some can afford to mix and match their accessories.

  53. I like Lauren Conrad’s hair, very pretty.

  54. I am very bad in matching wardrobe. I am not trendy maybe but it is good to learn how.

  55. Great tips!v I lack on what works with fashion so this is a great start.

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