Top 5 Things You Need for a Fabulous Summer!

Summer is most definitely around the corner and it’s time to bid farewell to the cold season and start opening up ourselves to sizzling hot summer. Let me share you some of your summer must haves that will definitely make you look fabulous this summer!


1. Sunglasses – Sunglasses are a year-round essential so it’s always worth to have one – most especially during summer where I feel becomes an important part of our summer wardrobe. You just can’t complete that outfit without that shades on! Plus, people who loves to hide their bags under their eyes will benefit from wearing sunglasses, too! Don’t you think?

2. Glitter Nail Polish – Bring color to your life by adding some glitter nail polish to get yourself a healthy dose of those shimmer. You can use a non-glitter nail polish as well – just make sure to use lively colors! I prefer glitter nail polish as it gives me this summery happy feeling – plus, it’s so eye-catching, too!

3. Flip-Flops – Since we’re talking about summer, you can’t forget flipflops, would you? has an amazing collection of women’s flipflops that you just have to see! Flipflops are also one of those year-round essential since a lot of people use them for outdoors and casual outings. It’s comfortable and easy to wear – it won’t even hurt your feet while having a long walk at the beach which just makes it really awesome.

4. Summer Hats – As you may all know, though summer is a time to enjoy the heat of the sun – it can be damaging, too. So having a summer hat really comes in handy, during these times – especially when you think you didn’t put enough sunscreen on.

5. Swimsuits – It’s summer so we all wanted to wear a really nice looking swimsuit of our choice – just make sure it fits you and you are comfortable wearing it. Again, ill-fitting swimsuits may cause unwanted attention and just wreaks out your confidence level – so please make sure you love what you wear, too!

Though we have a lot of reason to wear less clothing during this time of the year. Just because it’s really hot out there doesn’t give us an excuse to wear lesser clothing. Remember, LESS is NOT always MORE.

March 25th, 2014
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68 Comments to Top 5 Things You Need for a Fabulous Summer!

  1. Definitely the sunglasses! I always buy like 3 pairs of sunglasses right before summer! I am always loosing mine!

  2. Tops for me is the sunglasses and I always have to have my sunscreen. I love that pair of flip flops you have pictured.

  3. Love the glitter polish. I need to start working on my toes to get ready for summer and flip flops.

  4. Is it difficult to remove shimmery nail polishes? I really find that it’s hard but maybe the quality I have now is just bad.

    For a swimsuit, I’d rather wear one that’s covering all my skin (long sleeves and pants) because my skin easily gets tanned and I don’t want to get any darker.

  5. Perfect list. I have everything on the list and I love sparkly nails. Don’t forget the sunblock, though ;)

  6. sunglasses are the best for summer!

  7. sunglasses and swimmies are the best for summer!

  8. That glitter polish is pretty! I can’t wait for summer.

  9. sunglasses and swimsuits are the really needy part of a fabulous summer.

  10. love the items on the list.. I will definitely get those glittery nail polish! :)

  11. It’s so exciting that summer is now here, Time to hit the beach and parade those nice shades and swim wear.

  12. I’m such a flip flop girl! And sunglasses are a must! Great list!

  13. Your post made me chuckle a bit, because it is barely Spring for some folks. I love these summer ideas! I love the flip flops. So cute

  14. I love the sunglasses for sure.Im digging those glitter nails too!

  15. I am enjoying spring, but look forward to the summer. Mostly, because I can’t wait to go camping and head to the lake for some fun time. The glittery gold polish is so cute, especially with those flip flops.

  16. Flip flops are a must! And those black ones with the little bows are so cute!

  17. The top thing I need for a fabulous summer is air conditioning. Without it I’m suffering.

  18. Pam

    Sunglasses are a must for me during the summer. Bright light hurts my eyes!

  19. I have transition lens so sunglasses are always with me, Definitely need glitter polish. Also need a hat. Swimsuit I have but flip flops no thank you though I’d like a cute pair of sandals.

  20. I need some spring, first. And that gold nail polish. Gorgeous!

  21. Pam

    I love the sandals/flip flops. They are adorable. That gold fingernail polish is adorable too. I think the most important thing that we need for summer is warm weather.

  22. I need sunglasses for sure! I don’t know why I don’t even have a pair. It’s nuts

  23. Definitely a must have. Love those flip-flops, so stylish. Wish I have a sexy body so I could wear those kind of bikinis.

  24. Great tips! And why am I so addicted to this glitter nail polish? :D
    Can’t wait for summer!

    gig love <3

  25. YES! And snow cones! :) Or ice cream! Heck, you need both! :)

  26. I am looking forward to wearing flip flops again! I wear sunglasses all year because I have light eyes that are very sensitive to the sun.

  27. Sunglasses and sunblock are tops on the list for me. and the glittery nail polish, makes me ready a pedicure.

  28. katherine

    I am getting glitter nails today!

  29. Definitely sunglasses! My eyes are so sensitive to light, I never leave home without them in the summer!

  30. I am dreaming of summer and your list is perfect. I’ve already picked up several glitter polishes and swimsuits! I am ready! LOL

  31. Sunglasses are a definite must. I love my flip flops as well. I hate wearing tennis shoes in the summertime unless absolutely necessary.

  32. I love glitter nail polish because you can never have too much bling in your life, especially during the warmer months.

  33. I LOVE that nail polish. Living in Florida I definitely have swimsuits on hand LOL

  34. I agree, these are definitely on my top 10 list of things I have to have for the summer :)

  35. I need a new pair of sun glasses,. Love the whities!

  36. Oh, I would like to add that I love the flipflops as well.

  37. I love that photo of the sunglasses! Definitely getting a new pair of flipflops soon! gig

  38. First I need a good pair of sunglasses. Then I need a figure that would look good in a swimsuit. All on my to do list. . .

  39. Summer is here! I need to ready my body for a swimsuit. LOL.
    I’m wearing a glitter nail polish and it’s so cute.

  40. Most of my sunglasses are the sporty ones, I should fine the one that’s best for summer.

  41. and dont forget sunscreen! uv protection first right? =D dont want horrible pigmentation and spots!!

  42. Definitely sunglasses for me! And bottles of water!!!

  43. I agree! These are so totally must-haves this summer! I am so excited to hit the beach so I can lounge around in my huge ass hat. :D Have an amazing summer! :)

  44. Definitely the sunglasses but don’t forget the sunscreen. We use it all year round but it’s really needed during the summer.

  45. hahaha! lovely post! I just wish summer was already here in Belgium! Haven’t seen sun for so so many months now :(

  46. There are two things I can wear this summer and those are sunglasses and the flip-flops. There’s no beach nearby and if there’s any I am not fit enough to wear one

  47. This post was a good reminder that summer is over and we need to get ready for it.

  48. how i wish i have that body so i could where a swimsuit just like that.. hehe thanks for sharing the must have for summer. will def check if i have those :)

    – from gig

  49. I have yet to try glitter nail polish but my favorite summer acessory would be flip flops. Gig

  50. To me summer is all about casual outfits and yes I agree sunglasses =D gig

  51. The glitter nail polish you propose is very nice!
    gig love

  52. Agreed with Less is not Always More – you are totally right.
    I’m looking forward to warmer weather and have my sunglasses ready on standby haha. And I wear glitter polishes all year round LOL

    x Donah giglove

  53. That Glitter polish is amazing!! I wear sunglasses almost everyday when I’m out of my house – it’s so hot here in my country.

  54. Couldn’t agree more! I can’t wait for warmer weather so I can break out all my fabulous Summer gear! <3 GIGLove

  55. The list is spot on! Oh, Summer is really here. & I really need a new things from what you mentioned. :-)

  56. Don’t forget the summer makeup to

  57. love this post, love the nails, love gold in summer and love those shades :)

  58. I agree with you. But rather than glittery nail polish, I prefer to have shorts for summer. The colorful one.

    GIG Love

  59. for me swim suite,hat and sunglasses is a must have..and flip flop is my daily fact i wear them everyday!

  60. Is glitter nail polish in this summer?? I had no idea.

  61. Oh man!!! I completely love this post <3 the nail paint, aviators and just reminds me that summer is just here now :-D

  62. i totally agree with you! i need a summer body first before wearing swimsuits

  63. loving that simple yet cute flip-flop so much that i am gonna order right now from reef :)

    thanks for the share

  64. I agree with all your musthaves but would like to add a.cute water bottle in the list. Cute bottles will make remembering to stay hydrated more fun

  65. I already have pretty much everything except a new hat! I should definitely get a cute one soon.

  66. Sunglasses are on my top list. I can’t live without. Panama I bought last summer in costiera amalfitana and fits great

  67. I agree… sunglasses are a must for the warm months season

  68. Sunglasses, flip flop and bikini are always on my top list! MUST for summer :p

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